Considered by countless as one of the most an effective songs ~ above the album, “No difficult Feelings” is a moral manifesto against hatred and versus the very idea of enemies. Follow to… read More 

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When my body won't hold me anymoreAnd it ultimately lets me freeWill i be ready?When mine feet won't walk another mile?And mine lips give their last kiss goodbye?Will my hand be steady when I lay down my fears, my hopes, and my doubts?The rings on mine fingers, and the tricks to mine houseWith no tough feelings?When the sunlight hangs low in the westAnd the irradiate in my chest won't be kept hosted at bay any kind of longerWhen the jealousy fades awayAnd it's ash and dust for casual lustAnd it's just hallelujahAnd love in thoughts and also love in the wordsLove in the songs they sing in the churchAnd no tough feelingsLord knows they haven't excellent much good for anyoneKept me afraid and coldWith so much to have and also holdMmm, hmm
When my human body won't hold me anymoreAnd it lastly lets me freeWhere will I go?Will the profession winds take it me south through Georgia grain?Or tropic rain?Or snow from the heavens?Will I sign up with with the s blue?Or run into a savior true?And shake hand laughingAnd walk v the night, right to the lightHolding the love I've known in my lifeAnd no hard feelingsLord knows they haven't excellent much good for anyoneKept me afraid and coldWith so much to have and holdUnder the curving skyI'm lastly learning whyIt matters for me and also youTo to speak it and mean it tooFor life and its beloved nestAnd every one of its uglinessGood together it's been to meI have no enemiesI have actually no enemiesI'll have actually no enemiesI have no enemies
Considered by countless as among the most an effective songs on the album, “No difficult Feelings” is a moral manifesto versus hatred and against the really idea the enemies. According to Scott, “It’s the best song because it’s taken the most sacrifice come make. That taken the most living come make.”

It’s clean from the might It critical film the this tune in specific is a very emotional tune for the brothers. Upon gift congratulated, Scott struggled through being congratulated for what he defined as a “mining that the soul,” before ultimately reconciling that emotion by saying the he deserve to only recognize the congratulations to average “congratulations, did you do it sacrificed deeply, and also the evidence of the struggle has come out in other beautiful.”


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