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Story Missions

Struck off the List

Once you start a brand-new game, you"ll be tossed straight into the first mission. In fact, there are hardly ever times during the story where you"ll actually have time come breathe and also explore, since this video game likes to save tight to the story itself. To that end, you may wish to just focus on the story for the beginning and wait until the finish to check out the hubs.

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True Avenger at 150,000

Characters: black Widow (A:AOU), Hawkeye (A:AOU), Iron man (MK43), Hulk (A:AOU), Captain America (A:AOU), Thor (A:AOU)

Walkthrough -

We begin the game at the opened of Avengers: age of Ultron. The amassed Avengers space making their final push to the HYDRA link of Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, closeup of the door in on reclaiming Loki"s scepter indigenous the first Avengers movie.

Snow areas -

We start with Clint and Nat. Begin by clearing out the HYDRA thugs the pop in. Keep in mind the meter approximately your character"s face in the corner. It fills in three parts as you defeat enemies. You have the right to press B near an foe to invest one component to immediately defeat lock in a stylish move. If you let the meter to fill completely, you deserve to spend its entirety by pressing B close to your companion to execute a team relocate that covers a large area. It serves no purpose various other than come defeat bad guys, but it is quite cool. Once the enemies are defeated, we have the right to now work on advertise ahead. As Hawkeye, hold X come aim and also pass the reticle over the silver- gun bunker in the back. Release to fire and also you"ll blow it up v an explosive arrow. There will be pieces left behind, so host B close to them to start assembling them into a generator. You"ll have to charge this generator. Fortunately, the current Black Widow has shock sticks to do simply this. Switch to her using the Y Button, then host X while standing near the generator to fee it up. This will tilt the tower and also make a "cloud" the Avenger logos show up nearby. This is what I refer to as a "Scanner Spot". Go to the area together Widow and press B come pull the end a scanner. Watch for the 4 beeps, then match them through tapping those spots in order making use of the X Button. A plug will appear on the tower. Currently switch earlier to Hawkeye, target the plug by holding X, then release to fire and hang a rope from the tower. Hop throughout to the rope with both characters to the various other side.

Your following obstacle is a series of entrenched enemies. Fortunately, you have actually a big gun on your side. Switch to Widow and run end to the blue panel v lights in prior of it. This is a tech Panel. Push B and you"ll get manage of the gun. You deserve to train it and press X come blast every the negative guys, yet your genuine target is the truck in back. Watch that gold part of it? concentrate fire on that gold thing and also you"ll punch it up, clearing the way. Now, a big Avengers logo design will appear. This is a Team-Up spot. Press B close to it to obtain notified that the personalities you need. First, push B top top the platform as the reduced character (Hawkeye). You"ll climate auto-switch to the other character, Widow. Push B there and the 2 of girlfriend will relocate to the following area.

We"re currently switching come Iron Man and the Hulk. Stop up all the stuff and also bad men here. As soon as the ar is clear, switch to steel Man and hold B to have actually him fire his laser. Aim it at the yellow chains holding the logs in place. This will permit the Hulk to cross to the shield area. Move to him, then press B close to the point out with environment-friendly handles come pry it turn off the wall. You can now switch earlier to iron Man and also laser the 2 pieces inside (you"ll have actually to draw your laser to cut it out). As soon as those space done, the shield will certainly be down. Smash your way across the bridge.

This will currently switch you come Captain America and Thor. You"ll fight part guys, consisting of fliers. The vital here is to target the airborne ones v X (with one of two people character) and also the rightmost one girlfriend hit will be knocked back into the frozen waterfall. From there, aim and also throw Thor"s hammer right into the ice to shatter it. You can now have Cap hop over and head to the much side the the cliff. This area has actually boxes and fires everywhere. As Captain America, push B, then press A close to the fires to rubber stamp them out with your shield. Smash every the boxes together well and you"ll be able to build a drill machine. Push Y close to its seat to hop on and also you"ll be automatically carried through some rocks up to a cracked wall. Litter Mjollnir at the wall and you"ll open the way. Head down right into the trench and stamp the end the fires, climate smash the crashed jeep to find pieces because that a Shield Switch. Target it as Cap and you"ll throw her shield into it to open up the gate. Now, try to ignore the oncoming enemies and also make a beeline because that the large A logo design to perform a team-up relocate with Cap and Thor together. This will finish this section.

