Episode 1

Explore the Marketplace a bit, noting the shops. They have the same inventory as Twilight Town, for now. Move forward up the stairs to meet the Moogles, and gain access to item synthesis. The Item Shop is nearby, and it sells Ethers as a new item.

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Approach Uncle Scrooge for a scene, then take the only remaining pathway forward into the Borough. Fight off some Dusks and the new Samurai Nobody (try out Valor Form!), and earn the Marketplace Map. Various characters are added to the Journal here: Yuffie, Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

Follow Yuffie through the path to find Merlin"s house. Open the chest outside his front door for a Hi-Potion (Treasure #3) before going inside. Sora receives the Membership Card item, as well as the Blizzard Element. Magic is a little different in KH2, so take a look at the KH2: Mechanics page if you haven"t already for some more detail. Leon, Cid, Aerith, and Merlin are added to the Journal.

Exit to the Borough and head north, then west, taking the Dark Shard (Treasure #5) along the way. Ascend the stairs at the end of the path, and move straight forward to get an AP Boost (Treasure #2). Head north along this raised path, taking a Drive Recovery (Treasure #1) from the chest to the west, and find the last chest, a Mythril Shard (Treasure #4) by the doorway to the Bailey.

There is something resembling a mini-game here. Sora must work with Leon to defeat several Nobodies without letting them destroy a gate. Try out Blizzard here to see how it works. Every enemy drops MP orbs upon defeat, making it easy to spam this attack. Leon appears to not have a health bar, so don"t worry about him.

Completing this fight grants Sora the ability to cast Fire and finishes Episode 1. Sora also receives the Secret Ansem Report 7.

At this point, there are two possible locations, each hidden behind a gummi ship route. Both are new Worlds, featuring old friends from Kingdom Hearts 1. They are roughly the same in terms of difficulty, so pick whichever you prefer. See KH2: The Land of Dragons or KH2: Beast"s Castle depending on where you go.

Episode 2

Episode 2 begins after clearing Twilight Town"s Episode 2. There are several new treasures to collect here in addition to progressing the story.

The various shops in the Marketplace have improved their inventories to match what has been available at the Moogle Shops in the previous Worlds. Head towards the Borough to find Cloud. Enter the Borough to fight the new Heartless known as the Bookmaster. Visit Merlin"s House for a scene.

If you haven"t already, consider returning to the 100 Acre Wood. Sora has found two sets of Torn Pages at this point, so there is a decent amount of content to view.You can also find the Draw Ring accessory, which is helpful for content coming up in Space Paranoids.

After finishing up in Merlin"s House, return to the Borough and ascend the stairs to the upper level. Use the exit to the north to reach the Bailey. There will be a weird scene with Yuna, Rikku, and Paine that doesn"t lead to anything, and then Sora can explore the Bailey.

Armored Knights begin to show up in the Bailey to harass Sora; Fira works really well if you can get a bunch of them close together. Move down the stairs or jump off the ledge up here. There is a Morning Star Heartless at the bottom. Go through the doorway to the Restoration Site.

There are no collectibles here, so pass right on through to the Postern. After the scene with Aerith, open the two treasures that were visible in the scene to get a Mythril Gem (Treasure #7) and the Castle Perimeter Map (Treasure #6). Instead of jumping down to the next door, take the long way down the stairs. Hidden near the bottom of the steps is an AP Boost (Treasure #8). Enter the door to reach an area known as the Corridors.

Defeat the Surveillance Robots as the first junction, then head east for a Dark Crystal (Treasure #11). Continue south, following the east wall, to find a Mythril Stone (Treasure #9) by some rubble, then directly west at the next intersection for a Mythril Crystal (Treasure #10).

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, head back to the start of the Corridors, and take the western path. It eventually leads to an AP Boost (Treasure #12) at the top of some stairs. Follow the path east into a large room and a bunch of Heartless. After defeating them take the only remaining path south to a new room. Sora is introduced to Tifa in a quick scene.

Ansem"s Study has the final chest (for now), and it holds a Skill Recipe (Treasure #13). Approach Leon, then proceed down the new hallway to the computer room.

At the end of the following scene, Sora, Donald, and Goofy are transported to the Space Paranoids World. Please see that page to continue!

....and you"re back! At this point, Sora should have defeated the Hostile Program enemy and received the Photon Debugger Keyblade from Tron. There will be a rather long scene with King Mickey in Ansem"s Study, where some rather important story elements are revealed. In the hallway to the south is a large treasure that holds the Ukulele Charm (Treasure #12), so make sure to grab that if you missed it before. I recommend going all the way back to the computer room and using the save point before continuing on.

Turns out Heartless and Nobodies are attacking each other in the Corridors. Fight off both factions (use a Drive Form!), including the new Crimson Jazz Heartless and Dancer Nobody. Watch some scenes with Final Fantasy characters before using the save at the Postern and ignoring the hole in the wall.


Moving into the Restoration Site begins a battle against some Nobodies, followed by a very long sequence of scenes that provide some interesting backstory on Organization XIII. It actually takes place before the events of Re: Chain of Memories, and references events in Birth By Sleep.

When you next gain control of Sora, he will be in the Bailey next to a large gap in the wall. Before heading through it, turn around and return to the Restoration Site. There is a new area along the eastern wall that has two chests inside. Open them for an AP Boost and the Moon Recipe (Treasures #15-16).

Return to the Bailey and go through the opening for a second battle against Organization member Demyx.


