Justin Kan is an American internet developer, investor, and also entrepreneur, who is the CEO and also co-founder that Atrium, a corporate legislation firm and an innovation company.

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Kan additionally founded and sold Exec (an on-demand an individual task service), Socialcam (a mobile video clip sharing platform), and Kiko (a internet calendar). But, that is ideal known together a co-founder the Twitch.


He was born top top July 16, 1983, in the US.

In 2005, Justin graduated from Yale university with degrees in physics and also philosophy.

His first startup to be an online calendar company called Kiko that he started with Emmett Shear in 2005.

Kan later on sold the company on eBay for $258,100. ”To me, the was a tremendously lot the money, a large amount the money at the time,” the told Cory in a 2018 interview. Justin continued: ”I had actually thought we’d designed a new business version for startups.”



In march 2020, Atrium close up door its operations. ”We chose to call it and also wind under the startup operations,” Justin said. The company also returned some the its $75.5 million in funding to investors.


Justin Kan is married come Christine.


”The an essential to becoming a totally integrated self is come accept and also love all of your components as castle are.”

”The person experience is wonderfully multifaceted. Love yourselves.”

”You can have all the success in the world and still be dissatisfied or engage in toxic behaviors.”

”There are a million factors to quit. Why are you going to store going?”

”The key is to construct a culture where human being are communicating and also working together from a location of empathy.” (Entrepreneur)

”Having the wrong world can manifest chin in executing slowly versus goals.”


He is practicing Transcendental Meditation, a kind of mantra meditation. ”TM is a type of mantra meditation that is quite easy to adopt, the you execute in 2 20 minute daily sessions,” he wrote on medium in 2019. The business man added: ”I do them right once I wake up, and also then in a it is provided closet at work in the afternoon.”

In November 2019, Kan had a poor bike accident. He tweeted: ”Broke both elbows, shed a this & left a smear of my challenge on the road.”

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Justin Kan – network Worth

Kan earned most of his wealth from co-founding several technology companies such as Twitch, Exec, and also Socialcam.

So far, Twitch to be his biggest financial success. The company was sold to Amazon for nearly $1 billion. It to be reported that Kan received between $120 million and also $130 million in the acquisition.

In addition, Justin make money from marketing Socialcam ($60 million), Exec ($10 million), and Kiko ($258k). He currently runs the “zero to funding” companyZero-F.

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Therefore, American business man Justin Kan has an estimated net worth of $110 million.

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