Foracquired Shores is the latest development load to Monument Valley, a beauticompletely designed puzzle game in which you are in charge of guiding Ida, the silent princess, with many type of various lands. We"ve already walked you with the initially four levels so here"s the final walkvia of Forgotten Shores for anyone who"s gained stuck along the way!

Monument Valley tips, clues, and also cheats

The adhering to guide is a complete walkthrough of the final four levels of Forobtained Shores. For those that either haven"t tried getting through the levels on your very own yet, or do not desire a finish walkwith, be sure to check out our Monument Valley tips, ideas, and also cheats first!

Appendix v: The Lost Falls

Guide Ida to the first switch which will certainly make the totem show up.


Next off usage the lever to revolve the totem in order for Ida to walk to the other side. You"ll have to move Ida to the grassy area to make the lever show up aacquire in order to finish her walk across the falls. You deserve to then reach the following switch.


Use the totem to hit the next switch expose the next part of the level. After that you have the right to overview Ida up the stairs and also to the following switch. The totem can then hit the switch at the top to open a door for Ida.


Ida then shows up at the optimal of the level. Walk back with the door after placing the totem underneath the platcreate that contains the following door. Then tap the door for Ida to go earlier through. This time she will certainly be able to access the door. The totem deserve to then hit the last switch in order to rise approximately the following portion of the level.


Use the totem to weigh down the walkmethod so Ida can step onto it. Once she is on it, position the totem so she can walk on optimal of it once the lift pops back up.


Ida have the right to then walk onto the second lift. Place the totem on the first lift and the second one will raise for Ida to reach the door. Lastly, use the totem to activate the following switch.
Once you activate the initially switch through Ida, move the totem onto the platform prior to stepping off the switch. You deserve to then slide the totem up and also dvery own on the platdevelop in order to reach the next switch via Ida.
Next off use the totem in order to overview Ida to the next door. She deserve to sindicate obtain on peak of it utilizing the second platdevelop. Then slide the totem over to the door.
Hit the next switch two switches making use of the totem. Ida will certainly then appear and also have actually simple accessibility to the 3rd switch.
Move the totem underneath where the rock lifted. You can then guide Ida to the following door while the totem prevents the rock from falling. This is the finish of the level.

Appendix vi: The Citadel of Deceit

Move Ida throughout by relocating the middle walkmethod and also going with the first door. After this you have the right to repeat the same process sideways to hit the initially switch.
Use the lever to revolve the walkmethod so Ida have the right to reach wright here she is positioned in the initially photo in the set listed below. You have the right to then turn the walkmeans aacquire in order to reach the next door.
Ida will certainly now appear upside down where you have the right to then hit the next switch. Anvarious other lever before appears and also you can spin it to move the stairwell you deserve to down from. You have the right to then reach the next door.
Start off by guiding Ida to the height door on the left favor displayed in the first photo below. Ida can then reach the door shown in the second photo.
Ida then shows up at the optimal wright here she can accessibility the upside down straight listed below her. This will certainly take you to the next section. Head off to the right of the course wright here you deserve to access the door shown in the second photo below.
Flip the switch straight exterior of the door and then walk via the door to the left. You deserve to then walk dvery own and also access the door in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Appendix vii: The Oubliette

After you flip the first switch, an orange landscape will certainly appear. This area is straightforward enough as you ssuggest wind your method about. The second switch will enable the whole landscape to be rotated. When Ida requirements to be out of your sight, simply rotate to check out the rest of the course.
The next area is a purple room and has actually a pole in the middle that rotates downward. Go with the door at the bottom. You will appear ago in oarray room when you revolve the watch wbelow you deserve to hit its staying switch. Rotate to the view presented in the second photo below in order to reveal Ida aobtain. She have the right to then reach the door at the peak.
Ida will certainly re-show up in the purple room wright here you have the right to use the poll in the center to spin her about to the top door. A new green room will show up once you revolve. Use the middle stairinstance to guide Ida to the next switch.
Walk Ida onto the babsence platform and also rotate till you deserve to reach the next switch in a new green room. Rotate the lever before to the best till the water level is as low as it will go.
Walk back onto the black platdevelop and continue rotating until you reach a yellow room. You have the right to hit the switch at the bottom now. The middle platdevelop now has the capacity to be rotated. Placed it in the position you see in the second photo listed below.
You deserve to currently move right into the door shown in the initially photo listed below. Ida will certainly then show up in the pink room wright here you can walk to the following door at the height.
Tap on the bottom door in the pink room and Ida will walk via it. Keep rotating to find a tree. Keep spinning until it is grvery own and also mirrors Ida via a switch you have the right to hit at the bottom.

Appendix viii: Nocturne

Head over to the ideal side of the course to recuperate the initially totem piece. You"ll should usage the switches in order to lug it down from the peak after you pull it out of the water.
Head earlier the means you came and also this time head downwards to retrieve the next item. You deserve to use the area presented in the first photo in order to rerelocate Idea from the height of the totem piece. You"ll have to do this to have the ability to hit the switch shown in the second photo.
You"ll have to usage the totem piece to retrieve the next item as Ida will must remain on the switch. Simply use a seewitnessed motion on and also off the switch to retrieve the item of the totem that is under the water. Once you"ve reextended it, stack the totems as presented in the second photo.
You have the right to then hit the following switch by sliding a piece of the totem onto it favor in the initially photo listed below. You have the right to then rerevolve through the one totem piece earlier to the primary location. When you take Ida off the switch you can raise up the piece you just reextended and also bring it over favor shown in the second photo listed below.
Now head to the peak of the course and position the totems choose displayed in the initially photo below before taking Ida to the rotation platcreate. You deserve to then recuperate the 3rd piece. Stacking them is a little of an optical illusion as presented in the second photo below. Just take Ida back dvery own the stairs initially or she will be in the means.

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Now bring the totem stacked three high to the position presented in the photo below. You deserve to slide the initially item off as much as you have the right to as shown in the first photo. Now place Ida on the rotation block and hit the next switch. A lever before will certainly appear and also you have the right to position the totem item as presented in the second photo below.
You can currently slide the totem piece off to the right and also down below the water to aid retrieve the final piece. Use the lever to overview your way. You can then stack the totem four high. Have Ida hit the switch in the first photo listed below and also guide the totem to the platdevelop via 4 arms. Here you"ll have to use optical illusions to disassemble the totem and also area one piece on each corner.
In the following area, store climbing with Ida till you can"t climb any even more. Guide the totem to the height in order to complete the level.
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