GET more PRODUCTIVE IN one INSTANT choices is incredibly easy-to-use however it provides amazing features. Your gadgets show up as on-screen images, for this reason they’re easy to find, switch, and collection up in seconds. It couples years of hardware excellence with software application smarts.

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Button & vital Customization

Set button and key assignments, cursor and also scroll wheel speed, and much more

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Gesture Button

Become more productive by making use of the gesture button to reproduce trackpad gestures

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Notifications & Status

Device-specific status and notifications so you understand what’s up v your devices


Move her cursor to the leaf of the screen and automatically switch between computers—transfer text, images, and also files

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Customize buttons and also actions

Reassign any kind of button ~ above your mouse to execute virtually any type of task. For advanced devices, friend can readjust the role wheel, cursor speed, and much more3. Enhanced crucial functions let you collection key-boards to behave just the method you like.

Optimized gestures because that Windows® and mac OS

Enable the gesture button to reproduce trackpad gestures you"re currently familiar with. Hold the gesture button and move the computer mouse up, down, left or best to activate various actions such together Windows job View or Mission manage on the Mac. Regulate your media playback, pan, zoom, and also rotate too.


Get the most out of her favorite apps favor Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Application-specific settings let girlfriend customize buttons on her MX understand 3, MX anywhere 3 or ERGO M575 mice. Because that example, begin or prevent your Zoom video clip with the forward button, or push the earlier button come mute/unmute the mic. Customize your buttons for each of the apps girlfriend use.

See device status in ~ a glance

With Notifications & Status, you"ll get device-specific details such together battery level, crucial backlighting level, and also Caps Lock at the right moment. Understand when her battery life is about to operation out and also when it"s time to recharge so you"re never recorded off guard. Because that Easy-Switch™ allowed keyboards, you"ll be able to see which computers are combine to channels 1-2-3.


Using two or three computers at the very same time is no difficulty with Flow. Girlfriend can immediately switch in between computers just by moving your cursor come the leaf of the screen. It likewise makes carrying text, images and files in between your computer systems effortless—just copy top top one and also paste on the other.


Create one account in choices to back-up your maker settings to the cloud automatically. You have the right to retrieve the setups you want from among your backups to collection up your device on any kind of computer easily.

Mice & TrackballsButton CustomizationNotification & StatusGesture ButtonApp certain Flow
MX understand 36
MX Vertical4
M590 Multi-Device Silent5
MX almost everywhere 2S5
MX understand 2S6
M585 Multi-Device5
M330 silent PLUS1
M720 Triathlon6
M335 4
M535 4
MX almost everywhere 25
MX grasp 6
Wireless computer mouse M3201
Wireless Ultra Portable M1871
Wireless mouse M1851
M510 Wireless Mouse15
M310 Wireless Mouse1
M317 Wireless Mouse1

KeyboardsF-Key CustomizationNotification & StatusApp specific SettingsEasy-Switch Flow
K600 TV Keyboard
Wireless Solar keyboard K7602
Bluetooth Easy-Switch keyboard K811
ILLUMINATED keyboard K830
K400 plus Wireless Touch Keyboard
K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard
K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard

CombosButton& F-Key CustomizationNotification & StatusGesture ButtonApp details SettingsDuoLinkEasy-Switch Flow
MX900 power Combo4

1. Previous variation of M510, M545, and also M546 space supported through SetPoint ~ above Windows and also Control facility on macOS

2. Windows software program support provided by SetPoint

3. Mouse switch customization accessible on Windows and macOS, F-key customization accessible on windows only.

4. Mouse button customization obtainable on Windows and macOS, F-key customization obtainable on home windows only.App particular Settings are obtainable only for the mouse. Lock aren"t accessible for the keyboard.

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System Requirements

Windows 10

macOS 10.15 and upCompatible Logi alternatives Software Version:

You should be on choices version 8.54 and up to have both alternatives and Options+ installed.