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This is the hardest Labyrinth in the entire game. If friend haven’t taken the time to gain all the love Containers and also Optional items in the game yet, it is extremely recommended to do that right now.

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From the beginning screen, head appropriate one screen, up 5 screen, left one screen, increase one screen, overcome the river and also head up the stairs one screen, left two displays to discover two huge rocks that kind of look favor eyes. Bomb the left absent to reveal a cave leading come the entrance hall of the last labyrinth that the game: fatality Mountain.

9.1 The Compass

Pass with the enntrance gate hall right into the north room. You’ll discover two flames and two open doors ~ above the north and also west walls. If you come here earlier than this, girlfriend would have actually come across an old man that would have actually told girlfriend to uncover the other parts that the Triforce and also then come back. We’ve excellent that, therefore he no here.

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Head through the western wall to uncover a dark room full of Wizzrobes and Bubbles. Use your candle to light up the room, kill or overlook the enemies, and bomb the northern wall surface to make it to the following room.

Here you’ll discover two Lanmolas, a fast-moving enemy you have actually not encountered before. Kill them, and also then press the much left block to accessibility the an enig passage in the facility of the room.

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2x.jpg 1772w" sizes="(max-width: 1770px) 100vw, 1770px" />Defeat the Lanmolas, push the block, and enter the stairwell.

You’ll come up on the various other side of the stairway in a direct maze lined with 5 Like Likes. Most of them will be in your path, so death them and then usage the Magical crucial to unlock to eastern door and head v it.

You’ll discover a dark room with three Blue Wizzrobes here. You’ll gain rupees if you kill them, but otherwise light up the room and bomb the southern wall surface and head v it.

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In this next room you’ll discover a pair the Zols, a pair of favor Likes, and a pair of Bubbles. Kill them if you desire some bombs, otherwise bomb the southern wall surface and head with it.

Here you’ll uncover a pair the Orange Wizzrobes and also a trio that Blue Wizzrobes. Kill them come grab the Compass.

9.2 The Map

Turn around and also go north two rooms to reach the dark room and also head with the eastern door. Below you’ll encounter a Patra. You’re walk to have to backtrack to here at some point so death it now and also and climate head with the southern door.

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Patra is invulnerable until you defeat the smaller adversaries surrounding it.

9.3 The Red Ring

Bomb the northern wall surface and head through it to discover a trio of choose Likes, a pair of both Orange and Blue Wizzrobes, and one Bubble. Execute what girlfriend want through them, climate bomb the northern wall and pass with it.

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The following room with have actually a trio of Orange Wizzrobes, Blue Wizzrobes and also Bubbles. Kill all the Wizzrobes, then push the far left block and also enter the stairwell to access a mystery passage comprise the Red Ring, helping you die slower.

9.4 The silver- Arrows

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Backtrack all the method to the first Patra us came across (if girlfriend forgot, go under two, left one and up one). Use the Magical crucial to pass through the northern door to find an old man who tells you come “Go come the following room.” good idea. Bomb the western wall and pass through it.

Here you’ll find a pair of Orange Wizzrobes and also a trio the Blue Wizzrobes. Kill all of them, then push the left block to make a secret stairwell appear. Take it come head to another area of the labyrinth.

You’ll come earlier up in a room with 5 Zols, but you don’t need to fight them. Continue through the western door. The next room has eight Keese in it, but you don’t should fight these either. Proceed west.

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Here you’ll need to fight yet an additional Patra. There’s likewise another vital in here, however we don’t actually require that anymore due to the fact that we have the miracle Key. Kill the Patra, press the far left block, and also enter the an enig passage to get to one more area the the labyrinth.

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