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It"s in The publication (Parts 1 and also 2)Johnny StandleyI have a message for you - a an extremely sad message!My subject for this evening will certainly be tiny Bo Peep.It claims here, "Little Bo Peep, who was a little girl,Has shed her sheep, ""And doesn"t know where to uncover them."Now that"s reasonable, isn"t it?It"s, it"s reasonable to assume, if little Bo Peep had actually lost her sheep,It"s only organic that she wouldn"t understand where to uncover them.That, that basically is reasonabl-l-le, but, uh, "leave them alone".Now the overwhelms me, ? completely overwhelms me.The man said she shed her sheep, turns right around and boldly states,"She doesn"t know where to find them".And then has actually the stupid audacity come say, "leave them alone"!Now! Now, now think because that a moment! Think!If the sheep were lost, and also you couldn"t uncover them,You"d need to leave them alone, wouldn"t you?So, "leave lock alone". "leave them alone".It"s in the book!"Leave lock alone and they", they gift the sheep, "they will comeHome".Ah yes, they"ll come home.Oh, there"ll be a brighter work tomorrow, they will certainly come home!It"s in the book."They will certainly come home? A-waggin" your tailsbr good for every little thing in the home,Brand the secret was in the scrubbing,Brit wouldn"t suds and also couldn"t foam.BrBrthen let united state sing ideal out the grandma"s, that grandma"s lye soapBrused because that - because that everything, everything on the place,Brfor pots and also kettles, the dirty dishes, and for her hands and also forBryour face.BrBrso we"ll currently sing the 2nd verse.Brlet"s get it with an excellent exuberance, let"s live the up.Brit"s no raining inside tonight.Breveryone, let"s have actually a happy time.Brare we ready? every together, the second verse.BrBrlittle Herman and also brother ThurmanBrhad one aversion to washing their earsBrgrandma scrubbed them v the lye soap.Brand they haven"t heard a indigenous in years.BrBrthen let us sing appropriate out the grandma"s, the grandma"s lye soap.Brsing every out, almost everywhere the place.Brthe pots and also kettles, the dirty dishes, and likewise hands and likewise f?Br(clapping fades)BrBrwell, let"s song what"s left of the critical verse.Brlet"s have actually a happy time, everyone.Brthe critical verse, al-l-l-l together.Brev-v-v-very one!BrBrmm-m-m-m. Give thanks to you kindly, kindly,Brm-m-mrs. O"Malley, out in the valley,Brsuffered from Ulcers, i understand.Brshe swallowed a cake of grandma"s lye soap,Brhas the cleanest ulcers in the land.BrBrthen let us sing ideal out the grandma"s, the grandma"s lye soap.Brsing ideal out. All over the place.Brthe pots and also - the pots and pans, five dirty dishes,Brand the hands..