Not just is he is one of the best-selling musicians of every time, he is additionally in numerous of the most renowned photos in music history.

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Million disagreement Quartet Photo

Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash took component in an instant jam session at Sun documents on December 4, 1956. Perkins remained in the studio come record new music, when an unknown Lewis was carried in by Sun records owner Sam Phillips to play piano for Perkins’ session. Cash, a Sun records artist, had actually stopped by to watch the session and also Presley, the most famous of the bunch, had stopped by to visit his previous record label.

That jam session was photographed and recorded and has since become one of the most famous moments in rock and also roll.

Middle Finger Photo

In 1969, Cash play a concert at mountain Quentin Prison as soon as photographer Jim Marshall inquiry him to express his feelings towards the jail authorities.

Marshall requested, “John, let’s execute a shot for the warden.”

Cash angrily flipped the camera the bird, and also it became one of the most well known photos of its time. Marshall has actually gone on to insurance claim that the photograph was “probably the many ripped off photograph in the history of the world.”

Here is the truth…


The photograph was in reality taken because that the earlier of his album Strawberry Cake, which to be released in 1976. It was a live album recorded at The Palladium in London, England and featured his beforehand songs “Big River,” “Rock Island Line,” and “I Still miss out on Someone,” add to brand-new songs like “Navajo” and “Strawberry Cake.”

A keep in mind from the told the story around the song “Strawberry Cake,” i beg your pardon read:

“On a hot summer afternoon in new York City, June and also I walked v the zoo in central Park. It to be a warm dog and ice cream day. The place was crowed and also giving up on the hassle of functioning our means through the crowd, we headed ago to the hotel to acquire ready for the concert the night in ~ the Garden State art Center. As we approached the hotel, I observed a bum lied on the sidewalk in former of the hotel. That never even opened his eyes as soon as I stood end him, June said, “Come ~ above Honey” however I claimed “just a minute” ns walked approximately him, hoping he no dead. Mine shadow fell across him and when I relocated on, I experienced his eye flutter together the bright sunlight hit his face. He didn’t open his eyes, however I knew he wasn’t dead. “What space you doing?” June request “I’m thinking about my friend here, “I said” “that can be me, girlfriend know” June come over closer and smiled in ~ me. “That was you a couple of times.” climate she stated again, “Come on allows go” The remainder of the story is in the song. I came to be that man. I placed myself in his place and also my mind, he finally won. Ns wish i knew that he is, and also where he is. I’d send that a item of Strawberry Cake.”

You deserve to see the 2 photos supplied for the album, and also the note below.

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The ago of Johnny Cash's record, "Strawberry Cake"

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Cash showed up on the Dinah shore Show in 1975, simply a couple of months after he wrote the track “Strawberry Cake” and also told her the story that why he created it. V the help of his lovely wife June, he performed it for her right on the spot.