This is a exorbitant “mantra” for those of united state lucky sufficient to live in the lowcountry of south Carolina. Ns noticed Thursday night that the moon is getting fuller and also brighter… ethereal in its beauty. And, as much as the sunlight goes, us have currently seen so much of it and also we aren’t also “officially” right into the summer season. Hot! Hot! Hot!

I love “sunshine” together an accessory too…but lately there has actually been a most sunshine… v no rain. I have been watering and also watering and also watering!

*I think I require “rain” together my brand-new favorite accessory.

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*Sorry for the interruption yet I had actually just typed the last sentence as soon as it grew dark as pitch, the wind picked up, and oh boy room we obtaining rain….lots and also lots of rain!

(“Ask and you chandelier receive“-It must have been that crazy rain dance- I also embarrassed myself dancing yesterday in the garden-that walk the trick though!)

I started this blog around 3:30 yesterday afternoon and also soon i was keying in rhythm to the raindrops fall on the roof.

My Ginger shell plant to be so happy and also so was I…finally ~ weeks of no rain in mine neighborhood….it began raining right below on Rainbow Road. Bless you God! I and also my water bill say thanks to You!

When ns came throughout this message. “I to be a job dreamer and also night thinker” i thought currently that is the true me. I do my best thinking in ~ night and dreaming during the day. I acquire the huge picture that the creative project going during the day, yet it is at night, in bed, as soon as I to be able to deal with the difficulty of the limitless details involved to revolve the dream into reality.

I remember a class my class once did on Columbus Day. The students had to review a short biography ~ above both Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci. By the finish of the discussion they had actually to answer the question: “Why is our nation named “America” because that Amerigo Vespucci rather of “Columbus” for Christopher Columbus?” 

It all came down to one fact. Columbus to be a dreamer and Vespucci was a doer…a maker of dreams come true and most important a “documenter.” he didn’t simply stop through the dreaming component of detect a new world yet he continued with all the written boundless details vital to make it a reality.

In the end….his duty played larger than Columbus’s with the name of our good country.

“Christopher Columbus can well have had actually the brand-new world named after him, had actually it no been for 2 shortcomings. The first was the Columbus was under the mistaken impression the he had uncovered a brand-new route come Asia and also was not mindful that America to be an entirely new continent.

The 2nd was the he never ever wrote publicly about it for this reason the masses were not conscious of his discovery. Had he excellent this, Mr. Waldseemüller and also his colleagues can have named it Columba! together it happened, Vespucci walk write around it and was the an initial to speak to this floor the “Novus Mundus” (Latin for “New World”).

To amount it up: Dream first, paper second….dreaming it s okay one i do not have anything unless explorations are recorded in created form. A great for all of us dreamers.

Columbus, the explorer, and Vespucci, the navigator, supplied the sun and also moon to overview them on their explorations….so in a sense, they, too, both: “Lived through the sun and also loved through the moon.”

So till tomorrow…Every morning when we climb to the sun and every month as soon as we view a complete moon (or moon flower bloom)….we must be filled with gratitude because that life…beautiful, crazy, unpredictable life.

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“Today is my favorite day” Winnie the Pooh

*Happy date of birth to Rutledge! Isn’t it wonderful that Rutledge let sir Paul McCartney re-superstructure his birthday? he is such a generous, kind-hearted small soul! has it yes, really been three years? ( for Paul….74 and also counting…but who’s counting right? It’s Paul!)

A one-of-a-kind day deserves a unique event….Anne’s moon flowers bloomed last night ( i am sure) in honor of understand Rutledge’s distinct day….Three of them bloomed in fact. Happy birthday my valuable three year old Rutledge!