To start, defeat 50 Forms in under 40 seconds. A combination of regular attacks and Wild Dance will clear them out fast enough. Attack Demyx when his health bar appears.The worst part about this fight is that Demyx can break himself out of Sora"s combos at seemingly any point. It is fairly difficult, but try to avoid the various pillars of water that he summons. They don"t do that much damage but can fling Sora up into the air and stop combos as well.When Demyx reaches the end of his health, he will summon another 10 Forms, and Sora will have 15 seconds to defeat them all.If you are having trouble (especially on Proud or Critical) consider summoning Stitch. Don"t use the Ohana! Limit, just let Stitch run around. When Sora gets low on HP, Stitch will stun Demyx, causing HP orbs to drop. Use this opportunity to run in and spam Fire.

Another Blizzard Element as a reward here upgrades Blizzard to Blizzara. Goofy will be removed from the party, and a new entry for King Mickey is added to the Journal.

Sora begins a long combat sequence against a variety of enemies, teaming up with all sorts of friends along the way. The path is straightforward, and there are no collectibles of any kind. Sora receives another Cure Element at the end of this sequence, upgrading Cure to Cura, and Goofy returns to the group.

Sora will be in the Crystal Fissure, and there are several treasures in this room. Open all four to get some more Torn Pages, The Great Maw Map, an Energy Crystal, and an AP Boost (Treasures #17-20). Save before heading out to one of the coolest sequences in the game.

Sora must fight off a total of 1000 Heartless, made up entirely of Armored Knights and ???. Use Rising Sun and Sparkle Ray liberally to cut through large swathes of Heartless, and generally feel like a badass doing it. The end of this battle results in the Guard Break Ability, and Secret Ansem Report 1.

After another stretch of scenes, Sora, Donald, and Goofy arrive in a place they assume is the Realm of Darkness. They receive some Ice Cream and a Picture from a mysterious person before being returned to the World Map.

Several new entries are added to the Journal, including Xehanort and Xemnas into Characters, three new pictures in the Album, and a few new Missions. This completes Episode 2 for Hollow Bastion.

As for what"s next, you have several different options. The following Worlds all have content for you to explore:

100 Acre Wood: Torn Pages 3Atlantica: Chapter 3The Land of Dragons: Episode 2Beast"s Castle: Episode 2Port Royal: Episode 2

You may notice that several of the other Worlds have been closed off. They will re-open as you complete the various Episode 2s that are currently available.

Episode 3

Land at Hollow Bastion to be sent to the Marketplace, where the gang decides to visit Leon. When they arrive at the Borough, some new Heartless attack. After some scenes with Cid, Merlin, and Yuffie, head out to the castle to get to Ansem"s Study. Watch out for the new Magnum Loader Heartless that begins to appear.

When Sora reaches Ansem"s Study, Leon will tell the group to visit Tron and hand over the Sleeping Lion Keyblade. Before visiting Tron, however, head out the eastern door and continue on east to the Heartless Manufactory. There is a large chest straight ahead that holds a Cosmic Chain (Treasure #21). Return to Ansem"s Study, then use the computer to transfer to Space Paranoids for Episode 2.

When Sora returns, he will have defeated the MCP and brought peace to Hollow Bastion. There is an Achievement for completing Space Paranoids, but none for Hollow Bastion. Instead, the World is changed back to Radiant Garden.


Puzzle Pieces

There are 23 Puzzle Pieces across Radiant Garden. The following information will guide you through getting all the Puzzle Pieces in order, however, there will be some backtracking.

To begin, land at Ansem"s Study and find the first crown just outside the doorway to the west (Piece #1).

Return to the World Map, then land again at the Postern. To the west of the save point is a crown at the top of the stairs that descend around the outside wall (Piece #2). At the bottom of the stairs, above the entrance to the Corridors, is another crown (Piece #3).

Pass through the Restoration Site to reach the Bailey. Ascend the ramp/stairs combo along the south wall to the upper level, grabbing the crown on the way (Piece #4).

Continue up and back to the Borough, where there are two crowns. The first is on the wall just a little bit to the north, on top of the steps (Piece #5). From this same spot, you can have Sora High Jump and Aerial Dodge over the buildings to a crown hovering in the air (Piece #6).

Head out the east exit to get back to the Marketplace. There is a crown above the Item Shop (Piece #7), and there is another above Wedge"s Armor Shop (Piece #8).

Whip your way back to the Corridors, by way of the Postern. Head through the Corridors following the western wall to find a crown up in the air near the end (Piece #9).

Follow the path south and move through Ansem"s Study to the Heartless Manufactory. Take the crown from the middle of the large area (Piece #10).

Use the save point in Ansem"s Study to return to the World Map, then land at Merlin"s House. There is a crown above his bed (Piece #11).

Leave Merlin"s House and enter the Bailey. The next crown is right above the exit to the Castle Gate. Jump/Dodge/Glide out to grab the crown (Piece #12).

The rest of the Puzzle Pieces are in The Cavern of Remembrance. Please see the section below to collect them, as well as the last treasure chests.

The Cavern of Remembrance

This section is initially unlocked during Episode 2, but I recommend leaving it until after completing the main story. Ideally, Sora will also have access to, at minimum, High Jump Lv3, Aerial Dodge Lv3, and Glide Lv3. The remainder of the Puzzle Pieces are also in this section, so I will be labeling them as we go through as well.

It is also worth noting that, for the most part, these rooms have multiple ways of progressing through them. My directions are not the only way to proceed, but they are one way. The important thing for me while writing this section is to make sure you find all the chests and crowns. It may not be the swiftest or most effective way, but that"s okay.

Land at the Postern save point and enter the large hole in the wall to the southeast. The red orb that floats down here drops Drive Orbs. This is intended to let Sora explore this area earlier on in the game, but can be used now to gain some experience for Master Form, if you are into that.

Jump to the higher ledge and open the chest for an AP Boost (Treasure #23), then head further into the cave for a scene. Afterwards, move forward and drop down the ledge, turning the camera to the left to find a chest. Open it for a Power Crystal (Treasure #24). Several new Heartless begin appearing in the Depths as well: the Magic Phantom, Befuddler, Iron Hammer, Mad Ride, Camo Cannon, and Necromancer.

