This overview will display you how to acquire the animal leather working tools in Red Dead Redemption 2, and also outline what gear and camp upgrades you'll obtain after acquiring them.

Theoretically, you might play the totality of Red Dead Redemption 2 making use of your original satchel. However, that doesn"t typical you should.

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As with any game in the past, oh, forever, it"s a great idea come upgrade her base satchel (read: gear) as quickly as you probably can. In RDR 2, that method getting the animal leather working devices as shortly as you probably can.

Aside from opened up equipment upgrades, the leather functioning tools additionally let you update the van der Linde camp in ~ Horseshoe Overlook. Once you get the tools, you"ll be able to add new seat covers, grounds covers, and an ext to the ar camp fire area, camp tables, and other areas.

Sure it"s just an aesthetic upgrade, however if you"re into that kind of thing ...

How to gain the Leather working Tools

In short, you need to gain the ledger to gain the leather functioning tools. Friend can find out how to do that in this guide.

However, if you simply don"t feel prefer clicking, here"s the gist:

Find Leopold Strauss in ~ Horseshoe OverlookAccept theMoney Lending and also Other Sinsside questCollect the debt from WrobelReturn come StraussFind the ledger in ~ Dutch"s tent next to the donation box

Once you obtain the ledger, upper and lower reversal to the last page. You deserve to buy the animal leather working devices for $225. The cost will come out of the camp"s savings first, your pocket second.

This will permit let Pearson at the food carriage to upgrade your equipment. Right here are the satchel and also camp upgrades you can now get, plus the extra steps required after obtaining the leather working tools:

Satchel/Camp UpgradeBenefitRecipeHow to obtain Recipe
Tonics SatchelIncrease tonics transporting capacityx1 perfect deer peltx1 perfect buck peltx1 perfect elk peltUpgrade medication wagon 2 times
Ingredients SatchelIncrease edible ingredient capacityx1 perfect deer pelt x1 perfect badger pelt x1 perfect squirrel peltDonate 5 animal carcasses come Pearson
Kit SatchelIncrease kit equipment capacityx1 perfect deer pelt x1 perfect elk pelt x1 perfect panther peltDonate 3 valuables come the donation box
Provisions SatchelIncrease provisions delivering capacityx1 perfect deer pelt, x1 perfect bison peltx1 perfect raccoon peltUpgrade provisions wagon 2 times
Materials SatchelIncrease products carrying capacityx1 perfect deer pelt x1 perfect boar pelt x1 perfect iguana skinCraft 3 recipes at scout fire (Van der Linde camp)
Valuables SatchelIncrease valuables transporting capacityx1 perfect deer pelt x1 perfect beaver pelt x1 perfect hare peltDonate $50 tocontribution box
Legend that the eastern SatchelIncrease transferring capacity of all typesx1 perfect deer pelt x1 perfect cougar pelt x1 perfect wolf peltCraft all various other satchels
Cougar Pelt covered ChestN/Ax2 perfect cougar peltsN/A
Bear Skin Table CoverN/Ax1 perfect board peltN/A
Ox Hide RugN/Ax2 perfect ox hidesN/A
Boar Skin RugN/Ax4 perfect board peltsN/A
Pronghorn animal leather Table TopsN/Ax2 perfect pronghorn hidesN/A
Campfire chair CoverN/Ax1 perfect beaver pelt, x1 perfect muskrat pelt, x1 perfect fox peltN/A
Campfire log Seat CoverN/Ax2 perfect wolf peltsN/A
Lean-to Cow Hide ground CoverN/Ax1 perfect cow hideN/A
Scout Fire ground CoverN/Ax2 perfect goat hidesN/A

That"s every you have to know around Red Dead Redemption 2"s leather functioning tools and the upgrades they bring with them.

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