One of the coolest – if unsexy – features of Android Marshmallow is its capability to usage adoptable storage. This means Android have the right to treat an SD map as extr internal storage, fairly than an outside device, together it has in the past. Under the hood, Android will still check out two separate devices, however it will (more or less) treat it as a single storage unit. It’s virtually (but not rather like) having a 2TB drive in your desktop computer, then buying a 2TB outside drive and, after installation it, Windows giving you the choice of treating the drives as a single 4TB unit instead of 2 2TB drives. It’s type of like that, only better, since it’s much more difficult to expand a phone or tablet’s inner storage 보다 to carry out the exact same on a desktop computer computer.

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Unfortunately, 2 of the best Android machine makers – Samsung and also LG – have actually disabled this function in their versions that Marshmallow. They claim that customers would certainly be “disappointed” in the performance of their devices, due to the fact that an SD card is likely to it is in slower than the inner memory. This is true, yet not a dealbreaker if you understand that walking in. They additionally claim that SD map failure would reason apps come break… i m sorry is likewise true, but it’s no the end of the world: simply buy a new SD card, repeat the procedure below, and reinstall the apps in question. Together someone who played about with CyanogenMod a many a few years back, this is not a difficulty at all… especially because SD cards don’t fail that often.

So this write-up will show you just how to enable the feature. There are a couple of caveats, however.

The first thing – and this must go without saying – is to make certain to back up any type of important files you may have on your SD card prior to you do this. This procedure will certainly ERASE the card, for this reason data will be shed forever. Also, check out the instructions below, in full, and make certain you understand them totally before you also touch her phone or computer. The time to be confused is before you begin an it project, not during the project.

Secondly, I have actually only experiment this – when – ~ above a Virgin mobile LG G Stylo. It operated for me, but it might not work-related on your device. It can not even work on the very same phone on a different carrier. Google “ adoptive storage” and also see what comes up. Together always, there’s the opportunity of wrecking her phone, therefore please research this before jumping in feet-first!

Thirdly, this procedure will produce an encrypted ext4 partition that will fill your entire SD card. You’ll still it is in able to connect your device to a computer via USB and copy files that way… yet you won’t be able to take the SD card the end of your phone, popular music it into an SD map adapter, then placed it into a laptop or desktop card leader to copy files. If girlfriend haven’t already, it’s more than likely a an excellent idea to look into cloud services that offer online backups of her pictures, favor Dropbox, OneDrive or Mega.

Lastly, this isn’t something you have the right to “just try out” with a spare 8GB SD card and also upgrade to a 32GB card later. If this is something that interests you, go ahead and also spend the $10 on a brand-new 32GB card and also be done with it.

NOTE: PLEASE review THE ‘IMPORTANT UPDATE’ section AT THE END that THIS short article FOR ANOTHER possible ISSUE come CONSIDER!

That said, here’s just how to permit adoptable storage on her Marshmallow device. It’s yes, really simple: i was maybe to execute the entire thing in around 10 minutes… if on hold with Virgin because that an unrelated billing issue.

1) On her computer, walk to this web page on the XDA forum and also download the “15 secs ADB installer”. I supplied the existing version – 1.4.3 – but it could be updated by the moment you read this.

2) when downloaded, right-click on adb-setup-1.4.3.exe and also choose “Run as Administrator”. Together the attached page says, press Y come “install ADB and Fastboot”, Y or N come install because that all individuals (Y) or just the existing user (N), and also Y to install the necessary drivers. After the critical question, you have to see the conventional driver download dialog. Click “Yes” (or “Allow” or “OK”, i forget which) to install the Google an equipment driver.

3) If friend haven’t already, allow “Developer Mode” ~ above your an equipment by going to setups > around Phone > software application Info and also tapping “Build Number” 7 times. Friend will understand you’re obtaining close once the phone states something choose “only 3 more taps come Developer”.

4) Tap settings > Developer choices and enable USB Debugging. Click “OK” to the warning post that will appear.

5) Connect your phone to your computer via USB. A home window should pop-up on her phone asking to enable USB debugging and showing your computer’s “RSA key”. Tap “Always permit from this computer” (if desired) climate tap “OK”. If girlfriend don’t view this window, drag under your notification area and look because that a similar debugging message and also tap that.

6) On your computer, open a command-prompt in the ADB catalog (which should be c:\adb).

7) kind adb devices and press ENTER. You might see your device listed, more than likely with a long name, like “LGLS7709e27dc19 device”. If so, skip to the following step. If you get a blog post about a “service no running”, the software have to say the it’s starting it, yet the app won’t poll your devices again. So form adb devices and also press ENTER again. You should now see your an equipment listed.

8) type the following regulates exactly as shown, pressing the ENTER crucial after every one:

adb covering sm list-disksadb shell sm list-volumes alladb shell sm set-force-adoptable trueadb covering sm partition disk:179,64 privateadb covering sm set-force-adoptable falseadb covering sm list-volumes all

NOTE: the fourth command partitions your SD card, and also may take it 2-3 minutes (or longer) to complete, relying on the size of your card.

(click come embiggen)

I job-related from home most days, and practically always leaving the lock display screen on swipe, since there’s little need for security in my very own home. Ns went the end the other night, and also since ns was running late i quickly collection the option to PIN and didn’t an alert the 2 other choices greyed out. However then I come home and tried to switch ago and uncovered that I could not.

Now, mine phone could have been choose this for weeks, and also I only just now i found it it. My carrier upgraded the phone from Lollipop come Marshmallow early January, and it’s possible that this can have happened then. That’s the point: I just don’t know. I’ve been an IT man long enough to recognize that coincidences room rare… however they do take place from time come time.

So… exactly how do you fix it? ns don’t know. I haven’t found anything that’s functioned yet. One solution readily available is to go to settings > security > Certificate Management and also click “Clear Credentials”. Yet this has not functioned for me.

I have, however, uncovered a strange workaround that won’t let you choose swipe, however will allow it anyway:

1) go to settings > Lock Screen and also choose “Pattern”.

2) Choose a pattern, then choose a pen if you don’t already have one.

3) Lock the phone, then go into the WRONG sample five times. Friend will acquire a post that states something prefer “You have incorrectly gone into your sample 5 times. Please try again in 30 seconds”. Friend will also see a box in the lower right corner of the lock display screen that says “Backup PIN”. Insanity it, and enter her PIN.

4) till you change it, your lock display should currently be top top swipe, also though it’s no an option you can select (just favor my screencap above).

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As i said, my phone can have been like this for weeks, and also I only simply noticed the after adding the adoptive storage. I read several articles and also how-tos online on the subject, and not one of them mentioned anything around the lock screen, for this reason I’m inclined come think it’s simply a coincidence.

Huge many thanks to AndroidForums member stanton renna, that actually typed every this increase in a handy post. The (or she) did all the real job-related – I just wrote it up in my very own words and added a bunch of screencaps!