My wife's December credit card statement reflects two charges native Lyft, on consecutive days, totalling about $31. Neither of us have a Lyft account or have ever used Lyft, and also she was in reality out that the nation when this happened.

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Is this a usual thing that credit card thef do? Is over there some method for a thef to revolve a Lyft charge right into cash? These are the only fraudulent charges, and also it appears really odd that someone would certainly go come the effort getting a stolen CC number and then just racking increase $31 in Lyft charges through it. Once I had my CC stolen previously, the thief immediately went ~ above a shopping spree at an electronics store.


We're just chauffeurs here. We've acquired no see behind oz' curtain. Talk to Lyft, ns hear it's much easier to acquire ahold of castle on Twitter these days.

Same together anything else. Just thieves doing what thieves do.

Contest the charges through the credit card company, inquiry a new card and mind your info.

It is extremely complicated to gain Lyft come respond with more than the canned automatic solution when you shot to contact them. They also will not be willing to speak to you end the phone. Your finest option is to problem the charge through your credit card company and allow them take treatment of it.

It isn't one uncommon point to do, utilizing a stolen credit transaction card ~ above a tiny purchase as a "test" that it works prior to moving ~ above to do something else v it.

Lyft does have actually a $25 authorization hold thingie, can be that:

Lyft is just another potential automobile for credit transaction card fraud, no pun intended. With the ideal information, anyone can develop an account under their name noted correct billing details is provided. With a subscription plan, even if the card issuer is notified, a "recurring transaction" may be processed even after a new card has actually been obtained by the consumer.

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I'm not a Lyft customer or employee, but a credit transaction card customer who spotted a recent transaction wonder if this to be a current trend; criminals often tend to repeat fads that are recognized to work. The boundaries of liability are set by the federal government and on once you get your statement and also your map issuer's policies, the FTC short article may be review at the adhering to address:

Review her statements within 2 days of lock being easily accessible and report suspicious activity immediately. If you can sign up because that real-time transaction info as charges space made, this can be of wonderful benefit. Freeze an account while the is not proactively in-use have the right to be of assist as well.