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Laurie Hernandez proceeds to overcome the Dancing through the Stars stage, earning the season"s an initial perfect score on Monday through an amazing tribute to Michael Jackson.You room watching: Laurie hernandez dancing with the stars michael jackson

It to be Cirque du Soleil week on DWTS and the Olympic gold medalist and also her partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, verified off her wild side through an absolutely flawless jazz routine collection to the King that Pop"s "The method You make Me Feel," which go out the judges way.

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Inspired by Cirque"s best-selling show, Michael Jackson ONE, Hernandez and also Chmerkovskiy did what so many before have failed to traction off: perfectly emulate Jackson"s epic phase presence.

The 16-year-old Olympic gymnast rocked a warm pink mini-dress while she 30-year-old pro-partner did his ideal to store up as Hernandez absolutely slayed.

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Judge Julianne Hough couldn’t contain her excitement end Hernandez"s amazing routine, telling her that Michael Jackson was the King the Pop, "but you room the Queen that the Ballroom!"

Judges Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba were equally thrilled. Inaba praised the pair for their raw energy and also perfect execution with "every relocate perfectly defined."

The pair to be speaking through DWTS co-host Erin Andrews once the judges organized up three "10" cards, providing the pair the first perfect score the season 23, and also Hernandez could not contain her shock and excitement.

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ET"s Nischelle Turner caught up with Hernandez backstage after the show, where she opened up up around her acclaimed performance.

"I felt like I was in a real-life music video!" she exclaimed. The routine, which incorporated acrobatics and also several moving set pieces, was one of the season"s many memorable yet.

As for she perfect score, Hernandez explained why she was so exceptionally stunned by every the love indigenous the judges.

"I to be so surprised, because we hadn"t gained a "9" yet, and so i was just, like, "Wow, we can get our very first "9"s today!" and also then they went "10," "10," "10," and also I was simply like, "Aaaahhh!!!"" she recalled.

The exciting, bombastic performance comes ~ above the tail that Hernandez" trip to the White home with three various other members the the "Final Five" simply days ago.

Hernandez, together with fellow U.S. Olympic gymnasts Simone Biles, Aly Raisman and also Madison Kocian, paid a visit to Washington, D.C., top top Thursday, wherein they attend a ceremony v President Barack Obama, and took over the White residence Instagram account to store us update on their presidential routine.

"It"s a small nervewracking to meet the president of the united States, for this reason we"re obtaining into the zone the only means we know how," castle captioned a pic the them stretching in a White home hallway.

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On last week"s DWTS, Hernandez and also Chmerkovskiy ceded a passionate, mature tango the earned them immunity in your face-off against Derek Hough and also Marilu Henner, as well as the second-highest score of the night.See more: to Know and Not To perform Is not To Know, Nicolaus Copernicus Quotes

Hernandez spoke v ET after ~ the show last Monday, wherein she opened up up about how she found the confidence she necessary to pull off the racy routine. Inspect out the video below come hear more.

EXCLUSIVE: Laurie Hernandez gets Candid around Her 'Very Sassy' Tango on 'Dancing through the Stars'

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