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With an child on your hands, it could feel like all you execute these job is feed, adjust diapers and catch a nap while baby sleeps (if she lucky). But while it may seem prefer baby can’t do much, it’s actually never too beforehand to start playing through your child. When it concerns the finest baby toys out there, your small one could not exactly be prepared to absent a soccer sphere or put together a puzzle, yet there space plenty the fun methods to interact with she that’ll have vital long-term services for she physical and also mental development.

"It’s a myth that babies can’t play, even if they don’t seem to be ‘doing much’ yet—they’re still taking everything in,” claims Amanda Gummer, a study psychologist specializing in child development and spokesperson because that the Genius of Play, a movement to raise awareness around the importance of pat in kids’ lives. “Playing is a great way for parents and caregivers to construct that critical bond v their baby, when sensory stimulations help baby’s mind grow.”

When it comes to playing with babies, exactly how much your boy gets the end of the is directly related to how much time and also effort girlfriend put into it. “Baby’s advancement doesn’t happen in a vacuum,” says Rachel Coley, a pediatric occupational therapist who blogs at can Do Kiddo. “A huge part of infant hitting key milestones and gaining an abilities has to carry out with the materials, experiences and also opportunities to exercise that infant receives. By selecting toys and tasks that enhance what your little one is ready to occupational on, you do the many of her infant’s awake times and collection the stage for important early on learning.”

Since younger babies can’t specifically wander over to the toy bins and also pick out something that captures their eye, it drops to friend to choose playthings that provide baby the possibility to practice and also refine new skills. Don’t understand where to start? don’t worry. Check out on to acquire age-appropriate beat ideas and also learn about the ideal developmental baby playthings at every age and stage.

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Your newborn might look super-relaxed in his totter or bouncer, yet it’s necessary to work in opportunities for activity throughout his day. “While it’s easy to assume the our squishy newborns simply need a cozy spot come lounge and also watch the people go by, what castle really require is time and an are to wiggle, stretch and strengthen their bodies in stimulate to grasp those mini-milestones of early development,” Coley says.

One the the greatest developmental landmarks for a newborn in the an initial month is extending out the the curled-up fetal position they thrived so offered to in the womb. “Baby’s muscles are loosened and floppy in this very first month but will develop an ext muscle ton in the second month,” Coley says. While his activities are largely overcame by infant reflexes in ~ this point, many of those are setup baby up for tummy time success.

Coley recommends starting tummy time in the beforehand weeks the life, since the previously you start, the better baby tends to pardon it—try place a receiving ceiling on a flat, firm surface ar or a loved one’s chest or lap. “Baby won’t yet lift his head to look ahead, yet you might see him briefly lift his head with it turned to the next or stay cheek-down,” Coley says. “This is normal and beneficial positioning for a really young infant.” Although the won’t yet track moving objects, baby might turn his head to uncover your confront or a high-contrast black and also white object inserted close (about 8 come 12 inches) to his eyes. While on his back, that may likewise slowly turn toward the sound of a acquainted voice or a shaking rattle.

• task mats. A the majority of play carpet come through a entirety bunch of playthings to hang overhead, yet these have the right to be fairly over-stimulating because that a newborn. Because that now, eliminate the clip-on overhead toys and also then location the mat on height of a rug to create a clean, comfortable ar for practicing tummy time.

• Music-playing device. Baby’s hearing is one of the previously senses come mature, and also music have the right to have both a calming and also stimulating effect. Try playing part soothing song or just sing to she yourself—a mom voice will be her favourite (and most familiar) in ~ this age.

• Mobiles. due to the fact that babies don’t begin to really see shade until about 3 month of age, look for a mobile that has high-contrast, black-and-white decorations.


This task gym comes through (sustainably sourced) wood arches and also hanging toys that have the right to be removed, and a plush mat with different play area that deserve to be covert or revealed v flaps, depending on baby’s level that stimulation.


When it involves the ideal toys for newborns, black and white clip-on speed cards “are great for offering newborns intuitive stimulation that they’re interested in and able come see,” Coley says. These double-sided speed cards feature huge illustrations that are suitable for the smallest infants, who can only see high comparison colors and also distinct contours. The simple, clean patterns connect baby’s attention and also support intuitive development.


When you push this sweet stuffed bunny’s ideal foot, that flaps its ears and also plays a song. When you press its left foot, it moves its ear over and off that eyes because that a video game of peekaboo. Who knew developmental playthings for baby can be so sweet?

Delight baby’s senses with this overhead pat gym. The bright colors space eye-catching and also the wood disks create a clacking sound as they swing. And because the toys are dangling from a portable frame, you can collection this over infant wherever she is.

This playmat is just one of the ideal toys because that newborns just beginning to check out tummy time and also floor play. Not just does it have actually an adorable bear-shaped plush surface, yet it comes with satin loops for tactile exploration, crinkle sounds, an age-shape mirror, rattle, teether and a cute prop pillow because that extra support. Bonus: the machine-washable for easy cleaning!

