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"Has Anyone yes, really Been Far also as made decision to Use also Go desire to perform Look an ext Like?" is one incoherent concern which is regularly quoted on picture boards, discussions forums and also comment sections across the web.

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The question first appeared in a object on the /v/ (video games) plank on 4chan around an upcoming Wii game The Conduit top top February 12th, 2009. The original article featured a attach to a YouTube video of someone playing the beta version of the game, add by list of noteworthy features. An anonymous user responded to the short article asking "Has anyone really been far also as chose to use also go desire to carry out look more like?" (shown below). Numerous users attempted come decipher the question, speculating the it was questioning if a video game firm had ever gone to such good lengths to make a game show up realistic.



On march 25th, 2009, Redditor devinedj it is registered a screenshot of the very same 4chan thread come the /r/pics<3> subreddit, receiving over 740 up votes and 230 comments before being archived. Top top July 13th, metropolitan Dictionary<4> user lawngiant developed an entry because that the incoherent phrase, citing the origin as the /v/ board on 4chan. On January 19th, 2010, a Facebook<1> page titled "Has anyone yes, really been far also as determined to use also go want to perform look" to be created. On march 27th, YouTuber abramnorm uploaded a YouTube poop video titled ~ the concern (shown below), i beg your pardon gained much more than 21,000 views and also 90 comment in the adhering to four years.

On April 12th, 2011, the SimplePickup YouTube channel uploaded a video titled "Internet Trolls choose Up Girls," which begins with a young man yelling the 4chan concern on a college campus (mirror below, left). Within 3 years, the video clip garnered upwards the 2.23 million views and 7,000 comments. On may 5th, YouTuber Chip Madeen uploaded a parody advertising based roughly the question (shown below, right), obtaining over 75,000 views and 140 comments in the first two years.

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On may 20th, 2012, the screenshot the the initial 4chan thread was resubmitted to the /r/classic4chan<2> subreddit, whereby it received over 200 up votes and also 10 comments prior to being archived.