I’ve tested plenty of camera bags end the critical year and also the Jill-e_small is—hands down—my favorite therefore far. I give it an enthusiastic endorsement.

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Who it’s forHobbyists or semi-pro level women rwandachamber.orggraphers that would prefer to retain some semblance of style WITH function.

Who it’s not forPro-level rwandachamber.orggraphers transporting multiple camera bodies. I was maybe to lug two DSLRs, but I had actually to forgo a lens. A agree rwandachamber.orggrapher will require a larger bag than this.


About the bagThe Jill-e line attributes camera bags the look choose stylish handbags, fairly than purely sensible nylon bags. Over there are several successful companies out over there that space in this precise market. The reason why I’m really attached to this details bag—the Jill-e Small—is simple: it is really attractive and incredibly functional due to the fact that the shallow architecture makes it really easy to see, and also therefore access, her equipment. The ax “small” is a little misleading, because it holds fairly a bit.


The product is fairly stiff, i m sorry feels much more protective than few of the floppier design I’ve viewed in the past. The style of the bag, i beg your pardon reminds me of one oversized, padded toiletry bag permits me to fit the tools I need without piling things in, together I have had to execute with messenger bags in the past. Over there is no digging for anything in this layout of bag. Further, when it is unzipped, the opening is huge and therefore you can totally see right into the entire bag. Girlfriend can also choose to unzip just one side to quickly slide points in and also out that the bag top top the fly.


Again, you have the right to fit fairly a the majority of stuff in the main compartment. Ns was maybe to put in a conventional DSLR v a 50mm lens attached, a 90mm lens, an 18-55mm lens, a speedlight, and also I could easily right a smaller sized camera in or an additional lens if I wanted to.Movable compartment dividers. You can set up any kind of configuration you’d like.It is really comfy on the shoulder and also this is HUGE. Not all bags are and there is nothing worse 보다 feeling miserable since your shoulder and/or ago is killing you after lugging a bag around.Lots the soft padding inside. I wouldn’t even worry at every if my bag slipped out of mine hands.Leather material is weatherproof and very sturdy. The material is likewise really simple to store clean.

Product specs

Price: $149.99 list priceDimensions: 14"https://rwandachamber.org/jill-e-camera-bags/imager_1_7190_700.jpgL, 6"https://rwandachamber.org/jill-e-camera-bags/imager_1_7190_700.jpgW, 8"https://rwandachamber.org/jill-e-camera-bags/imager_1_7190_700.jpgHColors: Black, Bone, Red

SummaryThis bag is cleverly design by who who plainly understands the balance between function and beauty! because of the ease-of-use and also quality construction, this would be a perfect bag for a mom rwandachamber.orggrapher (hint, hints – mother’s job is coming!), a hobbyist in many casual situations (with the exemption of adventure/outdoor rwandachamber.orggraphy of course), or a semi-pro that supplies one camera body.

Wish perform for the futureI have no complaints at all. Ns love this bag as-is and it would take a many to make me adjust it end now. However, I’d love to watch the company offer more colors. I’m no a pan of white or black color bags and I’d favor something brighter, such as yellow, pale blue, orange, etc. I also wish there was a non-leather version. I generally avoid buying leather products and I’d opt for the synthetic version if there was one.

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About Jill-e productsJill-e renders all type of bags for assorted devices, varying from laptops and also backpacks come camera bags of all sizes. Jill-e sent out us a Metro tablet computer Bag also, and also it is therefore handy because that rwandachamber.orggraphers that use their tablet as their portfolio (or just like to check out Kindle books, too, that course!). The styles are no all just for women. Some styles are unisex and there is whole line aligned to men called Jack.