The Acclaimed Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration featuring Warren Haynes Announces added Dates In brand-new York And new Jersey

March 7, 2016

Nashville, TN – (March 7, 2016) – This summer clues the return of the much-anticipated Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration special Warren Haynes. The highly acclaimed fourth tour has actually just included two brand-new dates in brand-new York City and new Jersey to the formerly announced seven performances. Maintain by the Garcia family, the celebration event will feature Garcia and also lyricist Robert Hunter’s timeless initial compositions and interpretations of songs that came to be standards at Jerry Garcia Band and Grateful Dead concerts. The groundbreaking participation of renowned orchestras and also Grammy-winning singer/guitarist Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers, Gov’t Mule) continues to shine new light top top the music and cultural significance that Jerry Garcia.

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This year, Haynes will be joined for the an initial time through revered long-time Jerry Garcia band vocalist Jaclyn LaBranch. LaBranch was an integral component of the latter era Jerry Garcia band and helped define their signature sound through injecting her angelic gospel and soul motivated vocals. The Symphonic solemn event band likewise includes bassist Lincoln Schleifer, drummer Jeff Sipe and vocalist Jasmine Muhammad.

On this year tour, Haynes will go back to the stage with Jerry Garcia’s signature guitar well-known to fans worldwide as the “Wolf “ ( Wolf was the very first of Garcia’s iconic custom guitars designed by Doug Irwin. Haynes has actually proven come be among the finest interpreters of Garcia’s music v his job-related with Phil Lesh & Friends and also The Dead. “I’m looking forward to this summer’s symphony shows and also continuing to check out the music that Jerry Garcia in such a beautiful and also unique way,“ states Haynes. “It’s going come be very special having Jackie through us this summer and also hearing her voice again on countless of the song she sang through Jerry.”

The Tanglewood performance in Lenox, MA with Keith Lockhart and the Boston mr will note the fourth collaboration, which has two prior sold out performances in ~ Boston’s Symphony Hall and a historic 2013 performance at Tanglewood. This will also be the third performance with the Colorado Symphony at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO. 2016 marks first time collaborations with the Nashville Symphony (June 23), Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (June 24) and the Hudson valley Philharmonic (August 6), and also the tour’s much anticipated first performance in new York City.

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About Jerry Garcia:

Jerry Garcia (1942-1995) produced an unequaled legacy throughout the American landscape, most notably in his role as a starting member, singer, songwriter and also lead guitarist of the grateful Dead. Garcia’s unmistakable etc tone fascinating multitudes that “Deadheads” throughout the band’s 30-year career and beyond. His occupational with the Jerry Garcia Band, Old and also in the Way, Legion that Mary, Garcia/Grisman and also projects v Merl Saunders just scratch in ~ the surface of his musical impacts as he collection out to master the great American Songbook. Unequivocally committed to the handmade of music, Garcia proceeds to accumulate future generations v the human body of work he has actually left behind and his creative spirit.

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About Warren Haynes:

Grammy Award-winning artist Warren Haynes is a member of three of the best live groups in absent history: The Allman brother Band, The Dead and his own Gov’t Mule, which has sold much more than 2 million song downloads native their own MuleTracks net site. Haynes, named as one of “The 100 best Guitarists of every Time” by Rolling Stone, has also released three solo albums and performed or tape-recorded with together artists as Phil Lesh & Friends, James Hetfield, Bob Dylan, man Lee Hooker, Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Dave Matthews, boy Rock and B.B. King.