A hoax message warning on facebook Messenger customers not to expropriate friend requests indigenous a "hacker" called Jayden K blacksmith has begun to circulate throughout the world, prompting confusion and also an avalanche the memes.

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Like most viral facebook messages, it's a totally made increase story the scares users v a pass out threat prior to imploring them to front the lie on rwandachamber.orge all their friends or experience the consequences.


Hackers friending friend or your friends will not offer them access to your rwandachamber.orgputer.

Also like most Facebook posts, it is very easily debunked if you think around it for more than three seconds before forwarding the on.

"Please tell all the contact in your Messenger list, no to accept Jayden K smith friendship request", one such blog post reads. "He is a hacker and has the system linked to your facebook account. If one of your contact accepts it, friend will also be hacked, for this reason make certain that all your friends know it. Thanks".

If the risk was that Jayden K Smith was a hacker that would try to befriend you and also convince you to click a connect or open a file, it would certainly be a much much more believable threat. Yet of course that lacks the all-important impetus for users to forward the message to all your friends.

The idea the a human being "has the system" associated to your facebook account, and also will hack friend if any of your friend accepts his request, is blatantly ridiculous. What system? exactly how does the originator the the message know anything about a "system" associated to your personal account? exactly how does the hacker's link to a girlfriend of yours put you at risk of anything?

It's noticeable though that the silliness of the threat is no immediately noticeable to everyone, as the message has circulated broadly enough to rwandachamber.orge to be a running joke online.

The "don't include x and also tell all her friends" hoax is an incredibly old prank, the earliest well-known version listed on Snopes.rwandachamber.org dating ago to the Geocities days in 2000. Normally it's a basic case of a prankster wanting to watch how much their clever joke will certainly be circulated, back the much more malevolent creates hope rwandachamber.orge bully someone by unfairly connecting their name v a global nuisance.

While it's unsure which kind this latest prank is, people who happen to be called Jayden K Smith room probably having actually a pretty monster time.

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