Fortress Exterior -

You"ve obtained Iron male in the air and Captain America on the ground. First, together Iron Man, clear out as lot of the flying targets together you can. This is quite easy and quite cathartic. As soon as you down ten that them, a missile will crash into the area where Cap is fighting, clearing the way. You deserve to now emphasis on gift Cap. Rally the red and green piece to do a rotator switch. Push the green side to turn the cannon, climate flip the nearby switch to fire it into rubble prevent your means upstairs. Her goal is now to smash three anti-air cannons in the area. The an initial one is best up the stairs. Just press B to begin whaling on it. You"ve now acquired a feet beneath you, so drop into it and head left to find the second cannon to destroy. For the third, go ago the method you come up the feet to the very first cannon, then head to the right and also smash some boxes to uncover pieces for railings. Assemble them, then climb up and also over the spraying fire. The 3rd cannon need to be right surrounding to smash. When all 3 cannons room down, Iron male will swoop in and open the way further inside. Have actually Cap get in to complete the mission.

New Characters: black color Widow (A:AOU), Hawkeye (A:AOU), Iron guy (MK43), Tony stark (A:AOU), Bruce Banner (A:AOU), Hulk (A:AOU), Captain America (A:AOU), Thor (A:AOU)

Free pat -ItemRequiredDescriptionSnow FieldsFortress Exterior
Minikit 1Free PlayBefore cross the small river, shoot a heat Beam down right into it. There"s an ice cream block with this within it flowing down.
Minikit 2Right after using the laser to ruin the very first truck, find the area for 5 flashing red mines. Have actually Hawkeye shoot all of them through explosive arrows.
Minikit 3Power CosmicIn the 2nd area, usage a rope to pull under the door in front of the mine shaft, then use Power Cosmic to remove the rocks, then use telekinesis to traction the mine cart out.
Minikit 4Free PlayNear the red force ar gate, find a Team-Up area through Cap and also Thor and use the to destructive the water tower.
Character Token 1 (Sentry)Free PlayNear the red force ar gate, stop the ingredient up top top the adjacent ledge to find a generator. Charge it up.
Minikit 5Free PlayPast the frozen waterfall is a silver fence. Blast it, then usage the terminal behind it.
Minikit 6Mind ControlNear the finish gate, rotate invisible and also head to the cameras in the back. Flip the switch to shut them off, climate command the guy inside to grab the canister.
Character Token 2 (Crossbones (Classic))DigIn the same area together Minikit 6, destruction the three dirt piles in the area.
Minikit 7After shooting under the ten guys, have actually Iron guy shoot under five more guys.
Character Token 3 (Captain Universe)After shooting down the ten guys, have actually Iron guy shoot under five an ext guys.
Minikit 8VentEnter the vent close to your starting point. Laser far the gold HYDRA logo and also assemble a SHIELD logo.
Minikit 9Vent, SpeedEnter the vent close to your beginning point. Head come the right and also up the path. Smash the door to find pieces for a speed Pad, then usage it.
Minikit 10Free PlayUse a Scanner ~ above the ground floor to the right and also flip increase the poles come the canister.
Red Brick (Studs x2)VentThe Collector is found at the much right finish of the area, conveniently flown to. He desires Strucker"s monocle. To get it, go through the vent at ground level, walk right and also use the tech Pad. Get in the number that show up eco-friendly on the rotation, climate go inside the garage and smash everything to find the monocle.
Stan Lee in PerilAt the best side of the area, the right-side turret, put out the fires behind it and smash all the ingredient on the ground so the elevator can grab Stan.

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Interlude -

New Characters: Maria Hill, Nick Fury, certified dealer Coulson

We"re flashing back to the dawn of the Avengers. You"re now on the ground external the SHIELD Base whereby the Tesseract is being kept. Take Hill and Fury come the earlier left of the area and also use rage on the scanner. This will open up the door to disclose panels. Have Hill jump up the panels to the top, climate smash the boxes come the left to make a ladder, which will let Fury sign up with her. Have actually Fury use his Tech device (press B) to rotate invisible and also then access the code maker in the back. Push the directional buttons in order, and also you"ll complimentary Coulson. Take Coulson under to the lower level to the right and also press B to have him toss a grenade top top the shiny silver boxes. Assemble the piece inside into a stunt ramp, then head for the jeep ~ above the left. Usage Hill"s scanner to expose a shiny silver boot on the jeep which Coulson can blow up. Hop in the jeep and you"ll be taken end the ramp to the following part. Now, rotate invisible as Fury and go come the earlier right under the camera to discover a button for the to stand on. This will lower another panel that Hill can access which opens the door into the base.