There is a reason computer companies no longer contact notebook computer systems “laptops” – today’s notebooks produce a good deal of heat and also thus room uncomfortable to use in a lap. Logitech aims to deal with this difficulty with that is Portable Lapdesk N315, which gives a flat non-slip surface ar for her notebook and a retractable mouse pad.

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Product OverviewNotebook computers require a flat surface in order to cool properly; utilizing them in a lap requires users to sit in awkward location so the fans room not blocked. The Logitech Portable Lapdesk N315 ($30) is draft to eliminate this awkwardness by giving a level surface for the notebook to remainder on. The N315 is compatible with PCs and also Macs with up come a 15.6-inch display and also fits in notebook bags 15.6 inches and larger.


Build Quality and also DesignThe N315 is made out of plastic and also rubber. The whole top that the machine is non-slip rubber come ensure a notebook computer will not slide off.


The bottom that the machine is difficult plastic and has two rubber strips to stop slipping. The plastic is thick and durable.


The retractable mouse pad comes out the side of the N315 around eight inches. The edges have actually a tiny lip to avoid mice from sliding off. The mouse pad is not fragile; it is not safe come lift the device up through the computer mouse pad, though it did no feel weak even using measurable down force.

In UseThe N315 renders using a notebook in a lap a much much more convenient experience. My 15.4-inch HP Pavilion dv5t notebook has actually its cooling fan situated in the earlier corner which provides it challenging to use in a lap. Having actually the notebook on a stable, flat surface makes it simpler to work. The retractable computer mouse pad is useful as well; that does no bend much using a mouse. The mouse pad is tiny by desktop mouse pad standards, however upping the mouse’s sensitivity fixes that problem. The raised edges operated well and prevented the computer mouse from sliding off.


The N315 is good for an ext than simply lap usage – using it top top a couch, bed, or various other soft surface makes the notebook computing experience more convenient.

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Conclusion The Logitech Portable Lapdesk N315 does specifically as advertised – make it simpler to use a notebook computer in a lap. The helps keep the notebook cool by providing a flat surface for the notebook to remainder on. The retractable computer mouse pad is a convenient attribute as well. We recommend the N315 to any type of notebook user that is trying to find a much more convenient notebook computer system experience far from the desk.


Keeps warm laptops off your lapProvides a stable job-related surfaceNon-slip surface ar keeps laptop in place