I've experiment it and had it happen plenty of times. A comment that i short article gets a like, then ns wait numerous days so the person isn't most likely to remove their like; then i go and also like that myself. Every time usually within a few minutes the goes indigenous 2 likes under to 1 again.

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Now you could be reasoning "they're simply removing the prefer you placed on your own comment, for good reason. Shouldn't have the ability to like your very own comments." but every time it's always MY like that remains and also the other person's choose that go away. Real bizarre actually, and also its in reality kinda funny to view youtube carry out something favor this. Curious if anyone else has actually seen this before?

Yup that literally simply happened come me and also I assumed I noticed it happen once before when i accidentally preferred my own and also unliked it so i did that purposefully simply tonight and also when i went ago to the video the ignorance was quiet in blue and also I had one prefer missing. It's four in the morning I very doubt someone went back to the video clip just to dislike mine comment. I'm a thousand percent certain that your theory is right.

Interesting. Well, at least now I understand it happens to other civilization too. I'm just curious regarding the thinking behind it. Is that a glitch, or intentional come keep human being from liking their very own comments or what?

If that made a comment the he thinks is an excellent (a comment the he likes, in various other words), why wouldn't he "like" it? more to the point, why would certainly YouTube allow him to carry out that, and also then penalise him because that it later?

Why do people "like" their own comments? because they favor them.

Did you also read the post? I plainly stated that it shows MY favor not his, you deserve to see the blue highlight that only happens when one of her likes is top top a comnment. And if i hit like again it removes my favor leaving the comment with zero likes. Because of this it's difficult for it to no be my like.

And ns also clearly said that ns was liking mine comment out of curiousity to watch if the was yes, really punishing girlfriend by removing other people's likes to compensate because that you liking your own. And it does... (Seriously, reading understanding man. I'm kinda doubting that you read anything as well as the title frankly)

I always like my own comments to acquire things started. I've never once checked out that happen. It's probably simply a bug.

First off, if you favor your own comment an initial "to begin things off" choose you said, climate it can't punishment you through removing an additional like because there are no other likes. And even if Youtube has actually it programmed to automatically remove the next like someone sends afterwards you would never know as you'd just think that nobody favored the comment yet.

It's occurred to me several times over number of months on different computers, various accounts, different comments etc.. Therefore it's a super prevalent pest that wake up on a huge selection of different circumstances if that's true. Ns honestly uncovered it come be just a fun small experiment to watch if it was going to carry out it or not, and also i waited it rotates i had actually plenty of proof to say anything about it to anyone.

Seems much more likely the it is your favor that is gift discounted from the score, therefore your favor still reflects up because that you due to the fact that it has actually still take away place, the just has no influence on the scoring that the comment.

or it's a an insect - girlfriend could try report it using Send Feedback.

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No. I can tell the It is no my choose being removed since you have the right to see the blue highlighted thumbs up indicating the it is mine like. And also if ns hit the like button again it goes away and also you end up v ZERO likes, for this reason if the was indeed not effecting the scoring and just removed my choose i would never have the ability to end up through zero likes ~ above a comment that had actually 1 to begin with prior to i put a second like top top it.. Note that i'm not complaining really, just thought it was kinda amazing that Youtube may have applied a cool little feature to stop human being from "tooting their very own horns" so to speak.


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