Over a sped up, soulful sample the Erykah Badu’s “Didn’t Cha Know”, Cole starts Friday Night Lights through a an individual and motivational cut on never providing up on your dreams. In… read More 

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Yeah, ahemHey, yeahPartially functional, half of me is comfortableThe other half is close to the cliff, like Mrs. HuxtableThese boys acquired them holsters and also clips they load like LunchablesLike white guys in class school, while us ate school-made foodJust eyeing castle shit, wish ns was trying lock shitKnowing once mama fight the store, she no buying the shitNo, i ain't crying a bit, guy that's simply life, that's just how that shit workYou reach your hand in fire, you traction it ago when you gain burntGotta discover when you gain hurt, also if it's v CupidHe beat you and also you went back, you's officially stupidOh yeah, i understand, that's your man, you had actually a planYou been together for some years, you sticking through him for the kidsSo girlfriend overlook the tears, yet we both understand that's a bad look'Cause 20 years from now, her daughter'll probably obtain her ass whoopedLook, if this also deep for the intro, okay find one more useBut simply in situation it's perfect, permit me introduce, ColeTime to conserve the worldBearing the human being is all the timeSo plenty of things i still don't know (Uh-uh, hey)So numerous times I've changed my mindGuess ns was born to make mistakesBut ns ain't scared to take it the weightSo once I stumble turn off the route (Yeah)I understand my heart will overview me ago (Yeah)
Man, is this as well deep for the intro? If so, i’ll find another useBut just in situation it's perfect, let me introduceIt’s Cole, I had a dream and also so ns made a moveA okay ass nigga who simply so happened to remain in schoolStill rap because that hustlers and motherfuckers that hated schoolSaid, "That's for busters," then heard mine shit and I made it coolIt's safe to say the I’m gifted together if ns Christmas shoppingI gained gangsta niggas lining up in admissions officeAyy, perhaps 'cause all the hoes a nigga scrapedA many shit increase on mine plate, so you recognize a nigga lateTo my very first class, I’d lot rather sit up in first classShould I recognize that a slutty bitch was my first smash?Wasn't experienced, therefore nah, ns didn't wear it outAlways believed my very first time would be someone ns cared aboutBut. Being a virgin was something to be embarrassed 'boutI provided that ass for practice, so ns wasn't scared the end my mindYou speak to it rhymes, I contact it clearing out my mindWas just a young boy staring out my blinds'Til ns got cost-free from mine mama leashRunning loosened through the streets like a stray dog in heatAnd we looking for some freaks, have the right to you play? Pardon meWhat's her name? nothing mistake me for no lame, no, not meShe knew ns was on the team 'cause she seen exactly how tall i beIn the society dappin’ niggas, eventually, R.I.PDamn, you victory some, you shed some, that's just how it happensAnd if a nigga action up come you, climate you gotta scrap 'emYour surname is every you got, throwing hand by the bathroomIt's funny, i barely told nobody I began rapping'Cause see, some niggas to be haters the I just viewed together clownsAt fourteen, ns knew i was the nicest dude aroundI gotta do a move, ns gotta carry out this nowIf castle don’t recognize your dreams, then they can't shoot 'em down

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Ha, yes nigga, hell yeahI felt the one in my fuckin' soul, niggaHahaOoh, heyI'm trying to decideWhich way to goThink i made a wrong turn earlier there somewhereOoh, heyI'm trying to decideWhich method to goThink ns made a not correct turn back there somewhere