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Once upon a time I had actually tides come controlI had moons come spin and also stars come igniteAnd they threw flower at my feetWhen ns walked with the townOnce upon a time I had actually lives come protectI had actually rules to adjust and wrongs to set rightAnd there were people at mine sideAnd there were rivers I could guideI wanted nothing in returnLet me out of hereGive me back all mine dreamsLet me out of hereLet me please view the sunLet me out of hereAt the very least tell me what i did wrongI'm king that the worldChief the the seaHigh in the windAt least I used to beAnd I'm king the the worldPlease collection me freeLet me repeat them of my promiseLive my provided destiny
Once ~ above a time I had actually fate in mine handsAnd the to trust of a million regimesAnd lock said, "Brother you're in chargeWe'll follow anything you say"Once top top a time Father said to me"Child you space everythingThat you see in your dreams"And i thought, "Jesus, that's the keyThere space no walls bordering meThere space no prisons in this life!"Let me the end of hereGive me ago to the windLet me the end of hereLet me please check out my sonLet me out of hereDon't you know who ns am?I'm king the the worldChief of the seaHigh in the windAt the very least I try to beAnd I'm king that the worldPlease set me freeI had actually the power and also the promiseGive me earlier my family
Why space we punished because that wanting to explore?Why am ns sitting in this cell?I to be not difficult the systemI was functioning for the peopleI simply wanted to be betterWhy space we punished for wanting to survive?Why am i locked behind this bars?Tell the kids I'll return to themTell them... SomeoneLet them understand I will certainly be freeI will certainly not it is in defeatedI will certainly stand choose a mountainAnd the road will stretch prior to meAnd they'll understand it's time come followAnd we'll lift our eyesAnd raise ours headsAnd face the sunAnd call the futureI'm king the the worldLand of the freeHigh in the skyThe ideal that I can beAnd I'm king of the worldWatch and also you'll seeNothing deserve to stop me from tomorrowKeep me from mine destiny

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