Since Sephora opened up in Australia, I’ve finally been may be to view so plenty of fabled products in person, including the Kat Von D range. I’m reviewing the new Shade + light Eye Palette now – it’s $46 USD in the US and $65 AUD here, i beg your pardon isn’t lot of a mark-up at every ($46 USD = $58.8 AUD at the moment). Well done Sephora!

The principle of the color pension is the you deserve to use the colour to create highlights and shadows come contour her eyes – like face contouring unable to do hardcore. There’s a comfortable step-by-step guide consisted of with the color board which mirrors you just how to define and also lift your eyes for natural and smoky looks, and also narrow and widen your eyes. In concept this sound great, but in practice I found it tricky to keep my eye looking natural, and also when i did gain them sort of right it just looked weird at the wrong angle (much like normal contouring!) so I’ve just been making use of them as constant eyeshadows.

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The the shade + light Eye palette consists of 3 quads: a neutral, a cool and a warmth quad. Each quad has two light shades (with name that begin with “L”) and two dark shades (with surname that begin with “S”). One light shade in every palette is designed to be offered as a base, for this reason it’s double the dimension of the rather (0.08 oz vs 0.04 oz) – i m sorry is a great idea, because there are method too numerous palettes in my hoard where I’ve plowed through the medium colour while barely poignant the dark and also light shades. Under the base shade in every quad, there’s a contouring, defining and also highlighting shades. The setup is handy, although most of the shades room versatile enough that they can be used on cool and also warm toned people.


In general, the shades space all an extremely pigmented, and also blend out pretty fine – there aren’t any type of flops in this palette formula-wise, despite the darker shades have tendency to have much more fallout and also are unsurprisingly harder to blend. They’re long-wearing over primer, and also don’t fade throughout the day.

The Lights


Lucius (neutral highlight) – explained as soft beige. It’s a pale beige with a gorgeously creamy, blendable texture and a slight sheen. On my NC25 skin, it’s a quite bright highlight.

Liberatus (cool highlight) – describee together pinkish ivory. It’s a an extremely pale white v a slim pink tinge – also pale for me to usage for everyday neutral eye make-up. I found it rather powdery, and took a little bit of work to mix out.

Latinus (warm highlight) – explained as golden bisque. This is a warmth yellow beige through the very same creamy texture and also sheen together Lucius. On my skin the blends the end beautifully together a subtle glowy highlight. I’ve been using it in mine undereye area together well.

Laetus (neutral base) – explained as creamy nude. Laetus is choose a contempt cooler, matter version the Latinus. It’s a little much more powdery however still blends well. On mine skin it’s a bit too light together a base shade.

Lazarus (cool base) – defined as cool taupe. It’s a matte mushroomy grey taupe, and also my favourite base shade although I’m nice warm. The blends well and also has wonderful colour payoff.

Ludwin (warm base) – defined as peachy bronze. This is a pale orangey brown v a slim sheen i beg your pardon blends the end prettily, yet this colour look at super blah on me – it type of provides my skin look kind of irritated and unnatural.

The Shades


Samael (neutral contour) – explained as dusty fawn. It’s a tool grey-tinged brown with a tiny little of satiny sheen. I really like this shade, but unfortunately that pills up a bit and also doesn’t blend as smoothly as few of the various other shades in this palette.

Succubus (warm contour) – defined as affluent rust. It’s a deep terracotta colour v a super ethereal sheen, and blends well yet the color doesn’t fit me much.

Saleos (cool contour) – explained as smoky brown. This is a matte dark grey-brown, which take it a little of occupational to blend.

Solas (neutral define) – espresso brown. This is a matte coffee-bean brown shade. Like the other deep neutral shade, there’s a bit of pilly fallout and take a tiny work to blend.

Shax (cool define) – defined as jet black. It’s matte black, and not supervisor opaque, and also a little tricky come blend.

Sytry (warm define) – explained as coco brown. Ns think this is actually a little cooler 보다 Solas native the neutral quad – i love this shade! It’s also an ext blendable and less powdery.

So far, I’ve been making use of the hell out the Lucius, Lazarus and Sytry with my daily eye looks… which space from three various quads, so don’t take the classifications too seriously!


The palette come housed in a cardboard-covered-in-satin-wrapping-paper affair hosted closed by concealed magnets, like countless other mid-range palettes these days – I’m not a large fan, as I’ve found that the corners get dented easily and the palette beginning looking sad quite quickly, but I’ve accepted that it’s what’s happening and there ain’t anything I deserve to do around it. The logo on the former is Gothic calligraphy hand-designed by miss Von D herself, i m sorry looks fantastically cool. I really choose the winter on the within – it’s a nice vast mirror which lets you view both your eyes an extremely easily, through pretty swirly cutouts.

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This palette is just one of the few fully matte nude/neutral palettes out there, and comes through a wide range of shades that will suit most people. The price is yes, really reasonable, specifically for the Australian sector – a single mono 0.05 oz Revlon eyeshadow is $9.95, because that instance, which would certainly make the exact same weight that Revlon zero $119.50. I’m a believer!

This color pension was listed for review, which did not impact my opinion. For more information, watch Disclosure Policy.