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October 13, 2015

It’s on. It’s Talent attach time.

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We"re very excited come welcome close come 4,000 talent acquisition and HR leaders who have come with each other to celebrate a year of excellent recruiting achievements and get inspiration for what’s ahead in 2016.

…And we promise that certainly there will be plenty of inspiration, light bulb moments, laughs and also sheer power from acquiring to affix with several of the finest peers in her industry. Oh, and also of course, we guarantee beautiful LA weather come ward off any kind of pre-winter blues.

In that spirit, the conference kicked off today at the Anaheim Convention facility with a full house. Watch the photograph essay listed below for a complete recap that what happened:

1.Welcome to Talent affix Anaheim – blue skies, palm tress, hundreds of recruiting and HR leaders. All in all, the place to be.

2. The attendees started arriving at the conference facility in the to be to inspect out the venue and see the spiffy InLounge, finish with a profile photo booth and also product showcase stations. This year’s design template is attach + inspire + Transform.

3. The event officially kicked turn off at 1pm with an energetic welcome from the master J.T. O’Donnell (CEO that CAREERLISM) and also Wade burgess (Vice chairman of Talent Solutions). J.T. Challenged recruiters to embrace that they room the lifeblood of their companies and flex their muscles an ext often.

4. Wade citizen then walked the audience despite a memorable suffer he had throughout a unified Airlines flight – a personalized keep in mind from the plane captain (Denny Flanagan), acknowledging Burgess’ client loyalty. The story was an ideas for how small tweaks or a simple acknowledgment can have a profound impact on your occupational or day-to-day.

5.’s heads of HR and recruiting, beat Wadors and Brendan Browne, climate took the stage to identify that while TA and also HR frequently butt heads and also may be unconvinced of every other, there are great benefits of the two functions working closely together. Review the full story.

6. Hootsuite"s Ambrosia Vertesi mutual an exciting story of innovation and breaking down barriers in HR – the company recently released an open up HR project. The goal of the task is come “open the kimono” on how the firm (and other companies who want to join in) go around HR innovation. Read the complete story.

7. After the keynotes, attendees top to afternoon breakout sessions. Over there were over 30 speak to select from, through topics ranging from how to recruit millennials to measuring the ROI of talent brand.

8. This year"s 100 many InDemand Employers because that North America were likewise announced at the conference and the winners obtained a possibility to choose up your awards and also pose for a photo op -- this Disney recruiters definitely know how to carry on the celebration. To find out what carriers made the list, examine out our blog post.

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9.With every the sessions wrapping up in ~ 6 o’clock, the attendees top to the welcome reception featuring the finest of SoCal – selection of yummy food trucks, regional wines and craft beers…and the finest DJ in LA (move over Calvin Harris).

See you in ~ Day 2!

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