Move further into the cave and check the wall to Sora"s right for another chest, this one holding a Frost Crystal (Treasure #25). Ascend the ramp in the center of the room and Glide to the crown (Piece #13) below the white door. Return to the platform Sora jumped from and grab the other crown (Piece #14) that is higher up.

Use any of the many ramps and ledges to ascend up the walls of the area to reach the white door, but don"t enter them just yet. While looking directly at the doors, move the camera 90 degrees to the right. There is a pillar just off the ledge Sora is standing on, and there is a chest on top of it. With High Jump and Aerial Dodge Lv3, Sora can just make it to grab the ledge and pull himself up.

Open the chest for an AP Boost (Treasure #27), then look to the left of the chest for another one across the gap. Jump, Dodge, and Glide over to the other side and take the Manifest Illusion (Treasure #26) from the chest. Enter the large white door to proceed into the Mineshaft.

Open the large chest right away for the Depths of Remembrance Map (Treasure #41). Follow the path as it winds south for an AP Boost (Treasure #39), then prepare for some obstacle navigation. Sora needs to Quick Run off the ledge, and with Lv3 it is just enough to get to the other side. If you aren"t using Lv3, you will need to use Aerial Dodge and/or Glide to reach the other side. At the end is a crown (Piece #19), and a battle.

Ignore the door for now, taking the western exit from this room back to the Depths. Attack the pillar to open a shortcut, then open the chest here for a Remembrance Gem (Treasure #28). Use the pathway to the southeast to reach the Mining Area.

There is a chest along the wall to Sora"s left with a Serenity Gem (Treasure #33). Move forward to find three valves that all need to be opened at the same time. Each valve has an HP bar that constantly replenishes. I was able to complete this by bringing the first valve"s HP as low as possible, then doing a simple ground combo on the other two as fast as I could. This activates several moving parts in the mines.

Return to the white door in the Mineshaft, and enter a different part of the Mining Area. Ascend the slight ramp and jump onto the top of the pillar. Turn around and Glide over to the ledge above the white door. Ride the Wind and Soar, directing Sora up and to the right a bit, towards the drill bits. There is a small ledge here that leads to a crown (Piece #17) on top of a drill bit. From this position, move left along the ramp until you see a chest on a platform, hiding behind some pipes. Inside is a Serenity Gem (Treasure #29).

Return to the initial section, on the opposite side of the drill bits. Use the whirlwind to get onto the vertical pillar in the back corner and ride it up to the top. There is a crown (Piece #16) Sora can grab when the pillar reaches it"s height. Jump across to the ledge across the gap, taking the AP Boost (Treasure #30) from the chest along the way. Carefully move past the horizontal pillars that will try to knock Sora off, and grab the crown (Piece #18) on top of the highest drill bit.

You should be able to see the next white door from here, but stick close to the wall to Sora"s right. There is another small chest just off to the side with a Serenity Crystal (Treasure #31) inside. Keep turning the camera to the right to see two more chests on top of a far ledge and a crown beneath them. Jump/Glide across and open the large chest for a Dark Remembrance Map (Treasure #34), and the small chest for a Manifest Illusion (Treasure #32). Carefully jump off the ledge and use Aerial Dodge to grab the crown as Sora falls (Piece #15). Use whichever route you prefer to ascend back up to the white door, and re-enter the Mineshaft.

Open the large chest right away for a Power Boost (Treasure #42), then follow the path south for another pipe-based movement challenge. Drop below the pipes and use Aerial Dodge to get back up and onto the ledge beyond. There is a crown (Piece #20) here as a reward. There is a white door further along, but it is guarded by a bunch of Heartless, including the new Spring Metal, Aerial Viking, Runemaster, and Lance Warrior enemies. The white door leads to a new area, the Engine Chamber.

The Aerial Champ and Reckless Heartless make their debuts in the Engine Chamber. The path leads ahead and up to some more conveyors, with a chest on a ledge across. Open it for a Serenity Crystal (Treasure #35), then continue along the conveyor belt, avoiding the steam and fighting some Heartless. At the end of the belt, turn 180 degrees to see the path continue, but be aware that Sora will almost certainly fall off at some point while fighting.

At the end of this gauntlet Sora can find a Remembrance Crystal (Treasure #36) in a chest, and then ascend to the upper level of the Engine Chamber. The white door leads back to the Mineshaft, but as before, don"t go through quite yet. Face away from the door to see a chest on the ledge across the gap. Glide across and take the AP Boost (Treasure #37), then turn around to see another chest off to the west from this ledge. This one has another Manifest Illusion (Treasure #38). Sora can now pass through the white door.

Open the large chest for a Magic Boost (Treasure #43), then use the white orb to replenish Drive Gauge if needed. Sora needs to Glide through this room, through pipe obstacles, to get to the ledge and white door on the other side. The ONLY way to get through this section is with Glide Lv3 or Glide MAX. Jump once, then Glide all the way through to the other side, nabbing all three crowns on the way (Pieces #21-23). Open the chest on the landing for an AP Boost (Treasure #40) before entering the door to the Transport to Remembrance.

This final area features several fights against Nobodies. If Sora"s Final Form isn"t at max level, this is a great place to farm some experience. Other than fighting, there isn"t anything to this area. Follow the pathway to the end.

Congratulations! You"ve made it to the Garden of Assemblage at the end of the Cavern of Remembrance. Open the two large chests here for a Lost Illusion and the Garden of Assemblage Map (Treasures #44-45). Interact with the computer console in the center of the room to activate a series of doors.

