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All i know around the finest man in mine wedding is that didn’t exist.

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Five days before John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, I gained married for the second time. It was a Sunday, the work after I’d extended the SMU-Arkansas video game at the noodle Bowl, and Jo and I—who had actually known each various other a great three weeks—were persuaded by this romantic con guy who called himself Richard Noble the we need to drive come Durant, Oklahoma, and get married. Richard Noble personally drove us in his air-conditioned convertible. The paid because that the blood tests and also license. We used his 1949 Stanford course ring in the ceremony, and also we drank a quart of his scotch and also sang “Hey, look at Me Over” (“Remember as soon as you’re down and out, the only method is up!”) on the means back come Dallas.

There was no such human being as Richard Noble, and the Stanford class ring was bought in a hock shop. Anyone the man was who dubbed himself Richard Noble had collection up a bogus sales office in a north Dallas apartment facility inhabited largely by airline stews and indomitable seekers and had regulated to ingratiate himself with his personality, credit cards, liquor supply, and also national WATS line. A month or therefore after the assassination, which i assume he had actually nothing to do with, Richard Noble vanished in the night. The FBI came approximately asking questions, and also that to be the last i heard.

A many bizarre world were law some very strange things in Dallas in the fall of 1963, and Richard Noble to be only among them. Madame Nhu to buy a dozen shower head caps in ~ Neiman-Marcus and also tried to drum up support for the Diem regimen in Saigon, also while her hold in the U.S., the CIA, to adjust plans to assassinate Diem himself. Members of the American Nazi Party danced approximately a man in one ape suit in prior of the time Herald building. Congressman Bruce Alger, who had actually once carried a authorize accusing lyndon Johnson of gift a traitor, went on tv to denounce the peace Corps together “welfare socialism and godless materialism, all at the expense of capitalism and basic U.S. Spiritual and moral values.” Zealots indigenous the national Indignation Committee picketed a UN Day speech by Ambassador Adlai Stevenson; they dubbed him Addle-Eye and booed and also spat top top him and hit the on the head with a picket sign. As soon as a hundred civic leaders wired strong and sincere apologies to the ambassador, general Edwin Walker, who had been cashiered by the Pentagon because that force-feeding his troops right-wing propaganda, flew the American flag upside under in prior of his military-gray mansion on turtle Creek. There were pro-Castro cabals and anti-Castro cabals the overlapped and also enough clandestine commerce to fill a dozen Bogart movies. Drugs, arms, muscle, propaganda: the piety the the Dallas company climate was the perfect cover. A friend of mine in banking operated a fleet of van in Bogotá as a sideline. Airline stewardesses brought in sugar-coated cookie of black color Turkish hash without having the slightest concept of what they to be carrying.

Jack Ruby was having actually one of his customary feuds v an employee that his Carousel Club, but this one to be serious. His star attraction Jada asserted that she feared for her life and placed Ruby under peace bond. Newspaper ads because that the Carousel Club throughout the week of November 22 featured invoice Demar, a comic ventriloquist—hardly Ruby’s style, but the ideal he might do.

And someone took a pot shot at basic Walker in his own home. Human being said later on it to be Lee Harvey Oswald.

This photo of Ruby and also his pets hung on the wall surface of his Carousel club office.AP Photo

If over there is a tear left, burned it because that Jack Ruby.

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he didn’t do history; he only stepped in former of it. Once he emerged from obscurity right into that inextricable freeze-frame the joins all of our minds come Dallas, Jack Ruby, a bald-headed small man who wanted over all rather to make it big, had his ago to the camera.