Lineage 2 leveling guide FOR 85-99 LEVELS

Most that the family tree players space confident the leveling approximately 85 is an ext of a tutorial that introduces players right into the video game than a real challenge made through the video game developers. It gives new players a beam the hope mirroring that this old location is no made just for hardcore gamers but additionally for consistent casuals. But what v this what come afterward? here we space to explain to girlfriend step-by-step just how to advancement into the endgame content and level up her character directly to the limit.

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Aftermath of level 85


The an initial thing the you desire to focus on after gaining to 85 is the awakening quest. Head over to the Museum by getting to the location of the an initial NPC the you met in ~ 1 lvl. There you will get Seize her Destiny quest. ~ that, head to the Reliquary of the Giants where you will certainly Awaken.

After you room done with Awakening, your next task will certainly be come visit NPC Herphah, who resides in Aden. Depending upon your probe Guild faction level, you will be assigned one of the quests.

Zaken and also Freya

Start in ~ Rune Town, where you will pick up "Embroidered Cloak part 1: Zaken"s Soul" and "Embroidered Cloak part 2: Freya"s Soul". Killing these raid bosses rewards players with spirit fragments. Twenty that them have the right to be exchanged for the Cloak. This item allows your character teleport to miscellaneous locations, consisting of bosses. Get at the very least level 87 to use it because on reduced levels, it would certainly be as well risky. Using it is a decent way to make some additional Adena. Zaken have the right to be done 3 times every week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Freya is easily accessible for killing on Wednesday and Friday. You deserve to make alts to farm these bosses an ext efficiently.


Subclasses and double Classes

If you desire to have a subclass, you can do for this reason by starting quest Red object of Fate in ~ NPC Raina on talk Island. Finishing this mission unlocks a subclass which begins at level 40. You can have up to 3 subclasses. 2 of them will certainly be capped in ~ 80, yet one deserve to bypass the limit, becoming a twin Class. On levels 65, 70, 75, and also 80, friend can acquire subclass certificates from Certificate Manager that resides in the talking Island together well. If you desire Certificates for your double Class, however, friend will have to visit the same NPC on level 85, 90, 95, and also 99. Store in mind the Ertheia can have only a solitary subclass, i beg your pardon is likewise a double Class. In this case, it starts at level 85.

Noblesse status

Once you reach level 75 on her subclass, try to complete the Noblesse Soul trial and error quest. It gives your character Noblesse condition that blesses you through an active skill which upon activation conserves your buffs from disappearing ~ above death. On height of that, girlfriend will gain Noble Teleport access in each town. Part teleports (Gludin Arena, Giran Arena, Coliseum) are obtainable from every location for 1k Adena each. Through this transportation, friend will be able to move roughly the map and also participate in the Olympiad easily.


This activity is available on Friday and also Sunday native 20:00 come 00:00 server time. To start, speak to Olympiad Manager in the town of your choice and take the Olympiad Starter quest. Friend should complete 10 Olympiads and turn in the searches to obtain 2 Giant"s energy (worth a couple of million in Adena) and also 10k fame. Friend won"t it is in appointed to win them right away, however you need to earn clues in order to enter. If you want to check out if you have any type in conversation "/olympiad stat". Every week friend will receive 10 points. If you want to acquire more, friend will have to farm the awareness of Chaos obtainable on the first four days of the week. Take two missions accessible from mysterious Butler, that stands alongside the Olympiad Manager and starts after 8 pm server time. You can enter every 15 minutes. 5 arenas have to be perfect to complete both quests - you don"t need to win right here as well.


By law Clan Quests, you will receive fame exchangeable for equipment in Clan Shop. Gain the it is provided Box top Grade native level 8+ Clan. The will expense 9k fame, and also you will get from it everyday Coin. Now lug it to monk Franco on talking Island. He will sell you tools pieces because that it, and also you will also have a tiny chance of getting 7days epic jewelry.

Leveling past 85

Seed that Annihilation

The Seed is among the dungeons that players deserve to do on level 85. That is soloable by most classes (provided the they have NPC buffs) and should be excellent this way; however, there is a quest outside "Not strong Enough Alone." once you are inside, make certain to grab "Finding the lost Soldiers" and also take "Completely Lost" if girlfriend stumble upon them. To get to the Seed place head over to Gludio"s or talking Island"s Gatekeeper, both that which can teleport you to Keucereus Alliance Base for 150k Adena. Native the base, you deserve to travel to Seed the Annihilation.


Other Instances

By talking to NPC Penny, girlfriend can begin the mission the takes you come Harnak secret Ruins. It have the right to be easily done without a group, and all you have to do is kill 200 enemies. There are additionally two missions, Altar of Evil and Bloody Swampland, which likewise can it is in taken from NPC penny if you have actually completed a collection of two other goals beforehand. They can seem choose a decent method to level, yet avoid them together they need looting items the are rather rare.

