ns can"t number out how to unlock character switching on the hubs. I know for the level you have to go ago and do free play however when ns am in the hubs ns can"t switch between characters!



You will should play with the totality story in order to unlock totally free play in the hubs.

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Depending on the platform you are playing on, there are different ways to gain to the character grid. Because that Xbox One, press and hold Y, PS4 press and hold Triangle, and (i"m sorry, ns don"t know what the switch is on pc :( ) the personality wheel will certainly come up. From over there you can accessibility the character grid to choose the entirety cast.


In order to unlock totally free play (character-switching) in the hub areas, you need to complete every one of the main story missions in the game.


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In LEGO Star Wars: The pressure Awakens (mobile variation ios android 3ds), Oscillator bombing Run, how do you acquire the minikits?
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