The perform of events in the exactly order in which they took location is the following.

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1.- The united States offers to buy new Orleans indigenous France.

2.- Napoleon provides to sell Louisiana are to the joined States.

3.- Haiti wins its self-reliance from France.

The United claims wanted the city of brand-new Orleans because it stood for a strategic location of manage of the Mississippi River and do not favor the idea of having actually the French also close to its territory. Then, having actually too numerous economic difficulties in France and also Europe, Napoleon provides to offer the Louisiana territory to the unified States. That is once President thomas Jefferson sent diplomats to Paris to accelerate negotiations. Finally, the Louisiana acquisition was signed ~ above April 30, 1803. Concerning Haiti, it obtained its self-reliance from France on January 1, 1804.


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5 0 the first one is correct, Hati would certainly be last and Napoleon would certainly be second.

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