As you save up v tummy time, you’ll view baby hold his head greater and steadier. By the end of month three, he may be able to raise his shoulders and upper chest. He’ll more than likely roll a couple of times coincidentally if he turns his head also far, but before long hell doing it intentionally. (Want to gain some rolling practice in? ar baby in a side-lying position.) You may also notice baby kicking a bunch while lie on his back, which helps strengthen the belly muscles essential to ultimately roll over. An additional fun development? Baby might start to purposely reach for and also grasp toys—but knowing how to let go of objects hasn’t collection in yet. Save in mind that babies in ~ this stage space relying on their senses (sight, hearing, touch and smell) come navigate about the brand-new world about them, so market up some healthy and balanced stimulation.

• Linkable plastic rings and lightweight crinkle toys. These aid a two- or three-month-old baby practice grasping.

• Unbreakable mirror. A winter fastened securely come the within of the crib allows baby to look in ~ his face, i beg your pardon will become increasingly fascinating come him as he ideologies the three-month mark.

These colorful, resilient links can be supplied individually (they’re the right weight for a baby working on grasping) or linked together to form a chain it is perfect for keeping clip-on playthings attached come the stroller.

This versatile play mat can be used pretty lot anywhere! place it level for playtime, as a triangle because that tummy time, certain it to a crib or an altering table, usage its magnetic closures to put it on your car seat or stroller. This developmental toy for baby includes a discovery mirror, peek-a-boo flaps, crinkle paper, grasping ribbons, jiggle traction ring, teether and also a squeaker.

When it concerns finding the ideal educational toys for baby, why not purchase them every in the same pack? This play & find out Set—specifically designed for babies as much as 3 months old—is full of tasks and tips to help them with developmental milestones. Included is an beloved swaddle, high-contrast illustrations, a sensory ball, crinkle toy, interlocking disks, silicone teether and also a booklet complete of teacher-recommended activities.

One the the ideal baby toys approximately is none other than a baby-safe mirror. This one is not just shatter-proof and safe for teething, however it additionally features colorful and also engaging aspects designed to aid baby’s development. Your 2 or 3 month old deserve to grasp the textured handles for tactile stimulation, move the balls along the top and also bottom handles to boost fine engine skills, and also observe their own reflection, which promotes cognitive development, eye contact, curiosity, and also focus.

With bright colors, intriguing textures and also graphic patterns, this clip-on firefly toy from Lamaze will come to be a diaper bag (or stroller or activity mat) staple. It even includes a textured teether for as soon as those baby teeth begin to pop through.

At this point, baby is busy coordinating his arising senses (such together sight and also touch) and motor skills (such as rolling and grasping). He’ll begin to push up throughout tummy time, first through his forearms and also then through directly arms—all of which is preparation for sit up and also (eventually) crawling. With their eyesight getting stronger, babies become especially interested in faces and also other circular designs, like spirals and also bullseyes. Babies at 4 and 5 months are also starting to find out cause and effect, therefore he might start come shake noisy toys (think: rattles) and bring them to his mouth.

• Teething toys. back teething usually starts at 6 months, gum pain may start sooner. Some parents may also start to view pearl-like sprout poking v as at an early stage as 3 or 4 months.

• Rattles.“Next time you see baby playing with a rattle, make note of just how she exercises her hand grip and arm stamin while shaking that around,” Gummer says. “See exactly how she delights in her exploration that shiver this toy creates a sound.”

• Soft toys that do sounds. Simple, lightweight objects favor soft blocks or balls work well for babies finding out cause and effect. Bonus points if the toys have tags or flaps that make them easy to hold.

It’s a teether! the a rattle! that both! This rattle-teether combo easily flattens right into cool configurations and also has vibrant beads v a non-toxic end up that room perfect because that gnawing—and one of the best baby toys for your 4- to 5-month-old.

You won’t be gaining rid of this Knock-Knock Blocks any kind of time soon: The selection of high-contrast colors and also intriguing textures room sure come amuse a younger baby, if older toddlers will certainly love stacking them right into towers (and knocking them down) and identifying the people and animals in the pictures.

When it involves developmental toys for baby, us love this round that’s also a rattle. The big finger holes and also bendable plastic do it straightforward for baby to grab and the inner rattles makes many baby-friendly noise when rolling—great for persuading lock to practice their fine engine gripping skills.

This soft, fabric photo album will delight baby through its variety of sensory experiences. There’s covert crinkle record and squeakers for sound, shining colors and bold fads for intuitive stimulation, and also clear vinyl pockets for you to insert your own family photos to play peek-a-boo. Talk about a multipurpose development toy!

