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Boosie BaddazzSomething smoothCome ride with a actual niggaI gained cha... Speak girlChorus:Let me ease yo mindBring friend in my worldCause you done captured my eyeAnd you have the right to be my infant girlVerse 1Was upGirl how you doinWas up wit dem drawsGirl can I acquire into emI"m lookin 4 sumbodiWho gonna be sumbodiMy mind made up to it is in aloneAnd she gonna it is in sumbodiAnd she acquired problemsAnd she stated s** aint the only way 2 fix emBut lets solve... Let jump in mine bentleyAnd cruise the city wit da lightz lowGo to the ball n blow sum stack n let da dice rollSay girl...Chorus:Let me lull yo mindBring girlfriend in mine worldCause girlfriend done caught my eyeAnd you deserve to be my infant girlVerse 2It gon it is in alrightIt gon be alrightCause you have the right to be my infant girlI - don"t - Kno- what - girlfriend - to be - ToldBut imma hustlaYo guy aint nuthin but a bustaCome wit me and also eat what girlfriend likeBig Boyz... I"m talkin da bestWhen you get lonely put yo head on my chestI number yo neva delt wit a nigga my typeWho do yo happy... Take yo placesTeach you games sumin likk a genuine daddyI"m jus tryna ease yo mindI"m exhausted of hearin over n over every the timeShe prefer Boosie i gotta boyfriendGirl yo friend aint bout itCause you bearly speak to himSo watz up ns gotta plane ticketJus me n you... Therefore I"m like she scared... She lateNii she packin she bags1rst course iz how we perform itLet me cater to youLet friend shop till friend dropLetz spend sum record on youWateva no matta da satisfied iz betterDen you have the right to dream ofThugg passion from a actual thugg... (say girl speak girl)Let em lull yo mindBring friend in my worldCause friend don recorded my eyeN you can be my infant girlYou gon be alrightYou gon it is in alrightCause you deserve to be my babyYou to be on mine mind all nightAnd I can smell ya (you be smellin right)N girl ns wanna call ya (I can get cha right)Take you on a roller coaster wit me... N friend knoRidin round blowin doga with the cityConversatin us laughTalk bout the future and also the previous (old dayz)Good love makin reason itz been so longSince the critical time... Kisisn n fukkin yaStuck in the sheets on te bedEyes roll back in mine headAnd she go down on det headN my homie, luva, girlfriend (itz gon be alright)The 1 det I deserve to fukk ya 2 da end (itz gon be alright)I obtained cha girl guy dem hoez aint increase in the worldDem niggaz either...You aint neva had actually a thugged out nigga favor meGo tell ya peopleWhen you wit me itz impressive (a an excellent time)I provide you understanding teach you gameGive girlfriend wisdom shit det you can gain in collegeJus it is in my lady... Ns kno exactly how to treat a ladyItz wateva I have the right to keep a secret baby (check this out)Let me ease yo mindBring girlfriend in mine worldCause girlfriend done captured my eyeN you have the right to be my infant girlItz gon be alrightItz gon it is in alrightCause you deserve to be my baby girl