Here we go! ultimately a brand-new alternative come the Toffuti cream cheese. Don’t gain me wrong, i love the Tofutti brand, but I have been craving something else, other new, fresh, different.

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There are countless other brands the end there. Unfortunately, mostof them taste choose liquid tofu. Terrible!

Kite Hillis one of those steady companies introduced out the Silcon Valley and poised to come to be a leader in plant-based cheese and non-dairy yogurt production.

Foundedby vegetable celebrity chief Tal Ronnen, French cheesemaker Monte Casino, andStanford biochemist Dr. Patrick Brown, the startup isbacked byventure capitalist firmKholsa ventures — which additionally invests in“Just Mayo” producer Hampton Creek and also the onlinegrocery serviceInstacart. Former C.E.O. Matthew Sade, now Founder and Co-CEO the Freeli foods, helped turn kite Hill into the firm it is today.

“We want to change the whole dairy landscape and were building a totality platform that plant-based products that will completely change how world view category from entrees to cheesecake. Artisan cheese will be a an extremely small component of what this agency will come to be in the next couple of years.” – Sade tells Food Navigator.

Firstly, ns loved the texture of this product, best off the bat. It was an ext fluffy and airy than several of the others I have actually tried in the past.

I do the efforts the Chive version first. It had actually a quite “twang” to it. Not too sour, and also a bit sweet. It paired well v my Dave’s Killer everything bagel and also toasted Dave’s Killer Bread and also I automatically fell in love through it! I finished up making 2 bagels smothered in this stuff and didn’t think twice around it.

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The plain version was just as good. Same smooth texture, and a little of sweetness. That pairs really well v fresh fruit, and also goes well through those toasted bagel chips.

What i love the most about these two products, is the simplicity that the ingredients. So many of the others like Tofutti and also Daiya use starches prefer Tapioca and potato i beg your pardon lends come a more grainy, flat, mouth-feel. Lock use various other stabilizers prefer glycerin and pea protein isolate as well. And also the large one, Titanium Dioxide! This ingredient makes it white and scientists space not so sure its really great for you.It is a naturally emerging mineral offered as a shining white pigment because that paint, in the foodindustry as a coloring, in sunscreens and cosmetics, and also in other industrial uses!

Check this out! right here is what dragon Hill uses:

Almond MilkSaltEnzymeVinegarXantham GumLocust bean GumGuar GumCultures

That’s it! that is so simple, that one might deduce that one might make this in ~ home. However, there is definitely more to that that simply mixing up these ingredients. They have actually perfected the technique of culturing and also the proportions room spot on as well. Soy-free, Dairy-free, gluten-free!

How around the Nutritional Facts? A serving size of kite Hill plain Cream Cheese format Spread is 1 oz (28 grams)…or about 2 tablespoons. There space 8 servings every container. One serving will provide you with 78 calories, 6 grams of fat (healthy fat native almonds), 170 mg sodium, 3 grams carbohydrates, 0 grams that sugars, and also 3 grams the protein!

So what are you waiting for. Walk grab friend a pair tubs that this stuff! friend can find it at whole Foods, Sprouts, Publix, Target, and other retailers throughout the country. Simply look in the cream cheese aisle…and choose you up some of those Dave’s Killer bagels when you space at it!