Each one of these doors leads Sora to a rematch against the various members of Organization XIII, in their Data Fights. These are powered up versions of each Nobody boss, and represent some of the hardest fights in the game. Initially, only eight doors appear. The other five appear after Sora has completed the respective Absent Silhouettes in the other Worlds. Behind the computer, on the bottom floor, is a pathway that leads out of the Garden, and back to the Restoration Site in Radiant Garden. This allows Sora to return to this place at any time without having to traverse the Cavern of Remembrance again.

The final chest in this area is revealed after defeating all 13 of the Data Fights. It appears on the lower level next to the computer, and contains the Proof of Nonexistence (Treasure #46).

Missions and Minigames

Event Quests

There are two Event Quests in Radiant Garden, and one of them is very easy.

Meet the three girls again

Head to the Postern area to find Yuna, Rikku, and Paine. After a scene, Sora will find a new treasure chest with the Gull Wing Keyblade (Treasure #21).

Meet Sephiroth again

Land at the Crystal Fissure save point, and use it before continuing. Head through the Great Maw to reach the Dark Depths, where Sephiroth awaits.


There are so many things to talk about regarding this battle. Sephiroth is fast, his attacks hit hard, and he has so many tricks. I"m going to try and be thorough with his abilities and how to counter them. I recommend using Items to heal instead of Cure; they might not be as effective, but you want to have MP around for other things like Reflect. Sephiroth is completely immune to offensive magic, so don"t even bother trying it.

The very first thing that happens in this fight is a Reaction Command to Block. You should be mashing that button as the cutscene ends to make sure you get it. From there, Sora can usually get two full combos, complete with Finishers.

Sephiroth will teleport around the arena and make a flurry of attacks. Dodge Roll while moving to avoid them, try to block normally with Guard, or cast Reflega with the right timing to avoid damage and send a little bit back to Sephiroth. Eventually, he will hit Sora, knocking our boy up into the air and doing several more teleporting attacks. These teleport attacks will hit no matter where Sora is. DO NOT USE AERIAL RECOVERY. All of these attacks count as a single combo for the purposes of Once More and Second Chance. Using Aerial Recovery resets the combo.

After losing a couple of health bars, Sephiroth will start summoning about a dozen large orbs of dark energy. These orbs slowly congregate around Sora, like mines, but Sora can attack them to make them disappear. This is more of a distraction than anything else; be ready for another Block command to show up.

Continue through the fight, and Sephiroth will use his trademark move from KH1: a small halo appears around Sora, dropping his HP to 1 and MP to 0. A Block command will pop up immediately afterwards, so make sure to use it. Don"t try to heal right away. As soon as this reaction is over, enter Limit Form. This will restore Sora"s HP and MP to full. Of the four Limits available, Sonic Rave appears to be the best option. It gives Sora some invincibility frames, and can interrupt Sephiroth"s melee combos.

ALTERNATIVELY: When Sephiroth flies up into the air and begins this attack, jump up and attack him. It will interrupt the whole thing, and you won"t have to deal with it.

That isn"t the only attack that carries over from KH1. Sephiroth will summon his three large pillars of fire, but this time they have a magnet effect on them as well. Stay out of the way of the pillars, but close enough to get a combo or two in after they disappear. Technically, there is a bit of space in the center to attack him while the pillars are appearing, but it is more dangerous in there.

From here on out, Sephiroth will start combining attacks. Uses Limit Form to regain HP and MP if needed, as well as whatever Hi-Potions and Ethers you were able to bring into the fight.

As with all bosses Sephiroth can only be defeated with a finisher. If you can get a combo finisher off, well done. The only way I was able to defeat him was to enter Limit Form and use Arcanum.

One-Winged AngelDefeat Sephiroth.


After this fight is over, return to the Marketplace to find Cloud. Speak with the man in black, then return to Sephiroth in the Dark Depths for a rather long scene. Sora receives the Fenrir Keyblade from Tifa at the end.

SB Freestyle

To participate in SB Freestyle, head to the Marketplace and speak to Scrooge McDuck. Sora will be sent to the Borough with the Skateboard. In order to complete the Mission, Sora needs to perform a trick combo that results in at least 200 points. This is easy, however, there is an Achievement for earning 5,000 points that is a bit harder.

The easiest way to complete this 5,000 point goal is to do an endless grind combo. From the starting position near the entrance to the bailey, grind along the two walls on either side of the staircase, mashing along the length to wrack up points. Hop back and forth, performing handstands the entire time, until the 5,000 point threshold has been reached.

For a visual representation of this trick, see the video below.

There are 13 incredibly difficult fights inside the final area of the Cavern, known as the Garden of Assemblage. These are the Data Organization fights, and will likely be one of the last things you complete in KH2.I highly recommend watching this video here for a comprehensive guide to each fight. It does far better than I can with text. Most of my instructions here are the same as those provided in the video, if you prefer text or can"t access the video.Finally, keep Hi-Potions and Ethers (or better) on the shortcuts.

Enter the Cavern of Remembrance

Simply enter this area from the Postern at any point in the game.

Investigate the depths of the Cavern

See above for how to navigate this area.

Fight Xemnas again

Prep: Equip the Decisive Pumpkin Keyblade. Equip all Combo Plus Abilities.

Just like the end of the Story, Data Xemnas has two phases: at the bottom of the tower, and in the white/black space where Sora teams up with Riku at the very end. This is arguably the most annoying Data fight, as losing in the second phase means you have to restart from the beginning.

Phase 1:

Use Guard and Reflect as necessary to avoid hits, and get some combos in when he is staggered. This is fairly simple, if annoying to get the timing right. Near the end of his life bar, Xemnas will run to the top of the building, activating his Reaction Command. There are three (3!) different commands to pick from, and the selections move quite fast. You are looking to hit the Finish reaction, not Clash or Break Through. Using Finish drops Xemnas to 1 HP and stuns him. Cast any spell to complete this phase.