These playful shakers are good developmental playthings for your 4- or 5-month-old thanks to your easy-to-grasp shape, various colors, textures and animal shapes, and unique sounds. Baby deserve to play v an owl, hedgehog and fox and hear fun different sounds as they shake them up.

Between 4 and 7 months, infant is functioning on sitting independently. If she still sitting with support, you deserve to encourage she to strengthen her trunk muscle (abs and also spine) by putting toys in front of her and encouraging she to reach for them. When baby can sit there is no needing to placed her hand in prior of her (called “tripoding”), she’ll be totally free to usage those hand to play with toys and, hopefully, entertain it s her for short periods that time (but remember, never ever leave infant unattended).

• Books. plank books and cloth publications are not just the best size for tiny hands, they’re also virtually indestructible.

• stackable cups. together with helping baby practice hand-eye coordination, this developmental toys deserve to be used to teach baby about object permanence, the ide that items continue to exist also when you can’t see them. You have the right to hide smaller sized items under the cup (just watch out for anything that could be a choking hazard) and then do a video game of lifting the cup up because that the reveal.

• Easy-to-hold balls. hole balls through holes will certainly be easy to hold, so infant can continue to refine his grasping skills.

The board publication What Does infant Want? is one adorable repertoire of illustrations honestly showing how babies room grown. You’ll love the surprisingly moral theme and also story line, and also baby will certainly love the bright illustrations and graspable board texture.

This set of stacking cup from Fisher-Price deserve to be rearranged into towers or separation, personal, instance balls, v each cup forming one half. It additionally comes through a solder toy that can be hidden inside or under to surprise your small one, making it among the ideal baby learning toys for your 6- come 8-month old.

This soft six-page publication is waterproof, therefore it can go right in the bath v baby! accompanied by three colorful floating tugboat toys, baby will certainly love grasping and touching both the boats and also book as you show them the various primary colors. Bonus: The bathtub toys save in a mesh tube attached ideal to the waterproof book for easy cleanup.

A 2020 best of infant award winner, this subscription pat kit comes packed v playthings her 7- to 8-month-old will certainly love, do it one of the very best educational toys for baby. Each crate features different age-appropriate playthings made from sustainably sourced wood and 100 percent necessary fabrics. They’re designed to communicate your child in expedition and mind development play. Bonus: The company was began by two parents through the goal of helping various other parents feel confident in the advance of your child.

A baby simply learning come sit up will love goofing approximately with the Oball standard ball. Lightweight and also filled with easy-to-grasp holes, this developmental toy is make of flexible plastic the bounces back into shape even after being stepped on.

By now numerous babies are crawling and starting to pull themselves right into a standing place in ready for seafaring (aka relocating alongside furniture while holding on) and also walking. Your small one might additionally be mastering the action of picking up tiny objects between the thumb and index finger (known as the pincer grasp). In ~ this age, babies are beginning to usage their memory recall and also understand simple instructions. They’re also able to tolerate more stimulation.

• pat kitchen items. Babies love to explore at this age. If you have actually the space, consider dedicating a reduced kitchen cabinet to points she deserve to play with, therefore she deserve to open it and empty the on a whim. Family members items such together egg cartons, cereal boxes and plastic food containers are nearly a guaranteed an excellent time.

• task tables. with their sturdy, donate legs and also array of vivid buttons, these are appropriate for entertaining a infant who’s just learned to stand.

• Loveys. beginning around this time, a most babies begin to grow attached to transitional objects and also want to hang on to them, particularly when upset or sleepy.

When it concerns the finest baby toys, a sweet and soft blanket is just the thing your 9- to 12-month-old will cherish. The loveys and also blankets from angel Dear (like this cow blankie) room cute, cuddly and maker washable.

If infant isn’t standing yet, the beauty beauty of this activity table is the the peak detaches native the legs and also can be placed on the floor, make it among the ideal baby finding out toys. Kids can choose between dance and also discovery through a music setting that introduce songs and also sounds of instruments, and also a learning mode the teaches straightforward shapes, colors and also more.

This fun set includes 2 sensory balls and also eight separation, personal, instance beads that snap together—a good developmental toy for baby. The sensory balls assist stimulate baby’s senses and also encourage gun motor, visual and perceptual skills. No to mention the plenty of different bead snap options enhance creativity. Plus, the whole set is dishwasher safe.

Some that the best baby toys room those that encourage your tiny one to crawl and stay active—and that’s precisely what this cute whale-shaped ball popper does! Baby deserve to press the starfish to watch balls pop along to music, as well as swirl up and also down the spout. The whale’s see-through body also encourages cause-and-effect learning.

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When it involves the ideal educational playthings for baby, we’re partial to anything that’s multipurpose. This one no only has a cute beaded maze through aquatic creatures, yet it also includes a six-sided box, each v a various puzzle game. Your little one can play through the puzzle beads, equipment hinges, fun maze, shape matching and also more, ensuring hours of education fun.