Ready to rebel...with LEGO bricks? inspect out"s guide for LEGO Rogue One products.

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James BurnsCollector & Podcaster

Since the relax of the prequels in 1999, LEGO has gone to the head of each new Star Wars release, even if it is it it is in a movie or a TV show, and also Rogue One: A Star wars Story is no exception. There room eight new sets available with price clues to fit all, ranging from $24.99 to $89.99. Every of the sets come packaged in the brand-new Rogue One-themed boxes featuring the ominous looking death Trooper. Let’s watch what’s out there for LEGO rebels!

Constraction/Buildable Figures

The famous Constraction or Buildable figures, very first introduced by LEGO in the Star Wars design template last year, continues with three new characters from Rogue One — Sergeant Jyn Erso (set #75119; 104 pieces), K-2SO (set #75120; 169 pieces), and Imperial fatality Trooper (set #75121; 106 pieces) — each are easily accessible for $24.99. These superior posable numbers are all in scale with each other, with Jyn was standing 9” tall, and K-2SO at over 11” tall. When Jyn and the fatality Trooper feature blaster rifles through spring loaded shooters, K-2SO features a single/double arm-swinging fight function.


There are 5 standard to adjust available, every featuring with brand-new minifigures native Rogue One. The an initial set, the Imperial attack Hovertank (set #75152; 385 pieces) is viewed in the trailers and also is obtainable for $29.99. The pistol turret features double spring-loaded shooters, and also elevating side guns and offers numerous play features enabling you to recreate favorite moments native the film. This impressive collection features Chirrut Îmwe with his towel cloak and two royal Hovertank Pilots.

The ever-popular imperial AT-ST walker (set #75153; 449 pieces) makes a welcome return to Rogue One, with posable legs, an opening cockpit that residences its driver, and a wheel activated rotating peak section. This $39.99 collection also contains spring invited shooters, and also comes with three minifigures the AT-ST Driver, Baze Malbus (with his hefty blaster), and Rebel Trooper.

The above looking TIE Striker (set #75154; 543 pieces) makes its debut with its huge adjustable angular wings, obtainable to acquisition for $69.99. The new TIE has actually rear storage and an opened cockpit, front and also top, that accommodates the consisted of TIE Pilot. Three added minifigures are also included — imperial Ground Crew, royal (Scarif) Shoretrooper, and a Rebel Trooper.

An royal ship such together the TIE Striker requirements a Rebel counterpart, and likewise making that Rogue One debut is the Rebel U-wing Fighter (set #75155; 659 pieces). Priced at $79.99, the U-wing is an exceptional fighter featuring four large engines, an opened cockpit, opened side doors for moving cargo and also people, twin spring-loaded shooters, and huge wings the sweep back and forth relying on the fighter’s trip mode. The U-wing comes finish with five minifigures including Jyn Erso, the film’s main protagonist or antagonist (depending ~ above which next you’re on), Cassian Andor, Bistan, U-wing Pilot, and also Rebel Trooper.

The final collection is also the most imposing — Krennic’s royal Shuttle (set #75156; 863 pieces). Director Krennic’s royal Shuttle is additionally the many expensive in the range at $89.99, however features 863 pieces and also six minifigures consisting of Director Krennic, two Imperial fatality Troopers, Pao, Bodhi Rook, and likewise the re-programmed royal droid K-2SO. The intimidating ship features large folding wings, much like other royal shuttles, return Krennic’s is black, rather than white. The front and also side of the ship function opening panels i m sorry adds to play value. There is also an opened cockpit, behind ramp through storage, retracting landing gear and also more.

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All the brand-new LEGO sets native Rogue One: A Star Wars Story attribute incredible detail and also are the perfect addition to any kind of LEGO Star Wars collection, allowing you come recreate your favorite moment from the film, or call your very own story. Happy structure — and rebelling!

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