Phase 2:

Prep: Equip the Star Seeker or Hero"s Crest Keyblades and all of Sora"s Combo Plus and Air Combo Plus Abilities. Put Reflect on a shortcut.

This was by far the easiest of these fights for me, primarily because of the tricks provided in the video above.

For the majority of this fight, Reflect Xigbar"s ranged attacks back at him, then perform one full air combo once he is stunned. Continue doing this until he activates his DM.

Jump over the first attack, then run around the outside of the small square while he shoots from outside it. When Xigbar returns to the square, jump once and then Glide around the edge. This should avoid each attack.

In order to completely avoid the DM, do not use Air Combo Finishers once Xigbar"s HP drops below the sixth bar. Keep Reflecting and doing shorter air combos until the end.

Sora receives a Defense Boost for defeating Data Xigbar.

Fight Xaldin again

Prep: Equip the Guardian Soul Keyblade and all of Sora"s Reaction Boost Abilities.

The idea behind this fight is fairly simple, even if it is a bit difficult to put into practice. As with his original fight, Xaldin is best defeated by using his own techniques against him: use Learn to stack up some Jump commands, then let loose. Reaction Boost increases the damage of these attacks tremendously.

During the first half of the fight, use well-timed Guards to deflect Xaldin"s attacks and grab as many Jumps as you can. After he recovers, use every one of Sora"s Jumps, then back away. Continue this until he starts using his Desperation Move.

Stay far away and in the air to avoid the large AOE attacks Xaldin performs, then Dodge Roll or Quick Run through the breath attack from the lance dragon.

Once you reach phase two, use Magnet to stop Xaldin as he warps around the battlefield. Xaldin has an attack where he disappears from the field and shoots large beams of energy down from the sky. Jump and Aerial Dodge out of the way, grabbing as many Jump commands as possible. Wait for Xaldin to land and lose his shield, then continue using Jump.

Thankfully, the Jump command counts as a finisher, and can end this fight. No need for a regular combo finisher or magic attack.

Sora receives a Defense Boost for defeating Data Xaldin.

Fight Vexen again

Prep: Equip the Decisive Pumpkin Keyblade on Sora, and the Bond of Flame on Final Form. Equip the Fire Boost Ability, and assign Fire to a shortcut. Equip all Air Combo Plus Abilities, but unequip all Combo Pluses.

There is an extremely simple trick to this fight, but implementing it can be extremely difficult. Vexen is weak to Fire, and casting it while in Final Form can annihilate Vexen"s HP bar. The problem is getting rid of Vexen"s shield, and avoiding the Anti-Sora that he can summon.

At the very start of the battle, put the pressure on Vexen. Attack once and then Reflect the ice shuriken he summons. Continue the attack to try and get a finisher off to destroy his shield. Immediately enter Final Form and start spamming Fire. At a certain threshold, Vexen will enter his DM.

The video above claims that activating a Limit can avoid part of the DM, but I was never able to see it actually have an effect. Avoid and/or Reflect as many of the ice shards as possible, and try to avoid being inside the data circle on the ground.

Eventually Vexen will return to the ground and re-summon his shield. Destroy it as fast as possible, then enter Final Form and start spamming Fire again. Hopefully Donald and Goofy are still alive, otherwise you will have to survive long enough for them to come back. Vexen will resummon his shield after only a second or two, so don"t bother destroying it if one of the others is still down. You will just have to destroy it again.

Sora receives a Lost Illusion synthesis item for defeating Data Vexen.

Fight Lexaeus again

Equip the Decisive Pumpkin or Guardian Soul Keyblade. Equip any Armor that increases defense. Unequip all Combo Plus and Air Combo Plus Abilities, as well as any Finishing Plus Abilities. Equip the Explosion finisher Ability. Keep Reflect on a shortcut.

The interesting thing about this fight is that most of Lexaeus" attacks can either be guarded, dodged, or Reflected. The key to defeating Lexaeus is to make use of his Reaction Command, Mega Impact. Lexaeus has an attack where he slams his axe into the ground behind him, then swings it forwards. If Sora guards against this attack, Mega Impact will show up every time. This stuns the Nobody, allowing for one or two combos. This is the key to defeating Lexaeus, as only finishers can defeat him (like all boss enemies).

Aside from this, you need to learn what attacks are telegraphed by his animations. When Lexaeus throws his axe into the air, he is about to summon three stalagmites from the ground on Sora"s space. Properly timed Dodge Rolls can avoid these attacks altogether. Remember that the third stalagmite is slightly delayed. Any time Lexaeus jumps into the air, Sora can guard to cancel any damage.

You may notice that Lexaeus occasionally charges up. This effect increases his Power Level, which in turn increases his damage output. Get in close and guard against his basic attack to activate Mega Impact, which removes his buff and grants you a few combos, as noted above.

These attacks cycle through until Lexaeus decides to DM. He will leave the arena entirely, flying up into the air beyond. Lexaeus will then power up and charge back towards the ground, and then will immediately summon a whole bunch of stalagmites. Have Sora Guard when you see the power-up effect to negate the initial attack, then cast Reflect afterwards to avoid the second.

Repeat these steps until you either can Mega Impact into a finisher.

Sora receives a Lost Illusion synthesis item for defeating Data Lexaeus.

Fight Zexion again

Prep: Equip either the Decisive Pumpkin or Hero"s Crest Keyblades. Unequip all Combo Plus and Air Combo Plus Abilities. Equip Donald"s Fantasia Ability. Equip Fire Boost if you have the AP, and put it on a shortcut along with Reflect.

Phase 1 of this fight is pretty simple. Zexion will use his magic to lock Donald, Goofy, and eventually Sora into books. Attack the books with basic attacks or Fire to break Sora"s companions out. Do whichever kind of combo you prefer (ground or air, depending on your Keyblade choice) to deal damage when you can. Interestingly, casting Reflect can stop Zexion"s spell from affecting Sora, but only during this early phase.

