Produced by dot Da in 2008, “Dat new New” was a solitary that was ultimately featured on few of Cudi’s mixtapes.The meaning of what “Dat new New” is is very debated… check out More 

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Head, head, HeadBangaHello, what it beTo you and also yoursSalutations to all, friend can speak to me CudiOr Mr. Extravagant 'cause I'm obtaining my moneyWay mine doors are swayin', it's favor a bird on wheelsYou can concerned Ohio and you can see just how it feelsAnd this the premier of the new-new hereIt's gonna take it you beyondWhere a jet can't LearBut every you gon' hearIs somethin' crazy in factHow ns be burnin' the boothWe'll acquire you looser 보다 YakYep-yep, you acquired it rightNow don't acquire leftGet ~ above your an excellent footIt's only right that you stepAnd store boppin' come this shit unfamiliarIf your main line acquired time then i be drillin' herI store you in mine realmI save you in the soundI keep myself increase highBecause the haze by the poundAnd mine imaginationYou have the right to look everywhere the nationBut castle ain't see
You deserve to look every overBut no, you'll never ever findHot shit choose mineWoop, it blow your mindYou can look every overBut no, you'll never findHot shit like mine'Cause i provideThat new newSalutations my niggasI'm mindful that I'm differentYou can still keep it hoodWhile you're smokin' simply listenIt don't issue your raceJust take a dull to the faceAnd we all gon' rockGot to store up the paceAnd them girl gon' twerkBecause the vibe is poppin'As well together the bottlesKeep the rockin', don't protect against 'emAt the Motel-8We can park out frontYeah the circulation is unleadedYou sucka niggas will certainly front'Cause I'm Super-Cudder-Realistic-Leaner-AlidociusAnd rap ferociousI to be coaching the leagueI bobble head the publicIf friend love it, M dub itBlood, sweat, and tears; homie, I'm made of itFinish the course if girlfriend think nothing 'bout itTell 'em like grandpa, you don't understand nothing 'bout itWear kicks once, then the Leaner come up out 'emI been sayin' it, you was playin' himNow you know
You have the right to look every overBut no, you'll never ever findHot shit like mineWoop, it blow her mindYou deserve to look all overBut no, you'll never findHot shit choose mine'Cause ns provideThat new newWhat it it is in to mine ladiesWith the bodies that killWe ain't boppin' ~ above moneyFuck v me 'cause you realSee you shakin' the fastOn some Mystical shitYou can slap that niggaIf he speak to you a bitchYeah I view you with thatBut you should be on thisIt's that Henney and also Coca-ColaCome over and also sitWon't you tell me her nameTell me where you be atI understand you recognize that castle hotBut i don't wanna hear thatYou watch I aim because that a checkBefore ns aim for sexNiggas aim because that deathThey tryin' come fuck v the blessedAin't no fuckin' with amateursRun pass the noviceSip hella leanTo watch who speak the slowestAin't no stoppin' me in ~ allYou'd require a sawed-off, or probably a chainsawAnd even at thatThe crack that i brew is tho newY'all niggas think acuteBut Cudi is obtuse

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You deserve to look every overBut no, you'll never ever findHot shit choose mineWoop, that blow her mindYou can look every overBut no, you'll never ever findHot shit favor mine'Cause ns provideThat new new