For years, I"ve followed the account to gain updates on featured videos, YouTube Red originals and news items.

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But on Wednesday, i was shocked to uncover YouTube"s Twitter account fostering the butt of a "perfect stranger."

Tweet may have been deleted

On society media, YouTube explained the animated figure as "pale and also weird, yet oddly ... Comforting?"

Turns out, the video is three minutes long. It functions a creepy (yet strangely endearing) stop-motion animated number lying naked on that stomach, whispering sweet nothings to me -- and also you, if you"re therefore inclined.

"It"s ok, you can look in ~ my butt," the figure, voiced by Garrett Davis, says. "I feel choose I have the right to really it is in vulnerable roughly you."

The figure urges us to look in ~ the sunset through him. It speak lovingly about my "shapes" (wonder if it"s listened to Ed Sheeran"s "Shape of You?") and calls me beautiful.

It draws me, as if i were in Titanic, staring intently in ~ me -- perhaps right into my an extremely soul.


Credit: youtube/screengrab

Do i feel violated? Flattered? Creeped out? definitely all three, yet mostly, I"m captivated. I can"t watch away.

It reminds me a little of the the net of yesteryear, in i m sorry shorts prefer "Salad Fingers" and also Homestar Runner came to be kooky viral sensations v no context or justification.

I chose to Google this odd man stranger to find out more. Transforms out, other people had currently come across the quick on Vimeo -- and also even written around it (notably, CNET and also AV Club).

The video, which has amassed practically 300,000 views on YouTube, was produced by animator Kirsten Lepore.

Tweet may have actually been deleted

Congrats, Kristen -- you"ve properly confused, amused and also disturbed the internet.

Tweet may have been deletedTweet may have been deletedTweet may have actually been deletedTweet may have been deleted

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