Eventually, Sora will get trapped within the book world. This works just like the Absent Silhouette fight. Use Donald"s Comet Limit for some invincibility, find the book that is Zexion, and attack until you get the Reaction Command to leave the world.

This sequence changes once Zexion"s health drops low enough. His spell will automatically target all three of you and put you in the book world. When this happens, use the Comet Limit with Donald to earn some invincibility, find the book that is Zexion, and attack it. This brings the group back to the regular arena.

Continue this pattern until Zexion starts to activate his DM. All three characters will be placed into the book world, but the book version of Zexion will glow red. Cast Reflect to avoid the damage, then get sent to a third area. There will be three spotlights on the ground, two red and one blue. The blue one will move between the three spots a total of 13 times. Wherever the blue light is at the end of the pattern is the "safe zone". Get into the blue area to avoid the Meteor spell that Zexion casts, then attack the book to exit this space.

As with the Silhouette fight, if Zexion locks Sora"s commands, use options like "Release" to get full control back. Commands like "Treasure" or "Wealth" drop munny, and other things like that.

Sora receives a Lost Illusion synthesis item for defeating Data Zexion.

Fight Saix again

Prep: Equip the Decisive Pumpkin Keyblade. Unequip all Combo Plus Abilities. Put Reflect on a shortcut.

Once you figure out how Saix"s loop works, this battle becomes fairly straight forward. Doesn"t stop it from being hard, though. He charges a meter (up in the top left corner of the screen), and then goes into Berserk Mode. The only way to get him out of this is to use one of the weapons he leaves behind, just like the Berserker Nobody.

Saix will try to charge up his Berserk meter throughout this fight, which lets him perform his DM. You can interrupt this with a four-hit combo followed by any finisher. The video and I both recommend Explosion. Do this a few times as Saix charges up to delay it and get in some good damage. Saix will retaliate sometimes; in the video above, it happens after every second combo, but I was able to get four combos in several times during my attempts.

After Saix enters Berserk Mode, he gets aggressive. Use well-timed Reflects (which you will learn through several attempts) to survive the attack without getting blasted away or up into the air. The weapons stay for a very short time, and any attack that sends Sora away will prevent him from using the weapon. After hitting Saix with his own sword, the loop begins again.

As for Saix"s DM, he will move around the small arena very fast, smashing the ground and causing large shock waves. Stay in the air and Glide away from the direction Saix is moving. This should avoid all the damage, although I found that the camera can be a huge interference if you accidentally send Sora into a corner. After he completes the DM, hit Saix with Blizzard or Thunder to make him do a regular attack instead of recharging his DM.

The hardest part of this fight is learning when to Guard and Reflect against attacks. Once you can get that timing now, this fight should actually go by fairly fast.

Sora receives a Defense Boost for defeating Data Saix.

Fight Axel again

Before getting into the specifics of the fight, it is important to clarify one thing: Axel cannot be defeated while the floor is on fire. You MUST clear his Reaction Command sequence to clear the floor before you can finish this fight.

Method 1:

Prep: Equip the Mysterious Abyss Keyblade and the Blizzard Boost Ability. Unequip any Combo Plus Abilities. Make sure Blizzard and Reflect are on shortcuts, as well as healing items such as Hi-Potions and Ethers.

As an opener, Axel will always turn the floor to fire. This ability begins as the fight does, and cannot be interrupted. Move away from the spot where Sora begins to avoid taking extra unnecessary damage.

Axel essentially has two melee attacks. The first has Axel dodge around behind Sora and attack with his chakrams; cast Reflect and then a pair of Blizzards. You can essentially chain this until Axel enters the wall of fire and provokes his Reaction Command. His second attack is a straight-forward set of hits, but there is a long delay before he actually attacks. Learning when to block this attack can either be very easy or very hard, depending on your reactions. Guard against this attack and Axel will open himself up to a basic combo.

No matter what attacks Axel uses, he will eventually enter the wall of fire and come streaking out at Sora. This provokes his Reaction Command, just like the original fight in Twilight Town. There are actually four different prompts; completing all of them will stun Axel and remove the fire from the floor.

There are several different tactics for looping Axel"s AI that revolve around dropping the Reaction Command at different points. Feel free to search for those for additional tips.

With the fire gone, Sora will no longer be taking regular damage, but Axel is still very difficult to fight. Axel can still provoke his Reaction Command, but it only has one step. He will eventually bring the fire back, resetting his AI and causing damage to Sora again.

Strangely enough, Axel"s DM is easy to avoid. He will throw out his chakram, which can all by guarded, and then summon pillars of flame which can be easily avoided by moving around Axel as he summons them. As his health depletes, Axel will occasionally perform his DM twice in a row.

Method 2:

Prep: Equip the Fenrir Keyblade and the Negative Combo Ability. Unequip all Combo Plus and Air Combo Plus Abilities, as well as anything that begins with Aerial. Unequip any special finisher Abilities.

This method is incredibly boring and cheap, but it was the only way I was able to defeat Data Axel. Proceed through the fight as normal, guarding or reflecting his attacks, and get in a hit here and there in order to provoke Axel"s Reaction Command. Go all the way through it to clear the floor of fire.

He will be stunned for a moment at the end of this. Now you can begin an easy loop. Jump into the air with

and then hit to do an aerial finisher. Continue to jump and attack, dealing finisher damage each time, until Axel"s HP runs out.

Sora receives a Magic Boost for defeating Data Axel.

Fight Demyx again

Prep: Equip the Bond of Flame Keyblade. Equip the Fire Boost Ability. Make sure Wisdom Form is leveled up to level seven. Equip Mega-Ethers to the shortcuts.

