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I should have known the you'd it is in hereI should have actually known it all alongThis whole plan bears your stampYou're in each measure of that songHow dare you try and insurance claim me now?How dare you come attack my life?Oh, Christine, mine ChristineIn the time when the people thought me deadMy Christine, on that night just before you were wedAh, Christine, friend came and found wherein I hidDon't you deny that you didThat long earlier nightThat nightOnce there to be a night in ~ a moonless skyToo dark to check out a thing, as well dark to even tryI strode to your side to tell girlfriend I need to goI couldn't check out your face however sensed you also soAnd ns touched youAnd i felt youAnd ns heard those ravishing refrainsThe music that the pastThe singing in your veins
And I held youAnd ns touched youAnd adopted youAnd i felt youAnd with every breath and also every sighI feel no longer scaredI feel no longer shyAt critical our feelings baredBeneath a moonless skyAnd remote in the dark, as soul gazed right into soulI looked right into your heart and also saw you pure and wholeCloaked under the night with nothing to suppressA woman and also a man, no an ext and yet no lessAnd i kissed youAnd caressed youAnd the world about just fell awayWe said things in the darkWe never dared come sayAnd I caught youAnd i kissed youAnd i took youAnd caressed you
With a require too blatant come denyAnd nothing mattered thenExcept for you and also IAgain and also then againBeneath a moonless skyAnd as soon as it was done before the sun might riseAshamed the what ns was, afraid to see your eyesI stood while friend slept and also whispered a goodbyeAnd slipped into the dark beneath a moonless skyAnd i loved youYes, i loved youI'd have actually followed almost everywhere you leadI wake up to swear my loveAnd discovered you unable to do insteadAnd i loved you(How i loved you)And ns left you(How i loved you)And I had to, both of us knew whyWe both knew whyAnd yet ns won't regretFrom currently until ns dieThe night ns can't forgetBeneath a moonless sky

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