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UhAlright, alrightPut your hands with each other in this place, uhYeah, yeah, yeahHere we are, let's acquire on one accordLeave every your problems on the outsideTo it is in consumed with the holy Ghost fireOpen up your mouth and also lift the surname of Jesus higher, sayAre you ready for your blessing? (Are friend ready?)Are you all set for her miracle?For the chains the come native the enemyAre utterly destroyed when the praises ring, therefore sayHallelujah (Thank you, Jesus), say thanks to You, JesusHe's exalted forever, so (Let the praise begin)Lord, ns love you (No one over You)No one above You (Just put your hands together and let)Let the prayer beginYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (I currently I've told You we was comin' to worship You)Yeah, yeah, yes (Uh, say)I recognize it could be hard to acquire yo worship onTrials that life been recording you every week longIf friend don't have a factor to praise Him, let me provide you oneHe provided you a brand new mercy v the rising of the sun, say, hey
Are you all set for your blessing? (Are girlfriend ready?)Are you all set for your miracle? (Hey)For the chains the come native the enemyAre utterly ruined when the praises ring, space youAre you all set for her blessing? (Hey, hey, are you ready, say)Are you all set for her miracle?For the chains that come indigenous the enemyAre completely destroyed, yes, lock don't stay, when your praises ringHallelujah (Hallelujah), thank You, Jesus (Thank you, Jesus)He's exalted forever, therefore (Let the prayer begin)(Ah) Lord, ns love friend (No one over You)No one over You (Just placed your hand together, say it)Let the worship beginHallelujah (Hallelujah), give thanks to You, Jesus (Thank you, Jesus)He's exalted beyond measure, say (Let the prayer begin)(Hey) Lord, i love girlfriend (And over there ain't nobody prefer You)No one above You (Let's lift our voice together, say)Let the worship beginAre friend (Are you all set for her blessing?)You might as well clap her handsAre you all set (Are you ready for your miracle?)For the chains that bind up the enemyAre available when her praises ringBut room you (Are you ready for your blessing?)Are you ready for her blessings, come on, tell meAre you prepared for your miracle? (Are you ready for your miracle?)For the chains the come as soon as the enemyAre utterly destroyed, yes, lock are, when your praises ring
Raise increase (Raise up)Send the praise up (Send the praise up)Raise increase in right here (Raise up)Send the prayer up (Send the praise up)Throw her hands in the wait (Raise up)And tide 'em from next to next (Send the prayer up)'Cause He's right here (He's here right now)Right now (Come on)Raise up (Raise up)Send the worship up (Send the prayer up)Shout depend God (Raise up)Shout unto God (Send the praise up)Clap her hands (Raise up)Stomp your feet (Send the praise up)Shake your head (He's here)I don't treatment what friend gotta doBut what you require to know isVictory (Is in your praise)Is in your worship (Is in your praise)Your defense (Is in your praise)For your kids (Is in your praise)Salvation (Is in her praise)For your totality family (Is in her praise)Deliverance (Is in your praise)And because you praise Him, understand this (He's here)Know this (He's here)Right currently (He's here)He's here (He's here)He inhabits (He's here)The praises the His world (He's here)He turn off up and also dwells (He's here)Right whereby you areCome on, you might too praise Him up in here

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Are you, say (Are you all set for her blessings)Are girlfriend ready, ayy (Are you all set for her miracle?)For the chains that come once the enemyAre completely destroyed and also fail when your praises ringAre you, clap her hands (Are you prepared for your blessings)Are friend ready, ayy (Are you all set for your miracle?)For the chains that tie up the enemyAre at hand when the praises ringCome on, sayCome on, come on, come on