I personally found Demyx to be one of the easiest of the Data fights. Make sure to use a Mega-Ether BEFORE entering MP Charge. Otherwise, you need to use two, and that is a remarkable waste of time and resources.

Demyx starts this battle off with four waves of his water copies. Enter Wisdom Form right away and start using Fire. For the first two or even three waves, you have enough time to do single casts of Fire and take out all the enemies. The copies all drop MP orbs, after all. The final wave, however, will require a full Fire Combo. It is the only way to defeat the copies fast enough given the time limit.

After getting through these waves, Revert to regular form and fight Demyx. He will spend a lot of time moving around the arena summoning various water attacks. You are waiting for him to conjure another two or three of his water copies. Use the Reaction Command on them to hit and stun Demyx, then hit him with a combo. Add Fire spells when you can (at the end of a combo with Finishing Plus, if you have it) to really tear through his HP.

Once Demyx"s health gets to the last couple bars, try to manipulate him with Sora"s attacks so that he gets stuck in a corner. It makes the next portion so much easier. Much like Axel and Luxord, getting Demyx to 0 HP doesn"t actually defeat him right away. He will do another four-wave summoning of his water copies. If you managed to get him in a corner, the copies will spawn close together. Enter Wisdom Form again and go nuts with Fire. Don"t be afraid to use those Mega-Ethers.

Sora receives an AP Boost for defeating Data Demyx.

Fight Luxord again

Prep: Equip the Decisive Pumpkin Keyblade and all of Sora"s Combo Plus Abilities. Unequip all Form Boost Abilities, as well as Explosion.

The video above does a much better job of explaining this, please watch it if you haven"t.

The best way to deal with Luxord is to win at his minigame; the one where you have to click on the O in the command menu instead of the X. Winning this allows Sora to perform a ground combo for free, with no retaliation.

In the beginning, Luxord will offer Sora the chance to Begin the Game. Later on, he will disappear underneath cards that float on the ground. Find and Flip the correct card for another free combo. His attacks will cause more and more cards to appear; just follow his card and Flip it to get a combo.

Once his Time Gauge reaches approximately 20%, Luxord enters his DM. He will attack by jumping out of a card and attacking. Target lock-on and Guard immediately to avoid these attacks. Eventually, Sora will be brought to the big annoying version of the card game. You need to make all four lines in the command deck into O.

The first three times the timing should be okay to do regularly. The last one is extremely fast, and tricky. Utilize the Pause feature with

to see what the final choice is. If it is an X, unpause and immediately select with to get the O. If the option is O when paused, try again. This drops Luxord to 1 HP; do any finisher to defeat him. (Cast any spell for a quick finish.)

If you fail this version of the minigame, Luxord steals a bunch of Sora"s time and turns him into a die. Do not move at all, and all of Luxord"s attacks will miss. The whole DM will start over immediately afterwards.

Sora receives an AP Boost for defeating Data Luxord.

Fight Marluxia again

Prep: Equip the Decisive Pumpkin Keyblade. Equip all Combo Plus Abilities and the Explosion finisher.

When fighting Marluxia in the Absent Silhouette, Sora gets a Doom counter of 99. In this Data fight, the counter is equal to Sora"s level. People doing a Level 1 Critical Mode run need to perform a perfect fight to win. Each hit from his scythe reduced the count by one, while his magical attacks reduce Sora"s HP. He continues to have two Reaction Commands; one that deals damage, and one called Restore Count that gives Sora 13 hits back. Note that this can never increase the Doom counter higher than the value it starts at.

Marluxia will send rose petals to surround Sora, and these will explode after a few seconds. Dodge Roll, Quick Run, and Glide will all let Sora move fast enough to avoid this explosion. The large pools of darkness that Marluxia summons on the ground will cause damage to Sora"s HP, and knock him up into the air.

The only way to provoke the Reaction Command is when Marluxia does a spinning scythe attack. This starts with him drawing Sora inwards, like he has the Draw Ability equipped. Guard once to avoid all of these hits and be in a perfect position to get Aerial Strike. If Sora"s Doom counter is low, quickly move around to get the other prompt. They are only available for a second or two, so try not to waste time by Dodging or Running.

After the Aerial Strike Reaction Command, Sora has enough time to move forward and do one complete melee combo, ending with the Explosion finisher. This will knock Marluxia into the air, and he will teleport away, since you"ve hit his Revenge Value. Wait for half a second, then Dodge Roll away, as Marluxia will appear behind Sora and attack. Try to direct Sora towards the center of the arena. Marluxia will teleport to a spot on the floor, then teleport again into the center area. If you time it right and cast Fire, Marluxia will appear within the Fire spell and take damage, which will stagger him. Repeat the sequence: combo to finisher, pause then dodge, Fire in the center.

Eventually this will cause Marluxia to enter his DM. He actually has two.

For the first, he appears and floats directly behind Sora, much like the grim reaper. Explosions of darkness will spawn from the ground. Run in a tight circle on the ground, and all of the explosion attacks will miss. Watch Marluxia carefully. As soon as he moves to attack, cast Reflect three times to get the Reflect finisher. This will completely bypass the damage to Sora.

With the second DM, Marluxia turns into a sharper Shadow the Hedgehog, and careens around the arena. Sora can Guard these attacks, or float in the air with Glide. It is actually pretty uneventful if you can react in time.

From here, it is just a matter of repeating the last couple of steps until a finisher or Reflect depletes the Nobody"s HP bar.

Sora receives a Lost Illusion synthesis item for defeating Data Marluxia.

Fight Larxene again

Prep: Equip the Decisive Pumpkin Keyblade, and equip Armor that increases Thunder Resistance, such as the Shock Charm+. Unequip all Combo Plus and Air Combo Plus Abilities, and have Explosion as the only finisher Abililty. Make sure that Reflect is on a shortcut.

