A new PS4 upgrade brings it into the future

Sony just added HDR support to Last of united state Remasteredahead of the start of the PS4 Pro. As a reminder, you don’t require a pro to necessarily take benefit of some of the upscaling features, as shown by some of these off-screen comparison display screens from NeoGAF individuals below.

It’s not the many technical test in the world but you have the right to see a really clear difference between the original version and also the HDR-ified one (the screen you space looking at this now is most likely not HDR compatible, but it’s basic to check out the extra detail that’s gift rendered), which have to make a the majority of expensive TV owners happy. Due to the fact that Nintendo clearly isn’t acquiring in top top the 4K arms gyeongju this and also the Xbox One S are basically it till the Scorpio launches, so enjoy the calm prior to the storm v this incremental upgrades because that now.

The last of us Remastered Patched for Pro/HDR assistance



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