The Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 took everything the initial Ultra.Fly was and threw it away.

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The Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 is available now in ~


Traction – I had actually a love/hate partnership with the traction. The pattern itself looks awesome, and it is — for the many part. However, dust gathered quickly in ~ the black parts of the outsole i m sorry resulted in one inconsistent feeling at times. I’d it is in interested to view how much that a difference it would’ve made had the pattern been continuous throughout since the white sections gripped the floor without worry — dust or no dust. Again, the was greatly the black pods that needed regular on-court maintenance.

When things were gripping, the coverage was very close come being hall of reputation level. When it wasn’t, it to be frustrating. Outdoors, the outsole worked exceptionally well — a pleasant surprise. Will everyone suffer what i experienced? I’m not sure. I have the right to imagine the fixed varying relying on the court condition; if girlfriend play top top clean courts or outdoor surfaces then i wouldn’t issue too much. However, if her court requirements to it is in refinished or is cleaned irregularly climate you may be disappointed.

If I could have offered the score half sixth Man and half Starting five then ns would have actually — i kept an altering the score because the traction didn’t let me down regularly, which ns feel is worthy that a starting Five, yet when it did permit me down it was a huge allow down.


Cushion – The Ultra.Fly 2 offers heel and also forefoot Zoom Air. Yes, a shoe from Jordan Brand that retails because that $125 attributes heel and also forefoot cushion. Whoever has been holding onto the budget with an steel fist was one of two people fired or has actually finally concerned their senses. Welcome ago to being component of the equation as far as value is concerned, Jordan Brand. It’s around damn time.

The Ultra.Fly 2 starts off emotion a bit hefty feeling underfoot. This is as result of the reasonably dense Phylon midsole supplied here. Regardless of being ~ above the dense side, the foam go feel choose it had some rebound once broken-in. This then allowed me to feel the Zoom Air that was set up within the forefoot the the shoe fairly a bit.

On peak of that, the tooling is rounded ever so contempt which caused the tooling to flex a little bit with weight added — furthering the feeling of the Zoom situated in the forefoot. Kyrie 2 and also 3 — I’m providing you the People’s Eyebrow appropriate now.

The hoe Zoom unit is a poor excuse because that Zoom Air as it’s one of those quarter-sized Hex Zoom units. However, it’s much better than having actually nothing in ~ all. As you can see native the image above, listed by, the Hex unit is ~ above the thicker next so not all is lost. When sufficient force is used you have the right to feel it and its law what it’s supposed to — soaking up impact.

Would it have been far better had it been the exact same size hoe unit the was offered in the Kyrie 3? Definitely. I’m simply happy the Jordan Brand seems come be relocating in the right direction again. Unless the next few models from Jordan Brand don’t feature heel cushion — climate we’ll just chalk this model up together a fluke.


Materials – The upper of the Ultra.Fly 2 is one engineered knit the feels exceptional on-foot. However, this is a one-piece construction upper for this reason some could not enjoy the as whole fit, yet we’ll acquire into the in a bit. The knit used right here on the stretchy next so lateral containment and support would greatly suffer had the designers not placed a TPU overlay on most of the shoe.

TPU overlays space not yes, really my thing, yet there space times as soon as it’s done in a method where girlfriend don’t feel like you’re trying to play basketball in a rain boot. This is one of those times. I felt choose I was wearing a knitted shoe but with the combine of an upper constructed of TPU; it was a very nice blend in between the two and it feel pretty well balanced. The materials duty well, and also they’re sturdy — just furthering the shoe’s as whole value at its $125 price point.


Fit – The Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 runs true to size, yet being a one-piece upper, they space not walk to please everyone. Broad footers should try the shoes on before buying as the to the right is a little bit suffocating initially. Actually, the right is constantly suffocating, however you gain used to it.

Padding is plentiful within the upper which makes the shoe feel comfortable regardless of it’s tight grasp to your feet. Once laced up you really aren’t walk anywhere and I feel it’s one of the shoe’s better features when you’re adjusted.

The eyelets operation all the way down to the footbed of the Ultra.Fly 2; castle grab ahold of your foot and act choose steel cables when the top eyelet draws your ankle and heel into the shoes to ensure they stays locked at every times.


Support – The support attributes one would intend to be in location are every here and accounted for. Lateral outrigger? Check. Dynamic lacing system? Check. Internal heel counter? Check.

A couple of functions that set the Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 apart from the rest are the method the top is constructed, enabling motion while still retaining the ability to effectively contain and also support throughout lateral movements, and the sculpted midsole. The looks like it’s simply aesthetic but the means the midsole swoops up follow me the lateral midfoot and medial heel ensures that you and also the footbed space one. It cradled my feet at every times and did not permit me to ever feel favor I about to be ejected turn off of the shoe’s platform.


Overall – I’m yes, really hoping the Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 isn’t a fluke and that this is just the beginning of Jordan Brand coming earlier to its senses. You have the right to no longer obtain away v reducing tech and hiking increase the price on performance footwear. Not once every other brand is releasing shoes for under $150 that function full-length cushion in addition to every the traditional bells and whistles.

This is the first Jordan Brand performance model I’ve purchase in a lengthy time that doesn’t make me feel like I to be ripped off. Well, these and the air Jordan XXXI Low. The Ultra.Fly 2 is a bit hefty with a suffocating fit, but if you give it enough play time you’ll find that the performs well and breaks in very nicely.

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The Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 takes whatever the initial was and also threw the away. Now this is a basketball shoe.