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LBML (Little big Mining Log) will help you track your claims and mining runs. The will document your fall locations and the cases you find. Whatever can happen immediately without you having actually to leaving the game to press buttons.The tool supplies OCR (image recognition) ~ above the mining claims you find to document their depth, size, kind and position. Every little thing is plotted top top a map so friend can always return come your finest spots.

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"I have took upon myself the task of giving the best and also feature rich device to the miners of Entropia Universe. Breakthrough started on the 21st may 2010,with the closed beta duration lasting until end of February 2011. On first of march 2011 the public beta period begins and also ended through 2014. Top top 01.01.2015 the task went Gold v the 1.0 Release. So much the projects gives a welcome an obstacle to me. I"m having lots of fun arising it and interacting through the wonderful miner community of Enropia Universe.I expect you will find it valuable in your endeavors."

- Ido Starlit Sunrider

Little huge Mininig log in is approved for use through Entropia cosmos by Mindark PE AB.

This device is for every one of you, so your feedback is most welcome.Send your suggestions to support
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Release Log - solved Arkadia Planet/Moon/Underground Names after MA patch1.0.5.2 - resource Deed and Finder fall Detection after MA patch 16.0 - Fixed saving of: Radar monitor settings, always on optimal for Map, save Tools home window - solved radar sampling for 6 digit coordinate locations - The config file will it is in forcefully changed with a default one. To reclaim your setups if your regime was functioning fine rename LittleBigrwandachamber.org.exe.config.backup.forceoverwrite come LittleBigrwandachamber.org.exe.config - Minor keep Changes, added Drop_ShrinkToClaim config parameter - manage colors from settings window, autumn coverage % indication, Sorted sources in Unknown window by name, new settings for Speach control, Password stored in config is currently encrypted, added Deploy Hex grid hotkey
* If her Auto Update process fails through an error you re welcome extract the auto download zip to the program catalog overwriting existing files.

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* The new updater uses .net frame 4.5.1. Please make certain its installed. Acquire it below Download - Fixes DirectXMap.dll dependencies by revolution linking and also tool range setup focus issue0.9.4.2 - added Planet Toulan0.9.4.3 - included Timing Statistics, fixed Keybind retention, fixed map Auto Follow0.9.4.4 - added Run Statistics for Treasure drops and separate hit ratios,In File->Settings->Auto brand-new mechanism to aid select the ideal radar size.Fixed the color codes loading for new resources0.9.4.5 - Added much more Statistics Server communication and claim buffer sync state,Added shade strip because that radar size setup feedback, resolved Linking insurance claims to older dropsAdded option to Delete old runs, operation are currently grouped right into a tree structure0.9.4.6 - included Arkadia Underground, resolved "P" noting issue, resolved minor bugs0.9.4.7 - fixed "P" marking concern again, included automatic radius divider for one-of-a-kind areasFixed worries where insurance claims could be assigned come old drops once close come max radius0.9.4.8 - fixed OCR the HOFs and also Long resource names. Autumn filter is currently last x.y hoursNew Player_ClaimToDropMatchXHours parameter boundaries old drop to insurance claims matching0.9.4.9 - solved "P" marking issue .. Yet again : ) - Exporting is back, more debug details for human being with login problems - added setting for zooming on ns (defalut level in config file), fixed insurance claim time left0.9.3.2 - added brand-new error managing system, no much more blocking popups, with auto submit0.9.3.3 - added a brand-new location for Monria Moon Mining (Additional Manual measures Required) - fixes for font alters in VU 14.4, new updater to ensure much better updating experience* If her Auto Update procedure fails v an error please extract the auto downloaded zip to the program brochure overwriting currently files. - fixes disabling of worldwide screenshots0.9.2.2 - fixes autodepletion error because that "," decimal separator0.9.2.3 - fixes far server reverted an error: (417) - removed (417) resolve and included communication repetitions to help 408 timeout error

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