Lin-Manuel Miranda, Christopher Jackson, Leslie Odom, Jr., Anthony Ramos, original Broadway cast of Hamilton

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Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda (; born January 16, 1980) is a Puerto Rican composer, lyricist, playwright, rapper, and actor finest known for creating and also starring in the Broadway musicals In the Heights and Hamilton. That co-wrote the songs because that Walt Disney computer animation Studios" Moana soundtrack (2016) and co-starred in the film mary Poppins Returns. Miranda"s awards encompass a Pulitzer Prize, 3 Grammy Awards, one Emmy Award, a MacArthur Fellowship, 3 Tony Awards and also a star ~ above the Hollywood to walk of Fame. Miranda to be awarded the Kennedy facility Honor in 2018.Miranda composed the music and for the music In the Heights, i beg your pardon premiered top top Broadway in 2008. For this work, he winner the 2008 Tony award for finest Original Score, the show"s cast album won the 2009 Grammy Award… an ext »

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Lee, carry out you yield?You shot him in the sideYes, that yieldsI"m satisfiedYo, us gotta clean the fieldGoWe wonHere come the generalThis have to be funWhat is the definition of this? Mr. Burr, gain a medic for the generalYes, sirLee, girlfriend will never agree through meBut believe me, this young men don"t speak for meThank friend for her serviceLet"s rideHamiltonSirMeet me insideMeet the inside meet him insideMeet the inside, meet him, meet him insideSonDon"t speak to me sonThis war is tough enoughWithout infightingLee referred to as you outWe referred to as his bluffYou solve nothing, you aggravate our allies to the southYou"re absolutely right, john should have actually shot him in the mouthThat would"ve shut that upSonI"m notcha sonWatch her toneI am no a maiden in need of defending, ns am grownCharles Lee, cutting board ConwayThese men take her name and also they rake itThrough the mudMy name"s been through a lot, I have the right to take itWell, i don"t have actually your nameI don"t have actually your titlesI don"t have your landBut, if youNoIf you provided me command that a battalion, a group of males to leadI could fly over my station after the warOr you can die and we require you aliveI"m much more than ready to dieYour wife requirements you alive, son, I require you aliveCall me child one much more timeGo home, AlexanderThat"s an bespeak from her commanderSirGo home

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Written by: Earl Simmons, Kasseem Dean, Lin-Manuel Miranda