The Pop-Piano Method

Hack the Piano is the crucial guide & backbone to all my lessons. Acquire this holy bible of Pop-Piano, find out to understand the language that music and express yourself similar to the pros, there is no sheets by chords, by ear, by heart.

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Every now and also then -it’s rare, however it happens- a magician occurs from the deep dark depths of music-wonderland.

With so numerous crap pumped out and stuffed in our faces by the well-off record providers via the key Radio, TV and also Internet networks these days, I’m even happier as soon as this happens now than ever before. There’s a plethora of wonderful musicians(just oneexample behind the link)out there below the tendency radar. Unfortunately, most of them don’t get the acknowledgment they deserve. Flooded by the easy-money-seeking, hollywood-mentality bloodsuckers that greatly reign the common charts (I’m introduce to document companies), they’re doomed to staystunning on a dime. Fortunately -yes, yes, YES because that that!- this guy is just one of those rare occasions the did manage to stand out from the crowd of the talented non-recognized. A small sparkle of expect that perhaps not every is lost and great music can in reality be appreciated.

Meet (although I suspect by now you currently know him): pops James Bay.

In this comprehensive tutorial I show you specifically how come play his -my humble opinion- best song come date, perfect exemplifying yet again exactly how great, super-awesome, great the HTP Chord + Patternapproach to music is for right here -since a while- it again enabled me to easily and perfectly develop a exorbitant piano part out the an originally all-guitar (ok, ok + synth) tune.

Since ~ above the record, James “dubs” self (meaning that plays/records one guitar part, and then plays/records one more guitar component on peak of that) ns decided, because we do have actually 10 fingers and are in truth able to reach every one of those notes, to produce a component interweaving both of those guitars for the Verse and also then the etc + stunningly tasteful synth addition for the Chorus.

For the beginner (and to start finding out the song) I begin with the stripped, only one -the main- etc version. Indigenous there us start structure it approximately what turned outto be fairly the haunting piano part. Beautiful. No credit transaction to me. Every goes to James. I merely copied and re-arranged.

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I expect you’ll have actually a the majority of fun with this one, as did I creating it!

Please let me know exactly how you’re doing, if- and also what friend liked about it in the comments.