We gotta be honest: There’s nobody on “Big Brother: end the Top” who screams instantly “possible winner of the show.” We’d speak the sisters have a an excellent shot, but given that us don’t see Morgan and also Alex being able come hide that, the other players will most likely target them. Meanwhile, us imagine that world like Cornbread and Monte aren’t going to it is in that popular with plenty of of the viewers watching at home, and we know they’re walking to have actually a big role come play.

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In a way, we’re feeling prefer we might as well pick Justin Duncan ironically to success this season, mostly due to the fact that he’s probably the human we’re many interested in seeing on the live feeds and also we haven’t really had actually someone favor like him. He’s almost like the mix of a “True Blood” character and Chef Joe from season 14.

Bio – He’s a 27-year old seafood restaurant owner from brand-new Orleans — and we gotta say, there’s nothing more we love 보다 Cajun food! We’d most likely keep him around because of the alone. The dude speak French and also apparently loves come sing, which might be awkward because that him in the house offered that’s no really allowed.

Strengths – We perform think he’s fun, interesting, and a tiny bit odd. It’s a good thing that Jozea’s most likely not in the residence this season thanks to the vote, since we carry out think there space some personality clashes that would prove rather troublesome. He desires to cook a lot because that the various other players, which might prove useful noted he’s no burning with all the food. He’s probably not going come be regarded as a significant threat and also we don’t check out America hating him an ext than the other guys who are there.

Weaknesses – If this to be a traditional season, we’d it is in a little much more worried around the fact that it feels nearly like a producer just uncovered him marketing seafood and also cast him on the show right away. He’s fully clueless, but he may be able to figure that out since Paul appeared to end the food of this past season. He additionally may must tone his personality down below or there if that realizes that is beginning to irritate various other people.

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Prediction – As we said, we want to pick Justin to win just since he’s amazing — but in fact we’re most likely going come say Jason Roy just because America currently likes him and they’ve got a vital role to play this season. Through the current cast and also the framework of the game being what the is, we carry out think the he’s one of those world who will certainly either be out week 1 or go an extremely far.

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