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Hi everyone! very first time poster, lengthy time reader here. Just gained my lifeproof situation yesterday! ns was really excited once it arrived, went with all the steps and also videos come test and install the new case top top my iphone phone 4. Functioned flawlessly as much as maintaining the water and also dirt out! my one issue, and it is a major one, is absolutely nobody can hear me as soon as I location calls! They to speak it sounds as though ns am in one echoing tunnel. I am wonder if those of girlfriend who have received her cases already have had actually this issue? I want to be certain it isn"t operator error when I installed my case. I have currently emailed lifeproof support, but haven"t heard anything earlier as the yet. Any kind of input you may have, would certainly be considerably appreciated!


Call castle they have actually a call # on their website.Mine functions perfectly mine wife says i sound like my exact same annoying self.

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Thank you really much because that the replies! I obtained a response from lifeproof today. This is what they had to say about the problem...THE TUNNEL / MICROPHONE FIX! – We uncovered the cause of the ‘tunnel / distant’ sound voice wherein callers to impacted LifeProof iPhones (a small percentage) had an obstacle hearing the Lifeproof talker on regular phone calls – we finally captured the concern in the field thanks to part Lifeproof owners with the worry that scheduled calls v us so we can hear it. Us have likewise tested the fix and it functions 100%, both for the users, and also in the lab as soon as we recreated the same conditions. The cause is an extremely simple, and also so is the FIX:- The microphone has actually a distinct thin Goretex vent the keeps the water out but permits sounds to pass. This typically works perfectly and enables crystal clear calls. However, v some cases, as soon as the wait trapped in the situation causes a hopeful pressure, the vent is puffed outwards by air pressure a little and stretches the end to touch the small protective grills (Keeps international objects from damaging the sensitive vent) in the bottom that the case. Periodically the vent climate rests versus these grills after ~ being extended to the position and then cannot vibrate effectively to transmit the sound come the iphone microphone – causing a distant, thin, tunnelish type of voice to it is in heard top top the other finish of a call.NOW because that THE straightforward FIX: Look in ~ the phone front-on together you would once you are about to start an app. The microphone port is the hole on the bottom that the instance to the lower left of the residence button and also left of the charge port. Now for the fun component (Should take it no much longer than 3 seconds). *** Blow difficult into the microphone ***. You could do it prefer you room blowing a candle out, or much far better still you might seal her lips end the hole and also blow firmly like you space blowing a balloon increase – her choice. Nothing worry about blowing too tough with your lungs, but do not usage compressed air. This air push will press the Goretex vent away from the security grills and also liberate her iPhone to decision clear sound on video clip recording and phone call again. You might (or may not) need to do this from time come time if huge air press changes cause the vent come flex come stick to the safety grill again. Also, psychic to always thoroughly shiver water the end of the vent area after being submerged because trapped water in the security grill will additionally attenuate the sound. Happy LifeProofing!Kind Regards,Anthony SLifeSupport Team