Last but not least, there is also Kartias Labyrinth, and also this is the primary resource of exp income in between lvl 85 and also 99. Due to the fact that of that, you should opt because that both solo and party instances as often as possible. From level 87, friend will likewise be obtaining a mission from it, therefore head over to NPC penny after you satisfy requirements.

Level 88+

Blackish Red Fog mission can be taken native Hunters town and have to be instantly completed together it allows players come teleport to Magmeld for complimentary with 30 minutes cooldown. To activate this perk, however, girlfriend will require to meet some added requirements. Head over to Dimensional seller that have the right to be uncovered in any kind of town and talk to him to obtain a seeds Bracelet. The will price you 500k Adena, yet still, it will certainly be cheaper than the ones the are put on Auction House.

You have actually done all of this to have actually easy access to Magmeld, whereby you can teleport now every 30 minutes. In this town, friend can uncover many valuable missions that reward both good experience and costly rewards. Fairy pursuits that are commissioned by NPC Penny are the finest ones the you must aim for.

From level 90, you will be able to start another quest series. Take goals from NPC Penny, that will send you come Spezion and also Fortuna. Over there you should finish quests pertained to them and also after that carry out Garen the Genesis tasks. If you want some added ways to level Kimerian common and also extreme instances deserve to be soloed easily; however, don"t expect an excellent loot native them.

On the first and 15th day of each month, Antharas swarm opens. During that time, several players will certainly be trying to find groups, so make certain to check party matching. That is a straightforward instance that takes just a pair of minutes to complete and also rewards with remarkable items.

Level 93+

You will acquire a notice that will certainly tell friend to carry out a Mysterious trip quest. The unlocks a collection of goals that give decent endure from NPC coin that sends you to Isle the Souls Harbor. You can discover there Nornils Garden circumstances that is populated by Spicula Zero boss. When you obtain there, end up one mission dubbed "Soulless One". On Level 94, make certain to pick up "Kicking out Unwelcome Guests" from Giorgio in Aden.

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Level 95+

Take the quest referred to as "Dimensional exploration of the Unworldly Visitors" native NPC Tarti in Gludio. Talk through Ruine to get in the Dimensional Gap. There you have the right to take the search "Exploring the measurement - 30 work operation" native NPC Beloa. This instance have the right to be done solo, however you should have buffs in order to succeed. Together for the rewards, you can expect not only an excellent experience rates but additionally a kind amount the profit. Throughout your trip there, you might come throughout a Dimensional Vagabond monster that drops a key to the ceo room. The boss have the right to be eliminated solo, however it doesn"t drop anything special, therefore don"t waste your time ~ above it.

Another thing that you might be interested in law is Kercereus Alliance base Defense. It have the right to be excellent in the party and also as a solo player. Near the end, you will be maybe to an obstacle Kain valve Halter boss, i beg your pardon drops some an useful items. It becomes available every two weeks at random day liked from Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and also random hours that vary between 9 PM, 10 PM, and also 11 pm (server time), therefore make certain that girlfriend won"t miss the chance to perform it.

If you have completed the search "Undecaying memory of the Past" when doing Spezion, you deserve to start "Owner the Hall" from Lydia. It will send you to a search chain that ends through an Octavis boss. To obtain to Lydia, begin at Magmeld and also head over to teleporter called Sookie. Choose the alternative to go to Orbis Temple 1st floor. Walk to the left and there girlfriend will discover your NPC. The ceo resets on Wednesdays and also Saturdays.

Level 97+

At this point, you should try killing bosses. Epos Istana can be done from level 97, yet usually, players will look for party members with 99+. You deserve to start it with "Extreme Challenge: Primal mother Resurrected." after it"s killed, friend will have to wait for two weeks because that a reset. Epic Octavis can additionally be done upon completion of "Resurrected Owner the the Hall". Last yet not least, over there is also Tauti and Epic Tauti in seeds of Hellfire. Girlfriend will have to complete the job of Liberation and Epic Tauti and also other one time searches to gain accessibility to them.

As for the instances, Baylor is simple one that can be done solo, and also Balok is a bit harder one however has much better drops. Decision Cavern - vapor Corridor, Coral Garden, and Emerald Square components are selections for parties of in ~ least 5 members.

After hitting 99, friend will start a quest collection by perfect "Exalted: One Who deals with the Limit." you will additionally gain accessibility to Nightmare Kamaloka and Hellbound. This part of your journey will certainly be significantly tougher 보다 leveling prior to that, therefore make sure to finish all of the day-to-day quests that you can do.



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