This is by far the most defensive fight out of all the Data Org. The vast majority of your damage output here will be from Reflecting her attacks back. If Sora ever gets caught in one of Larxene"s extremely long Thunder combos, you can get him out of it. Aerial Dodge followed by Glide can break the pattern if done at the right time, and fast enough.

Larxene can split into multiple copies of herself, increasing her attack output dramatically. However, each copy will take an equal amount of damage if they are hit by the same attack. The Reflected damage from anyone"s copy hits all of them, increasing the damage Larxene will take by a crazy multiplier.

At the start of this fight, Larxene will throw out several Thunders. Cast Reflect twice quickly to avoid all the damage, and stagger Larxene. This is one of the few opportunities you will have to deal melee damage, so do a quick ground combo. Continue to Reflect her attacks until she splits into two copies.

Do not lock-on to either copy. Wait for one of them to teleport, then cast a Reflect. She will appear and attack the barrier, dealing damage to herself. If you are comfortable with it, do a partial ground combo after this happens. Trying for a full ground combo, even without Combo Plus, takes too long, and will expose Sora to the next attack. Hit her two, maybe three times. Continue this pattern for a minute or two, until she changes tactics.

She has two different DMs to watch out for. The first is relatively easy to protect against. Larxene will teleport away, then reappear with four copies, for a total of five Larxenes. They will either attack in line from across the arena, or appear in the center and shoot outwards in a star shape. Either way, Guard a half-second after she disappears. None of the attacks will hit. Later on, this attack ends with the copies all appearing around Sora, attacking in melee before rising up into the air and casting multiple Thunders. Guard the first attacks, then spam Reflect to avoid the rest.

Her second DM is a bit harder to avoid, but it is still possible. Larxene will appear in the center of the arena, glowing blue. She casts out a wall of electric orbs from each hand and spins in a circle, while also summoning bolts of lightning from the sky. This is just like Hades" attack in the first game, and can be avoided in a similar way. Run or Glide around the arena in the same direction, or above her attacks, to avoid as much damage as possible.

Continue this process, and eventually, a Reflected attack will deplete Larxene"s HP completely, which counts as a finisher.

Sora receives a Lost Illusion synthesis item for defeating Data Larxene.

Fight Roxas again

Prep: Equip the Decisive Pumpkin Keyblade. Equip all Combo Plus Abilities. Have Limit Form leveled up to level seven.

Fighting Roxas is all about proper guarding. Your first few attempts should be learning how to guard against his basic attack combo; that is, two guards quickly to avoid the stream of attacks, then a pause before the third guard. The pause happens when Roxas jumps away and crosses his arms, holding his two Keyblades to either side. Guarding too soon will leave Sora wide open to the final hit. Missing the guard at the very start of the attack leaves Sora open to the whole thing.

Cast Reflect at the very start of the fight to avoid damage from Roxas" opening attack, then get in a nice ground combo. Every time Roxas reaches his revenge value, he retaliates with an aerial somersault; Reflect or Guard against it. After the first four bars of his HP go down, he will start to summon pillars of light with his attacks. Dodge these whenever you can.

Roxas" DM is the same as when Sora fought him in The World That Never Was. When Roxas rises up into the air and starts shooting orbs, just Glide around the outside of the arena to avoid each attack. Be aware that he will dash towards Sora once the effect is done, so either keep Gliding to avoid this physical attack, or be ready with a Guard or Reflect or Dodge Roll or whatever you use.

When you get Roxas into a staggered state, and Sora"s HP and MP are low, enter Limit Form. Use the Last Arcanum Limit (it is mapped to the shortcut) to keep Roxas staggered and deal a significant amount of damage. Sora can use two of these per Limit, unless you get (un)lucky and recover some MP from being hit, or you are able to use an Ether. This is also a very good way to end the fight, as it can be difficult to get a regular finisher off.

I was able to defeat Roxas by Refecting some of his basic attacks.

Sora receives a Magic Boost for defeating Data Roxas.

Defeating every data version of Organization XIII will unlock an Achievement.

Mushroom XIII: No. 9

To find No. 9, head to the Castle Gate area. The easiest way to get here is to land at the Postern save point, move through the Restoration Site to the Bailey, and then straight on through to reach the Castle Gate. This is the same area where Sora fought Demyx during Episode 2.

Mushroom No. 9 requires a high combo hit counter of 75 to defeat. This is very similar to the Pink Agaricus enemy from KH1. The absolute best way to accomplish this is with the Finishing Plus Ability. Sora learns this ability at level 49 (Sword), 65 (Shield), or 85 (Staff). A second ability can be gained from equipping the Rumbling Rose Keyblade, and if you are on Critical Mode, there is a bonus copy of this awarded during Roxas" Episode.

Set up Sora"s Abilities to have as many Finishing Pluses as he can, and put Firaga on one of the shortcuts. Turn off all instances of Combo Plus and Air Combo Plus. Negative Combo is useful, but not necessary.

Enter Drive Form before starting the duel, then target lock-on to the Mushroom with

. Begin by spamming Firaga until Sora"s MP runs out. The Mushroom will occasionally move around the arena, so be ready to move a bit closer before casting Firaga. The spell will add four hits, assuming Sora is close enough when he casts it. Continue doing this until Sora"s MP runs out. Switch to basic attacks here, using the multi-hit finisher from Wisdom Form. With two to three Finishing Plus Abilities equipped, the hits will climb up incredibly fast.

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Mushroom XIII: No. 13

Location: The Great Maw

Goal: None!

Prep: Defeat the other 12 members of Mushroom XIII

After defeating all other members, return to Radiant Garden and The Great Maw. All of the Heartless will show up, and a beam of light will drop from the sky. Choose to Look Up and the last member of Mushroom XIII will appear. It will grant Sora the Winner"s Proof Keyblade, and the Proof of Peace item. You will get an Achievement.