My InterpretationTo me, this song is around not being afraid come think external of the box. The vital line is "Spielbergs and also Kubricks", an innovative visionaries. V them being consisted of alongside the assorted terms "renegades" and "outlaws" it appears the song"s article is the it"s ok to break the mold and be creative; it"s something deserving of our respect and admiration.

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Song MeaningThe tune starts with a command. The speaker is recruiting a fellow person that is favor themselves--who doesn"t fit the mold of society, likely--to reject their inhibitions and also be strong together. "Reverie" is actually "in revelry," which means to come to be intoxicated. This might be literal. However, I prefer to think that due to the fact that these space deep lyrics, it way that their souls are happy due to the fact that they are doing what they"ve wanted. The speaker desires to be himself, hence the comparison come children. This is no to be puzzled with individualism or rebellion.A renegade is someone who has damaged the mold from society and groups. This tune is usually an anti-fascist or anti-socialist anthem. We space expected come have certain personalities or tastes or we are judged. The speak does desire to be an individual, but instead of sustaining individualism, they appear to be sustaining everyone being their own individual--together. This is why the tune is a plural.The speaker then gives examples and builds up the human being who desire to be themselves. It"s apparent that the most successful people in the world are underdogs that have actually done the right thing and also then become true to themselves, and end up making a change. The "new kids" is anyone who has actually taken come this new perspective and also goes the extra mile quickly. Outlaws aren"t to be puzzled with doing points just due to the fact that you can, however a renegade (or fugitive) who has actually risen up versus the adversaries. I don"t prefer the use of outlaw since the song appears to be less about change and an ext about breaking out.After offering real examples to support his facts, the speaker is informing us the it is time for us to do what he has promised come do. That is time to solve the mold culture has put us into by leading through example. It"s time to break the rules--but no the persons you"re thinking.This track is beautiful because it develops crucial point in today"s world without making that seem favor rebellion by inserting violence, intoxication, or perverse love like numerous other songs.

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It also has awesome acoustics. :) Is that a north making the wind/thunder noise?