Profile of the Jordan Team upstream 2 Low

The Jordan Team upstream 2 low is retroed in the 2nd quarter of 2018. It’s sold at $110 per pair, make it among the cheapest basketball pair of shoes at that time. As soon as NIKEiD to be launched, the original Jordan Team elite 2 Low was the an initial shoe model that it featured. Various other Swoosh basketball shoes accessible for customization room the Kyrie 5, and also KD 11. These Jordan basketball sneakers feature a compression-molded Phylon midsole. The solid rubber outsole has actually herringbone top top it. The upper functions a combination of synthetic and full-grain leather.

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Cushion. The Jordan Team upstream 2 low comes through a full-length wait unit embedded in a compression-molded Phylon midsole. The delivers maximum influence absorption and bounciness.

Traction. The Jordan Team upstream 2 Low has actually a herringbone traction sample on its hard rubber outsole. The pattern has actually three major sections. The middle region has tight and also thin flex grooves, vice versa, the other two sections attribute thick and widely spaced ones. The traction pattern and the durable rubber work together to improve the shoe’s fixed on the floor.


Length and Width. There space not a lot of reports regarding the to the right of the retro variation of the Jordan Team elite 2 Low. New buyers room advised to either go for their true Jordan size or fit the shoes in a regional store very first before purchasing.

Lockdown. Similar to other Jordan basketball classics, the Jordan Team upstream 2 Low offers a standard lacing system. To achieve a comfortable fit, the tongue and the tightness of the shoelaces have the right to be adjusted.


The behind area that the Jordan Team upstream 2 Low’s top is made of full-grain leather, the remainder is written of synthetic leather. The ankle collar and inner walls of the shoe space generously padded for all-day comfort. To assist wick far moisture, the tongue and also the medial side of the shoe have actually perforations.


The Jordan Team upstream 2 short comes in basic colorways with basic and elegant designs. The prestigious Jumpman logo design is uncovered on the lateral side. An “AIR” callout is seen on the heel; this is an apparent reference come the technology used in the midsole.

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Special Colorways that the Jordan Team upstream 2 Low

The Jordan Team elite 2 Low are released in this colorways:

BlackBlack/Gym Red/WhiteGym Red/White/BlackWhite/Black/Gym Red/WhiteWhite/Pure Platinum/Cool Grey

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