The strategy communications major designed a sustainable campaign for new York Fashion main to become one of the 5 finalists in this year competition.

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Senior Lily Peskin ’21 join a identified list that talented strategic interactions majors prior to her come be called a finalist for the PRWeek’s outstanding Student Award, collection to be announced on march 18.

Lily Peskin ’21

“It’s not something that I supposed going right into my senior year doing, yet luckily ns was introduced to it,” Peskin said. “It certainly has offered me some confidence. It’s offered me something come show. It’s permit me connect with a professor and also grow that relationship, and helped me know a tiny bit an ext about the job I’m going into.”

Peskin first learned about the national PRWeek student competition for john Doorley, combine professor of strategic communications. After an introduction, Peskin began the application process, which consisted of a project for new York Fashion Week and also a designer about to debut one upcycled, recycle plastic shoe line.

“You have to make a whole campaign strategy talking about all the various ways you want to gain the designer the end there and how to encourage the event,” Peskin said. “But yes, really they just give you a prompt and it’s your task to take benefit of it and also do as lot as friend want with it.”

The project is a far-reaching amount of work for students, especially during a pandemic, Doorley said. Students have to be willing to work-related over the holidays, expropriate critique, and also respond with a “can-do” attitude. Doorley has actually mentored previous finalists, and also supported Peskin throughout the planning and pitching processes.

“It’s 100 percent hers,” Doorley said. “She worked very hard, and it goes to display you her attitude, and also her ability to think and also write clearly, which is what strategic interactions is every about.”

For her final product, Peskin developed a sustainable project for a virtual brand-new York Fashion Week. Streamed live native the streets of brand-new York on society media platforms like YouTube and also TikTok, Peskin’s project included a mainly of zero rubbish in the fashion industry, fostering initiatives with various celebrities.

“Mine was absolutely focused ~ above sustainability and also the possibility of zero rubbish staffing or zero waste events in the fashion industry,” Peskin said. “I named it the ‘Reboot collection.’ I thought that to be a fun play top top revitalizing old plastic bottles into brand-new shoes, but also like rebooting into the future of sustainable fashion.”

Peskin and the other 4 finalists will certainly attend a virtual awards ceremony on march 18, whereby this year’s PRWeek outstanding Student the the Year Award will be presented.

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In 2016, Hattie Hoskins ’16 was the an initial student called a national finalist for the PRWeek college student of the Year award. A year later, Rachel Hobbs ’18 earned the exact same recognition. In 2018, Hobbs and Kelly Valerio ’20 were both named top-five finalists, through the previous advancing come the top two. In 2019, Anissa Cooper ’19 was named honorable cite – or runner-up.