LOTS & several JET and also PLANES VOL. 1 DVD As watched on TV!“Thunder In The Skies”No issue what your age, if you love jets and also planes we guarantee you’ll love this incredible collection of fighters, flyers and fantastic aerobatics ever recorded top top a single DVD!

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OTS & many JET and PLANES VOL. 1 DVD As seen on TV!“Thunder In The Skies”

No issue what your age, if you love jets and planes us guarantee you’ll love this incredible arsenal of fighters, flyers and terrific aerobatics ever recorded on a single DVD! you will do it twist, tumble, flip and scream with the skies at death-defying, sound-breaking speed with some of the hottest peak gun pilots and aerobatic stunt pilots in the people including Sean Tucker and TEAM ORACLE, among the world’s height air display stunt pilots in history!

Plus, there’s float planes, jumbo jet airliners, prop planes, wingwalkers, warbirds, even ultra-light aircraft! You’ll see historic aircraft at the nationwide Museum of the united state Air Force, wild plane carrier action and more! from Kitty hawk to spaceship ferry and also launch lots & lots of Jets and Planes has got them all! us guarantee to fill your require for speed, no matter what your age!

As a special Bonus attribute we’ll take you earlier in time thru archival clip to memory the 50th anniversary of flight! walk behind the scene to uncover how planes fly and the advance of the first 50 years of aviation!

Spectacular close-up camera footage merged with award-winning sing-a-long song by James Coffey and real-life sounds do the thrilling action of lots & several Jets and also Planes a favorite amongst young and also old alike!

Don’t forget to inspect out volumes 2 and also 3 the Jets and also Planes and all the other an excellent DVD’S in the “Lots and Lots that series…”!

LENGTH: Approx. 1 Hour 40 minute 60-Day Money ago Guarantee!

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