When man Fogerty went solo in 1973, he want to distance himself indigenous his Creedence Clearwater resurgence days. So lot so, in fact, that he released his first solo album under the name The Blue Ridge Rangers.

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Fogerty’s surname didn’t even appear on the sheathe of the album, and none of his songwriting showed up on the either. The Blue Ridge Rangers to be a covers album, and also it to be truly a solo project–Fogerty play every tool on the album.

Thirty-five years later, Fogery’s wife Julie said he make a sequel. John took his wife’s advice and also recorded The Blue Ridge rangers Rides Again (the negative grammar an intentional in-joke since The Blue Ridge rangers was a one-man band). This time, though, John had a backing band in the studio.

Like the original, the sequel was additionally comprised totally of covers, the last of which to be The Everly Brothers’ “When will I it is in Loved.”

The Everly Brothers take it “When will I be Loved” come #8 on the Billboard warm 100 in the summer of 1960, and also Fogerty vividly remembers the an initial time that heard it.

In 1975, Linda Ronstadt score even higher chart success through “When will certainly I it is in Loved” when she take it it it every the way to #2 ~ above the Billboard warm 100 and #1 on the Billboard nation & west charts.

When John determined to include “When will I be Loved” ~ above his brand-new Blue Ridge ranger album, his wife available him one item of way advice:

John and his backing band tape-recorded the an easy tracks in October 2008, yet John organized off top top the vocals, hoping he’d have the ability to secure Bruce’s participation. It was Julie that broached the topic with Bruce, who immediately agreed to carry out it.

John and also Julie flew to new Jersey quickly in the early days the 2009, and also somehow throughout a chain of events that had Bruce accepting a golden Globe award because that “The Wrestler,” performing “The Rising” in ~ the inauguration of president Obama, publication a brand-new album, and also playing the Super bowl half-time show, Bruce uncovered time to record duet vocals v John because that “When will I be Loved” in ~ his home in Colts Neck.

Bruce’s vocals room unmistakable on the track. Man let him paris solo top top a verse, yet the high vital of the chorus showed a an obstacle for Bruce’s range. As john remarked in an interview, however, “He acquired it done. The didn’t complain; he didn’t wimp out. It sounds great. It was remarkable just how much the a possibility he would certainly take.”

“When will I it is in Loved” ended up as the closing monitor on The Blue Ridge ranger Rides Again, and also its first single, exit in beforehand August of 2009.

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When it come time to film an official video for the new single, Bruce to be touring the civilization in support of Working on a Dream. Still, he regulated to make a quick cameo illustration in the video–see if you can spot him.

When will certainly I be LovedRecorded: October 2008 – January 2009Released: The Blue Ridge rangers Rides AgainNever performed