So I had actually a client drop this off and also wanted me to relocate data from his old pc to this one. I since I had a few days to play with it I believed it would certainly make for a an excellent review.

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This is not a blazing rapid gaming PC, it likewise does no look to be designed come chew v AutoCAD. What this computer system is because that is the consistent home or tiny business PC that simply needs a workstation. With an i5 through 8GB of RAM and also a Nvidia GeForce GT 730 2GB. It can do some light gaming such as Minecraft, Roblox, or the plenty of indie titles on Steam.

It does have actually plenty the USB ports. 2 USB 3.0 harbor in the front, and also 4 port in the back, two of them gift USB 3.0. That appears to be the standard number of ports on most PC’s nowadays. A kind WIFI card that can do b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth.It was pretty light together well. I didn’t obtain the actual weight of the PC but it wasn’t tough to lift.

One point I want to suggest out to be the handle. This was a practiced idea and also felt solid. When I lifted it i wasn’t worried about the pc falling. This was most likely my favorite feature of the computer.


As v base models, manufacturers space putting large platter cd driver in the PCs. This computer comes with a 1TB Seagate drive. I would have desired an SSD. The price per GB is coming down really quick for SSD’s. And a great 90% or civilization don’t need an ext than a 250GB size drive.

The internals of the maker were pretty clean and also it doesn’t take any tools to eliminate the hard drive.


I noticed the the strength to the motherboard was not a traditional size. It was a weird looking 10 pin connection instead of the typical 20-24 pin. This way if your strength supply dies because of general failure or also a nasty power spike. Girlfriend won’t be able to go purchase a strength supply off the shelf and replace it.


If a disc gets stuck in the DVD journey or the gears that open the DVD drive protect against working for every little thing reason you can’t use a document clip to manually open the drive because of the former cover flap gift in the way.

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It go come v a mouse and also keyboard, both very straightforward but functional. Nothing yes, really to note about them

All and also all this is a computer system if someone needs a computer it will certainly do. It won’t win any awards. Though due to the non-standard power supply i can’t completely say its a good purchase.