We have actually written in the past about the different ways in which you can make brand-new friends ~ above Kik Messenger. Some Kik Messenger users may struggle to uncover interesting human being to chat v on heat so we have actually tried to assist out by reflecting you how you have the right to meet new people ~ above Kik Messenger.

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There are countless ways to perform this but today we want to talk to you about one of the newest and most exciting ways to discover friends on Kik Messenger. We space talking about Kik codes. 

What space Kik Codes and Why must I Care around Them?

So, Kik codes are codes the you have the right to scan v your phone in order to add new friends or to sign up with some that the various groups available on Kik Messenger. Every you need to do is uncover the best Kik codes and then scan them.

Something very simple and equally essential is that you need to make sure that you have the latest variation of Kik Messenger in her smart phone call or mobile device before you effort to usage Kik codes. Kik codes will just be easily accessible for tools that use iOS (Apple mobile operating device for the iPhone, the iPad, or the iPod touch), or Android 4.0 (Google cell phone operating mechanism for ice Cream Sandwich devices and also anything later on than that). So that is precious checking that you have actually the latest version of Kik Messenger before you go ahead and try to get Kik codes. If you carry out not have the latest version of the prompt messaging app, Kik codes will certainly not work on her smart phone.

Most Kik Messenger users most likely do not recognize what version of the prompt messaging up they have actually installed on your smart phones. After all, unless you are interested in Kik codes, over there is very small reason to find out and also it will not make lot of a difference, anyway.

Having said that, the variation you have actually is incredibly essential if you room planning to use Kik codes. So, if you carry out not know how to uncover out if your Kik Messenger application is up to day here is how. It is really really simple. The does no really matter what mobile device you have actually but, due to the fact that the steps affiliated in check what variation of the Kik Messenger application you have, we will provide you two slightly different sets the instructions according to the clever phone you usage for Kik Messenger.


So, if you have actually an iPad, iphone or a home windows Phone, all you have to do is to follow these simple steps:

Grab her mobile device.Open the Kik Messenger app.Go come the Kik Messenger settingsFrom the menu, choose “help & about us”.From all the feasible options, if you space using one iPd or an iPhone select “update Kik”. If you space using a home windows Phone, then pick “Check because that updates”.

If, top top the other hand, you room using an Android device, then follow this steps, instead:

Grab your mobile device.Go right to the Google pat store.Search the “Kik” or “Kik Messenger”.Once friend have discover Kik Messenger, download and install the update.

After following those straightforward instructions, friend will recognize for certain that you have actually the latest version of the Kik Messenger app. once you have ensured the you have actually the latest version of the prompt messaging app, friend will be able to both share your own Kik password so others can uncover you, or come scan various other users’ Kik password to start chatting v them.

All you should do in order to scan Kik password is to open the scanner display by pulling down from the top of your key chat’s list, and then allude your clever phone’s camera at the Kik code. Uneven you have an iOS 6 in which case you will must tap settings adhered to by “your Kik code”, to lastly tap ~ above the camera symbol located in ~ the bottom of the screen. Climate just point your smart phone’s camera at the Kik code that friend would favor to scan. 


Secret Kik Codes

If Kik codes space a an enig there need to be among some the the worst kept secrets in the history of the Internet. Anyone can easily search because that Kik password to scan on the Internet. Also, the is equally simple for you come share her Kik password if girlfriend want other Kik Messenger individuals to find you.

How can you discover Kik codes?


There are many ways to uncover Kik codes online. More than likely the best way is to find for lock on Tumblr. You need to be aware, though, that if you decision to find for Kik password on Tumblr (and probably in other places on line), over there is a fairly high opportunity that you will encounter part adult-themed or clear content. countless Kik Messenger users that advertise their Kik usernames or their Kik password on line room interested in having actually chats of a rather adult nature. However this will certainly not it is in the instance with all of them. So, while girlfriend will uncover Kik password belonging to individuals who are genuinely interested in chatting around all kinds of suitable topics, girlfriend will need to contemplate that there is a fairly high opportunity of encountering rather that might be interested in share graphic material. more than noþeles else, take this together a warning. Of food if you start chatting v someone who sends you graphic content, etc. You can constantly just blocked them to stop them indigenous contacting girlfriend again in the future.

So, when you have actually searched because that Kik password or discovered some on society media every you will have to do come is to scan it v your clever phone. Generally, just follow this steps:

You will have to open the Kik Messenger app on her smart phone.Go come your key chat’s list.Open the scanner display screen from the main chat’s list. This will activate the camera on her smart phone.Then allude the camera on your smart phone at the Kik code you desire to scan.

If you have actually an iOS 6 clever phone, the steps you will must follow room slightly different. You will certainly probably be able to work out just how to usage the Kik code scan you yourself but, just in case, here are the specific steps friend will must follow:

Open the Kik Messenger app on her iOS 6 smart phone.Go to settingsFind “your Kik code” and tap top top the camera icon located in ~ the bottom of the screen. This will certainly activate the camera on your smart phone.The suggest the camera on her smart phone in ~ the Kik password you want to scan.

Once you have actually scanned the Kik password you want, the individual user or Kik team will it is in automatically added to your existing chat list, which way that you will have the ability to chat to them any type of time girlfriend will desire to. The main benefit of Kik password is then how easy it is to use and how conveniently it permits you come add new friends and Kik groups.

Another great wait come find new people to conversation to is come share your very own Kik code. If you would choose to make your Kik code available to various other users therefore they can include you to their chat lists, just follow these steps:

Open the Kik Messenger app on your smart phone.From your key chat’s list, open up the scanner display by pulling down from the peak of the list.You will watch the code symbol located at the bottom the the screen. Insanity it.You will certainly then check out the share icon located at the right edge of the screen. Insanity it.

And that is it. Your Kik code will be mutual so various other Kik Messenger customers will be able to add you easily.

If you want to re-publishing the Kik password for a group, the measures are a bit different:

Open the Kik Messenger application on your smart phone.Open the team chat girlfriend would choose to share.Find the info icon located in the optimal right edge of the screen. Tap it.You will view a “show Kik code” icon. Tap it, as well.Finally, girlfriend will check out a “share” icon located in the height right edge of the screen. Madness it come share the Kik password for the group chat.

“If you reveal your tricks to the wind, you need to not reference the wind because that revealing them come the trees.”- Khalil Gibran

If you share your personal Kik code or the Kik code for a team chat you created, various other Kik individuals will have the ability to scan it for world who see your society media file (Instagram, Twitter, etc.). You will not have any kind of control over that adds your or your teams to your chat lists but you will, the course, always able to delete castle (or even block them or report them together slam) if you space not happy through them being able to chat with you. If you have shared her Kik code, it will be a great idea to examine your new chat perform regularly.

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While there are no mystery Kik password available, in this article we have presented you just how to do the many of Kik password to find brand-new chat friends of Kik Messenger.

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